Klang Bakuteh, Stokke Scoot

I want to eat KLANG BAKUTEH!

Moody threenager can't wait to go eat!

Bakuteh with all the trimmings.

Isaac ate 1.5 portion of rice. Wtfbbq.

If this is how it's gonna be like with boys, I can't retire ever. Got to keep working the dough for basics like FOOD.

Maybe it looks better Abit closer up.

Ok yesterday we #buybuybuy for didi already.

At Mothercare subang parade.

And I saved SGD155.

Yup, I did my calculations and even with 15% off Mothercare VIP member in Singapore, Malaysia is still cheaper.

Didi has matching infant car seat, changing bag and Stokke scoot.

Ok, done my motherly duties.

Ok I've set it up. Easy to fold it but takes Abit of practice to unfold it after.

This is front facing for now. Easy to turn it to face mom or face out.

The big baby still can sit on it.

Imma use it for him but he say he doesn't want. He likes his old stroller because this is for didi he said. #notgreedy #noteverythingalsohewant

Big baby pretending to be on sleep mode.

He quite like it. Ask me go around and around the house so he can pretend to sleep.


I love the easy maneuverability of its wheels.

I love it la. Just heavy only after its folded up. At least can fold to take it up bus. Mrt all no need to fold. Easy to lock too.

So question is, should I get the matching parasol and cup holder too??? Ahhaha.

Better enjoy it before didi comes along!

And this is how it looks like with the infant car seat.


Only mum facing and no recline action.

I didn't know the car seat can act as a rocker also. Oh well.

The salesgirl at Mothercare subang parade sure do know their stuff.

And every week at least 1 Stokke is sold. Wah very sellable.

Had Ayer Hitam Penang asam laksa for dinner!

Not bad, but the original one in Penang is more ommph la.

Then went and got my nails did!!!

So cute the monkey!!!! In honor of my monkeys this year.

Fingernails also have!!

Colour Abit Boring la but I think I'm quite boring also. Haha.

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