I'm thinking of gathering a few dayre mummies who are giving birth on February/March 2016

What do you guys think of setting up a dayre whatsapp chat group on the late/sleepless nights worrying about your newborn, feeding in the quiet still night.

Pouring out your frustrations and exhaustion to someone FOR SURE will be in the same boat as you, probably nursing your bub as the same time as you.

Not only that, get to complain about our lochia, our stitches from vaginal tear or from ceaser.

The pain! The sting! And how much blood is too much blood!

What say you girls?

Good idea?

I don't want to have the baby blues again.

I don't wan to feel isolated again.

I don't want to be the only one who think I am crazy and useless for being this way.

@yellojelloo @jayelleenelial @delight

What say you? Please, anybody else who is giving birth roughly the same time as us, feel free to join.

I wish that someone could have told me all this things earlier especially the lochia and the stinging petpet pain!

3rd Lou sang of the year and with my company.

Holy!!! Lou until nothing left on the plate!!!

The Switzerland guy from our region office got a shocked! Haha. I had bits of Yee sang on my hair too!!!

This year gonna be a HUAT year ah.

Oh and our GM gave us quite a big angpow too! 💵💵💵

She was so excited saying "it's fun giving away money which is not yours!"

I love her. Haha.

Any other #dayremummies out there?

Who is going to had a newborn late February and March 2016??

If you don't mind, can drop me your number at seow.joanne@gmail.com

I don't think any block duct issue or engorgement or crack nipples or sore vagina/perineum or wound is gonna faze me or get too much!

We can share tips how to sooth all this!!!

Andddd I must thank our #dayrefairygodmother before the CNY is over!!!

@strawbee such a generous hamper!!!!

Normal ppl only give 1 hamper but she must up the game and give 2 lo! And the other one not normal hamper sumore. It's full of goodies like bird nest, ginkgo nuts, dried mushroom and bkt spice for Isaac!!

Thank you so much Sya!

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