Admitted again for Anaphylaxis reaction.


Back at alma mater.

Ok no la, Isaac had an allergic reaction again.

Ate 2 raisin roll which he had before.

Ate at about 11-11.30am the first roll followed shortly by the second roll.

Was fine. Ate all his biscuits too. And some fries.

Then at about 12.30 he got redder and redder and started scratching his fingers and neck.

Ask daddy to wash his face, neck and hands because we thought maybe it's heat rash.

Got back from toilet he looked even redder!! Quickly gave him 5mls zrytec.

Faster paid for the lunch and tot to rush back home to shower him to maybe wash away some contact allergen.

Face got more red n swollen. Waiting for traffic light I saw his hands getting more swollen and welts coming out already!

Palms n ears turning red. Shouted at the father, let's go hospital la!!! Father said wait.

Wtf. Isaac heard the word hospital, refused to go n cried.

Suddenly vomited. Cried sumore.

I was trying to hailed a cab and cursing the father at same time.

Then he vomitted again.

Frus no cab, got uber. But waiting for uber, manage to flag a taxi.

Got into cab, cancelled uber, told taxi uncle "to KKH emergency please!"

Lucky kkh just down the road.

Told emergency had an allergic reaction.

BP ok, oxygen ok. Saw dr. Took history.

Plan: 1 hour observation, 15mg prednisolone given orally.

Need to be admitted for observation because this round involved 2 system. His skin and gastro.

Anyway this reaction is the worse since March 2013.

2.15pm, we are admitted for 24 hr observation!

Told him to look at me to note down his reaction. Face no more swollen and just Abit of residual rash on face.

Can show peace sign. No pain anywhere.

Nurse gave orientation already.

Nurse ask him whether he wants the SpO2 monitor on his fingers or toes, he chose fingers.

Too bad fingers too small cannot detect.

Oh, he also told the nurse his shoes are blue in colour, his fav colour.

Seriously ah.

So toes it is!

Now eyes glued to watching Disney Junior channel. He ask the nurse to on tv already.

Pfffttt. Ok anyone wants to visit, we are at children tower. Visiting hours from 10am to 8pm.

Sense of Humor

In the ward, cos I was sitting on the bed, he ask me "mummy are you sick? Is that why we are here?"

I said no la! It's you who needs to be admitted and warded.

Then he said "I'm not sick!! Must be you la!"

Hahaha ok. Then now eyes glued to the TV. It's a holiday for him.

Registrar came to check him out. Confirmed allergic reaction. Incidental findings of swollen nose turbinate. Uvula is ok not inflamed.

Probably some beginnings of allergic rhinitis. Ahhh expected la.

Shoot! Went back n bath. N I'm not sure my mucous plug came out or what.

Hastily pack my maternity bag. Went to look for some newborn clothes. Not sure where it is!!!

Went looking for newborn diapers. Grab 5.

Looked for swaddle. Wtf is it. Ok found.

Grab 1 maternity pj, 2 old undies, 5 extra large pads cos not sure where my maternity pads r!

Grab my antenatal files.

Ok walking to bus stop. Having some Mild backache n shooting petpet pain.

Ok on the bus now. Go to Isaac ward first and see how I'm feeling.

Prolly nothing. Maybe wanna poop.

Hopefully no extra pain.

Heh #drama or what!!!

Wah lau whole day watching tv

Manage to move into a first class room.

Got an even BIGGER TV!

No need to sleep already la this boy!!!!

I'm so tired but cannot sleep la.

Isaac knocked out at 9.15pm, almost 6 hours of watching tv non-stop.

Didi is kicking non-stop in my tummy. So active!!!

Daddy is snoring on the couch.

I'm on the bed with Isaac. Lucky they didn't change to a cot bed so I can squeeze and sleep with him.

And thanks for your concern everybody!

Isaac is ok so far.

And as for me, after dinner I just had some minor Braxton hicks, no more lower back ache and other pains.

I think I'm just tired la and exerted a little bit. Can't wait for tomorrow so we can be discharged. And I can go back and sleep proper!!!

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