As I was leaving for work, I bumped into Isaacs schoolmates mom.

Pleasantly surprised she is also expecting her 2nd one. Chatted and got to know her due date is on 24th March.

Wow so near mine too! And I asked her where she's going to give birth. She says doing a home birth!!!

#jibaboom to say I'm jealous is an understatement.

She is following up with a gynea at thomson medical center but a midwife will come over and help her out during the home birth.

Now that's a truly empowered plan

Batdude, I also want.

Why you don't let me birth at home.


Now I'll always be wondering of the 'what if's and if I will ever truly have the birth that I desire.

I feel so sad now.


Screw you and your medical "knowledge" and fear la.

Feel like going home and cry.

Readjust my expectations so I don't be a bitter lady who didn't get to home birth.

I'm so going to be a obgyn who specializes in home birth. Get my Arsenal of midwives who are birthing expert. Come see me if u want a beautiful/private and safe home birth ok.

Because I totally know where u are coming from. Just wanting a safe haven to do the most natural thing in the world.

I love you too.

Create your own McDonalds!!!

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