Confinement Day 1

Yea! We are going home today.

This is me 1 day after delivery!

Belly is back to #20week size?

Ok la. Good enough.

Our going home picture.


Back in our own crib. Hehe literally in his crib.

I should start documenting my confinement food

Because it is cooked by my mom with love.

And it's what I like to eat and super yummy too.

Just had pig kidney with mee sua for lunch and double-boiled young papaya with pork ribs for "tea time".

Forgot to take picture cos too hungry.

Post milk with a "smidgen" of a smile. A very smallll little "if you look closely only you can see" smile.

Also, little rashes starting to appear after he cries. I'm thinking burst capillaries from exertion, nurses says its erythema toxicum neonatrum. Err can google it. Hehhe.

Ok ok, I google for you.

#couldnt help it. Hehe.

Earlier today when we just got discharged from the hospital.

All the brotherly love he gives.

Didi so cute.

Why got so much rashes one??

Isaac really asked us that.

Take picture of me and didi please?

I love you very much didi! πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨

Confinement Dinner Day 1

Dinner today is lean pork fried with turmeric and lemon grass.

Accompanied with young papaya and pork ribs soup.

Again, it's yumz.

#confinementfood #confinementmeal #bymaryann

Happy Birthday to me!

Hi everybody.

This me. At 3.30am.

But I don't think that was the picture you guys are wanting to see.


Hmmmmm just chilling.

Oh, you guys have been waiting for me for a long time?

Sorry bout that.

Just that, I was a bit busy, coming out from the dark squeezy place.

Took me about 1.5 hrs though after my water bags burst by itself. Could have been faster but the nurse held me back, waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Oh well, what's another 5-10 minutes when you guys have been waiting forever!!

See mummy's first pic?

That was her, 1.5hrs AFTER delivery. Still so fresh.

Too much!

No gas, no epidural. Just lots of groaning.

Reunited after 2 hrs. They sent him to the nursery but I was missing him badly already.

You are not leaving my sight anymore!

5.00am updates

Mummy: Has peed twice. Able to stand. Did some kegel muscle exercise to check what is busted and what's not. Seems like everything is working fine. Anal sphincter feels a tad sore but squeezable. Haha.

Minimal tear. I think just surface tear.

Baby: latched on 15 mins after deliverry. Right boob about 45 mins, left boob 30mins then right boob again. Forced to unlatch cos we needed to go up normal wards from delivery suite.

Baby checked into nursery at 3.00am and by 4.25am I was angsty already from being away from him for so long!!

Paged the nurse twice to get him back.

Finally at 4.50am only he came back to me.

Halooo didi, wake up. Time for your next feed!!

Apparently he had an explosive poo and we didn't notice till the pediatrician came and check on him at 10.0am. Haha tot he was fussing cos wanted boob. Shove him boob every hourly from 7am.

Maybe now that's why so contended don't wanna wake up for boobs.

Big korkor came and visit just now and is absolutely thrilled to have a didi.

He kept wanting to carry him and cuddle him.

He even went to school and told all his friends that his didi is here already!

I think their age gap is good that he understands what is going on and even is excited about what is happening.

So far so good between them.

Oohhh I just saw this!


Actually not sure Isaac thinks didi is a new toy or what. Still a novelty.

Unplugged: the Show must go on.

So punny ah me πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Wohooo woke up and went to the loo.

Mucous plug came out with bloody show at 9.40am.

Yes, there is progress!

Having a yummy breakfast.

Bacon and avocado on Meiji crackers.

So good.

Crossroads decision.

So I asked my mom, cross the over head bridge or take the traffic light to cross road.

No brainer!!! Bridge it is.

Of course must wear all white to tempt fate!

Going to have coffee and lunch.

Moroccan chicken burrito and ice salted caramel latte.

Manage to buy my replacement tubing for freestyle and PISA at mums & babes in united square.

Bumped into a friend who said my tummy is lower already.


Now the feeling is like wanna poop More than usual. And some slight cramps. That's about it.

Taking a walk around the carpark of our place whilst watching Isaac cycling.

Pretending his bicycle is spoilt. Haha.

It's 8.00 pm now

I think it's contracting every 15 minutes.

But it's not very very strong and it doesn't sustain.

Still waiting it out. I think I should start officially timing it.

Batdude is like "shouldn't we go to the hospital now already?"

I'm like how about NO? "You know what they going to do if I go now right?"

1: burst my water bag la.
2: say no progress la then offer induction.
3: then hook up to iv give pitocin.
4: then after 24hrs no progress then have to c-sect.


10.00 pm update!


And had 2nd round of show about 9.45pm?

2 more hours till 30/03.

Yes I'm still at home.

Didi is still raving like mad in my tummy in case anyone is wondering.


erm also I feel my palms and feet are extra sweaty.

Must be from the "surges" la.

Boob Suckers, Folding socks the KonMarie way

Officially my first day of maternity leave!

This is literally me. Trying to sort out which clothes to throw.

But, I think I'll sort out my "beauty cabinet" first.

Ohhh. I also need to take down all my breast pumps (yes I've 3 breast pumps) and test them out. Need to see which one still works and need replacement parts.

It's a worthwhile investment considering I've pumped daily for 3 years!!

Once I'm done with that, maybe get out for coffee and read a book.

Getting out of moms and helpers way! Haha.

This is the Medela pump in style advanced. Looks naked, because I took it out from its bag. The bag needs cleaning la. Tubing also detached it etc.

Just need to make sure the pumping motions works.

Much quieter than Medela freestyle but suction not as great as freestyle. At least to me. I get more milk yield from freestyle.

This will be my 1st back up pump.

#MedelaPISA #PumpInStyleAdvanced

This is Medela Freestyle. Still works after 4 years and 2 boobs (loan it to my cousin who had a 30week old premie n she didn't have a pump. That's why I got the Medela pump in style advanced to use for myself and pass her this freestyle)

But sibeh noisy!!! This will be My 2nd back up pump.

Actually I love this pump cos it's small and sucks really well.

#Medela #Freestyle #MedelaFreestyle

Alright. Looks like need to buy replacement tubings and milk collection parts.

All yellowing with signs of wear and tear. And tubing inside also got mold.

My main pump will be the unimom forte (cos it's brand new) which I attempted to open to test it out, but got discouraged cos so many parts to assemble ah.

NOT TODAY then! Hahha.

Forgot to bring story book.

So went shopping and had desserts instead of coffee.

Bought for korkor pyjamas at PB. At 40% off, ok la. At least got size and decent design.

This is me, attempting to fold socks the konmarie way.

#mad #tidying

And if you fold them properly with good thoughts, they stand.

And OMG look πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

They do stand!! These are flimsy sole covering socks. And they stand by themselves when you fold them properly!!

#magic #Konmarie

Have you seen rolled up thights stand up by themselves!


Texted the husband to let him know his wife was mad.

But I gave him a false alarm.

He thought I was really mad at him.

Hehehehe 😁😁😁😁

Genetic Lottery

For past few days, the cousin in laws sent over some old photos.

Here are some collections that I thought were really cool.

Guess who?????

Isaac really look like him when he was younger.

That's my mil carrying batdude.

My late fil carrying batdude.

So cuteeee this little batdude.

Another shot of mil and batdude.

Mil was very very hot. Now she's not.

Actually late fil also I thought quite handsome.

So MIL+FIL both got big eyes.

Why batdude eyes so small!!!!

Then I look closely at batdudes grandfather.

Ok! Now I know why the eyes small and slants. Exactly like his granddad!!! Nose also like the grandad.


Oh hello batdude!! Same cheeky grin.

I see Isaac's grin here too.

Batdude on the right, and another cousin on the left.

A lot of relatives commented that Isaac looks like this cousin on the left instead of his own daddy.

Maybe cos daddy very dark but Isaac is a little more fair.

Wooo I hope didi has FIL or mil and my larger eyes and batdudes nose. Sharper nose always nicer.

Perfect book for the tidying freak in me.

It's only the first chapter, but I'm in total alignment with her believes.

Storage experts are hoarders

Tidying must start with discarding.

I just threw away all my old earrings which I've never worn and accessories last week to make way for baby's sleeping arrangements.

And this is how the room looks like.

Just the way I like it.

That is 95% of my accesories AND make up on the right table. Yup I don't have lots of stuff.

Improvise la with what I have.

I hate the curtains but I'm not gonna spend a few hundred to get our own curtains as its a rental place #cheapoaunty

That's why I get very angry when my helper do not tidy the way I like it. It shows her attitude towards things.

Untidy and disorderly.

I am really not OCD I just like things in order and with a place of their own.

And I like to throw away incomplete set of things like toys etc. and broken toys.

Although the rest of the house is not like our bedroom la. Outside cannot control due to someone's attitude.

Baby stuff also tidy already become untidy again. Even Isaac's clothes.

Tomorrow I feel like throwing out all the books that are very old, have never read, and never will read.

No matter how "cheap" someone has bought them.

Because I've never needed them.

Celebrating my last day of work with HD fondue!

My mom and batdude came to great world city to have lunch with me.

Wohooo! Shiok and happy.

Current nursing designated spot and didi's sleeping arrangement.

#39weeks antenatal check-up

This is me for the past week.

Going to go for my #39weeks check up.

Will ask the dr to check if I'm dilated or not.

If not, I'll guess will work next week lo.

I was planning to take maternity leave from 28 March which is the 40th week of pregnancy, but if my cervix is still high up and hard, then don't waste the ML and just go to work.

Chill Doctor is chill.

When I ask what's his threshold of waiting. He said maybe 41 weeks then we can induce la. But not pushing it at ALL.

Then I ask "eh no need to check my cervix now ah? Whether dilated or not?"

He gave me a "wtf for look" and said "no la no need la!"

And promptly wave me good bye and told me to come back next week!

So dam chill. Hahaha.

Ermm so ok lo. See him next week Chun Chun at 40 weeks.

Trying to be like this baby here and zen, but this whole week I've been increasingly nauseas and been having some mild headache with the nausea.

So that's why not much mood.

BP is not high so I doubt it's anything.

Maybe it's just being very tired from carrying the big belly around.

Been having breathlessness on and off when the belly tightens from Braxton hicks.

Oh today check, baby only 2.9kg. Gain 100gm in 2 weeks only! I gained 500gm.

Good news is, didi has been in OA position for sometime now which is the most ideal position for birth.

Last check up also was in this position.

Another good news is that I don't have group B strep infection! Wohooo.

No need antibiotics before labour!!

Since it's in OA position, the bright side of things is, I hope j don't tear this round too!!

Sorry if some of you are thinking, simi sai si OA. Too technical ah. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Closest position I can find of how didi looks like!!!


This is NOT going to be me next Monday!!!

Because feck that shit! I'm taking my maternity leave whether didi is here or not.

And since I've decided to do that, my mood has lifted.

I think I deserve a break from work. And nobody can fault me for taking ML now. Its the 40th week!!!

Then I can stay home, wake up late and find some durian to eat to fatten didi up!!

And drink all the coconut juice I can drink.

Putting Murphy’s Law to test

Lets put Murphy's Law to the test

Today I wore my leopard print and lace undies from la senza.

Let's see if it happens!


I also put on make up (very light la). I got shade my jaw a littleeeee bit and blusher.

And put on a dress and decent shoes.


Extra already hor.

It's 8.00pm now.


Thank you.

Didi went to "wet" yesterday.

Raving in my tummy.

Took Isaac to the park this morning after breakfast.

He is not tolerable to the heat. Kept scratching and scratching until welts came out behind his knees.

Ahhh such is the life of an allergy child.

So the husband and me were having a light discussion (whilst crossing the road, haha) that if didi has food allergy/environmental allergy/drug allergy, we would stop breeding.

No more #3. Clearly our genes in combination are faulty and we must be responsible humans and just don't bring "faulty" genes into the world la.

But another theory is, it has nothing to do with genes, and it's all on gut microbiome and bacteria exposure.

And well, there must be something wrong with my gut microbiome and flora and fauna.

I don't think taking probiotics forever will change things? It will help MY symptom but not too sure about this baby and future baby.

The thing is, there is no conclusive research on this and really, I think we should concentrate on quality of life for both of the boys instead of quantity of kids etc.

Also don't wanna go through another roller coaster of life again.

Weird preggy symptom so far

My right armpits are so hyper-pigmented. Left armpit looks rough, but colour wise it's the same.

And the most recent one is hyper-pigmentation on the back of my thighs and lower butt.

It looks like I sat on the toilet bowl for sooooo long and that my blood supply has cut off.

Oh Lordy!! I hope it goes away after delivery!!! #ugly

Today, I let him latch

I'm not sure why he kept asking for my nen nen today.

Kept telling him I don't have, all dried up remember?

But he climb on me n kept smelling my boob. So I said ok lo, you wanna try?

And he did. I told him not to bite.

He was so happy. Kept giggling and jiggling his legs with joy.

So funny la. I ask him got milk? He said got. And a lot. And taste like chicken rice. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Simi Sai la chicken rice.

And just before he slept he ask again. So I latch and he still save have.


But he also kept giggling the whole time. So happy get to latch mummy's boob again.

Well, even after the few latching session, still no contractions!

Didi really don't wanna come out just yet.

Waiting for Murphy law to happen. This Saturday, batdude has a ICU crash course and dental appointment, for sure didi will decide to appear than and spoil daddy's plans. Hahhaha.

Typical. Oh I also better wear sexy underwear, because only water will break when u have ur best lingerie on!

Aiyoo cannot sleep.

Heartburn!!! Been awhile since I had it. Keep burping and feeling the burn.

Ahhh but tomorrow I still need to go work.

Must try to sleep!

So happy because he got to go swimming today.

I actually did not want him to go swimming because he just recovered from pneumonia.

But he was looking at the swimming pool of the condo across our place and said "ooh the water must be so cold and so nice!"


Melted la. So ok la. I let him have his swim. But only for 20 minutes!!!

Happy birthday to my husband!!!

Wanted to give you a gift of your baby, but I guess he decided he wanted his own birthday!

Overheard today

1. You look radiant! Not like someone who is very pregnant!

2. Wah, you are still around at work?

3. Oh we thought your are giving birth already! (Because I came a bit later than usual, bought breakfast before coming up the office)


It's me when I was 11. Weighing in at 57kg at height of 150cm maybe?

So beautiful on the inside!

Clearing out my photos on iPhone and saw this. Mum sent it to me few weeks ago. Lols.


Saw this over fb and couldn't help laughing la.

Heheheh lower abdomen has some achy achy feeling.

Soon soon.

Hehehe. Am I the only one who feels happy in discomfort?


Going to read "my dream birth" affirmation again.

My Dream Birth

Short and sweet, in the middle of the quiet night, with no one disturbing me.

I will have an intact perineum too.

And didi will come out in 3 breaths.


Hello world.


Going to repeat this daily!


So, didi ain't ripe, he ain't falling.


And I should.

Trust what I feel and sense, not what I hear or see

So far I don't feel that he is coming anytime soon nor sense anything.

He is busy kicking and enjoying himself inside.

That's it then!

Not going to think about it anymore. He will come when he comes.


Trust me, I will update when he's making his presence felt. 😁😁😁😁

I'm going to go watch flowers blooming.

And look at hemworths brothers pictures. So my son oso can be handsome.


Get to spend more time with my little gangstar!

Thanks @hotcakes for the star singlet and shorts!

Few more weeks of being the "only child".

His cough is much much better. Finished 9 days of his antibiotics for his pneumonia already! But looks like he lost some weight.

#bumpfie with my little star!

#38weeks #bumpfie #dressingthebump

Also, this Saturday I should go get a mani/pedi. Overdue already. And just plain overgrown and uglehhh.

Accomplished filing for a new indication.

Suppose to file this after my maternity leave, but got it all done. Way ahead of my objectives set for this year!

Oh, and in case you haven't notice, I have not given birth yet.

Nothing happen overnight.


Stomach Ache

Wooo my under belly has some achy achy feeling.

But nothing much. Like I cough too much, and the muscles got pulled?

It's just achy and very slightly crampy.

It's now 4.25am. Don't know whether it's going to progress or not.

Hahaha don't kill me you guys!

I went to work, woke up late at 8.00am and I'm on my way now.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination or what, but my belly does look lower. Lower belly ache/cramp is still there.

Also something a bit new, top of my uterus also have some tight feeling.

Ok! Hopefully it's in progress!

Updates as of 2.20pm:


Just feel like wanna pangsai more only. Like a stronger Braxton hicks (practice contraction) but really, nothing.

Manage to do a few task at work though in case you were wondering.

Ps: I'm really sore at the non-progress of this labour. 😭😭😭😭

Oh got feel like more pressure at the privates, but that's it!!!

Top of uterus also a little bit more pressure but nothing painful.

Don't think it's real contractions or er I'm having the beginnings of food poisoning. Hahahaha.

Wah lau I got 10 campers!!

I'm so sorry to disappoint you guys.

Errr I'm increasingly getting more and more breathless.

I'm standing up on my desk now and swaying.

Because there is more n more tightening feeling.

Hehe maybe soon.

Ok I shall take taxi home later.

Every 15 minutes

Been having "stomach ache" feeling every 15 mins since 8pm plus?

Only noticing it now cos I'm lying in my comfy bed.

Let's see if it progresses or stalls later.

Usually labour progresses in the quiet of the night.

11.00 p.m

The wanna "pangsai" feeling comes and goes.

The pangsai feeling doesn't last long and doesn't sustain, maybe about 30-45 seconds.

Intervals also quite random. Sometimes comes within 15 minutes of the last wave, sometimes 30 minutes.

It's just the beginning I guess.

May take few hours or a few days.

And all I can do is….wait for him!

Meanwhile, tomorrow still have to prepare myself mentally that I've to get back to work 😭😭 #cry

Meanwhile, thank you to my current 24 campers!!!

Got performance anxiety ah!!! Maybe that's why it's a no show!! Ekkeke.

I'm going to try to catch some sleep just in case real thing happens in a few hours!

Good night!!!

I am quite annoyed with this statement.

Shouldn't it be "gift that comes from the heart?"

It's not your guests responsibility to cover your wedding cost!

In case you're wondering what the hotels were and their rates.

Tabloidy reporting, brought to you by straits times.

I got out of bed for this today.


This morning, woke up and his wart is
No more!!!!

We only applied the salicylic once!!!!

I think it dried up and fell off itself!


But got to observe it to see if it grows back. Then properly put the salicylic acid la.



Went to the taka baby fair just now.

And really #buybuybuy

We got the hanil sterilizer (thanks for recommendation @calvinadawn), some pigeon washing liquids, purchase with purchase bumbo seat and a grow bag.

And got a free fisher-price vacuum cleaner.

And taka had a voucher redemption thingy going on where u spend $200 you get $20 vouchers. Spent $500, got $50 taka voucher.

So technically we saved $50bucks hor.

To get my husband to spend money, go to taka.

Somehow he is ok with spending money in taka whenever there is promotion and fairs.

So I'll somehow never miss any taka sale!

Hehe learn his "acceptable behavior" liow.

And his eczema lesion, is also
Gone gone gone!!!

3 days only ah!

#37 weeks review

Bliss. 8.20am and still in bed with my first baby.

No more fever!

Taking it slow this morning.

Check up at 10am.

Alright, check up was uneventful.

Took a swab for gbs testing. Previously I had gbs.

I gain 0.1kg and baby gain 0.4kg this round in 3 weeks.

He is now 2.8kg.

Next review in 2 weeks! I don't know whether I give birth already or not!

This dr very chill. I like. Haha. But he is too chill for other patients which I totally understand. First time mom and anxious mom will not like him.

Forgot to ask him about admission. Will ask the counter ladies.

Been feeling some increasing petpet shooting pain.

Wohooo so happy!!

Also got a slight, very slight, back ache only.

I really hope this means it's soon.

Post check up treat!!

Nunsaram Choco banana bingsu.

On the bus, back to work!

Hopefully can finish off 2 task today.

And I still don't wan to bring back my laptop. Hahha. If I really give birth, then I ask my colleague drop it off in the hospital la.


Left office 6.30pm.

Only manage to do 1 task because had to be in meeting for a marketing/medical brand plan meeting.

Simi saiiiiiiiii.

Forgotten all bout my petpet pain

Nothing progressing la, in terms of me giving birth or not.

Or I think I'm too busy, my brain is shutting bodily function off.

Haha. Maybe this weekend, relax abit, go taka baby fair, eat fish skin buffet then came out la. Lololol.

Am I allowed some self-pity?

I'm so happy Isaac woke up with no more fever today!

The antibiotics is working like how it should be.

The whole of yesterday he actually had low grade fever but we did not give him any paracetamol.

So far so good!

I think adrenaline for me has worn off

After the "fight of flight" mode on in regards to Isaac's pneumonia incident and taking him to a skin dr, I am crashing.

I feel dam sien and irritable.

Can't I just have a rest. At work, new issues keep piling up which can't be helped, but why must they come only now. It's too much changes.

I've actually plan ahead and submitted all my applications for package insert changes, technical manufacturing changes, new indications for new drugs by end of February.

And now! Questions from HSA

For all the submissions.

It's good, because I know my products will be approved soon.

It's bad, because this rounds of questions are too technical and clinical I have to really pay attention to answer. And it's tedious too (cos I OCD ok need to make sure every line and sentence is correct)

But I'm just tired.

Can't I catch a break.

I'm term already la.

Why keep testing me?

Can I wallow in self-pity Abit?

My back up is my boss, but the questions very technical leh, she need a lot

Of time to catch up to answer it.

Nvm la. Just trudge on.

Although what I wan to do is just NOT GO to work and spend time with Isaac.

Pftttt don't look like it's gonna happen.

To all mothers, please arm yourself with full correct information.

Don't take advice from half ass here say and "in my opinion".

You need scientific evidence to back you up and make correct firm decision.


*if got nothing nice to say, don't say*

1 task down, 3 more to go.

But I'm going to do it tomorrow afternoon after my #37 week check up.

Isaacs’ Skin Review

Compensation statement.

Today I finally understand what it means to be appreciated by your company.

I've finally received a rating of exceeded expectations.

#37weeks today.

I'm huge!

The maternity top cannot even cover my tummy.

That's what you get for buying Korean style blogshop maternity clothes.


First notice a skin tag on his left wrist

Around November 2015, before we moved into a new place, I noticed that Isaac had this flesh colour skin tag on his left wrist. I thought it was just a fat deposit sort of skin tag.

I was hoping it will go away by its own eventually.

Then in December 2015, from a flat skin tag, it grew outwards and upwards, like a skin coloured pimple.

In January 2016, it turn darker, looking a bit more like a mole. Didn't worry too much about it because I thought "Wah kids grow moles so fast one ah?"

17 February 2016.

Beginning to be more concern of the growth because it grew over CNY!

Helper also remark that "how come so big now after 10 days!"

Started taking picture of it.

22 February 2016.

In just 5 days it's colour turned darker.

I'm freaking out here.

Diagnosis running through my head is "melanoma?""

Certainly do not look like a normal nevus/mole.

29 February 2016

Colour of the growth change to become slightly lighter, but now with dark spots on the overall growth.

ABCDE of melanoma is running through my head.

Husband said to stop googling for skin cancer!

2 March 2016.

Gosh, calmed the feck down after hubs finally called up national skin center for an assessment.

Took a pic and noted it's more "Hiroshima atomic bomb cloud" looking now instead of just growing out.

Maybe it isssssss a wart.

Today, 9th March 2016.

Layer of scab over it and looks more like a viral wart now.

So we went and saw a senior consultant who is good in pediatric dermatology.

Had a close look at it and confirmed that it's a viral wart.


At least I know it's not something malicious now.

I'm thinking, this boy is so poor thing, his list of health issues keeps growing.

And not like we are super paranoid parents!

And sigh, lesions, lesions everywhere!

Told her to have a look at his eczema which he scratched till its infected.

Treatment for his viral wart and eczema wound

As I'm heavily pregnant, the dr didn't want to trouble me to bring in Isaac for the treatment of the wart.

Usual Tx is actually liquid nitrogen to "burn" the wart off. She said it's also quite painful especially for a small kid.

And that I will be busy with baby and need to care for the wart wound and it might get infected if not careful.

So she prescribed salicylate drops to apply for him. It should take 4-6 weeks for it to drop off. Will be slow, but at least not too traumatic for him.

And as for the eczema wound, since it's infected, she gave him some fusidic cream.

We use to use that, but ran out and never bothered buying it.

Best part about this whole skin visit is, it's all free!! Didn't pay a single cent as its under NHG and since daddy works under the NHG umbrella group, it cross charge to ttsh. Hahha.

So no worry about the skin tag being malignant and save money ah!!!

#winwin #auntydome

Pneumonia πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€•πŸ€•

Isaac keeps complaining of stomach ache.

Still having fever.

But able to drink well.

Still has cough and runny nose.

Poop more than 5 times already. It's not runny, it's softer than usual.

Quite worried about his stomach ache though.

Back here again!

Decided to bring him because he kept complaining every 5 mins of stomach ache.

Also just vomitted although it looks like phlegm.

Okay, someone's got pneumonia

I think the stomach ache is from the ache of coughing maybe?

Waiting for chest X-Ray now.


Fuck la. Of all the things, allergic to the antibiotic.

Going back to the hospital again!!

You know, I just want to curse ok. Fuck fuck fuckety fuck.

Luckily gave test dose of antibiotics before the dad left for work.

Sat next to him to observe and true enough spots started coming out from side of mouth.

Cheeks got redder and I tot the chest too.

Waiting for the change in meds.

Walked back into the A&E n told the nurse what happen. Ain't gonna pay another 130 bucks ok.

Hopefully this new antibiotics (klacid) doesn't give an allergy. Cross fingers!

Irony is:

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: this is my favourite place ever! (When we went to the ED the 2nd time.

πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ»: *don't know to laugh or cry*. Anyway it's time for us to go home. We are done at the hospital.

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: oh why are we not going to the hotel room and stay?

πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»: *speechless*

We are back home. After giving a him a bath, I thought it's ok to reward him.

I told him we can paint after taking his flu meds. Luckily he complied n drank it quickly.

Ok la, paint long long la….

Phew. So Isaac had the other antibiotic, and thank god he didn't develop a reaction to it.

Looks like he is allergic to penicillin class of meds. #drugallergy

We need to let his allergist know.

So the reason we don't know whether Isaac has a drug allergy or not is because we've never given him antibiotics before.

He has taken flu meds and paracetamol, but that's about it. I've never even given him ibuprofen too!

I do have a suspicions that he *might* be allergic to a few kinds of drugs, but I never expected him to hit the jackpot of penicillin allergy.

Previously he has not had antibiotics because I was breast feeding him and he recovers pretty fast from any of his illnesses.

Moral of the story

Breast feed for as long as the child's immune system is still maturing.

Up to 7 years also 7 years la. It's unfortunate my milk dried up when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I did not on purpose stop him from breast feeding. In fact it's mostly nightly he latches, and yet I did not product any milk.

Different body produces milk differently I suppose.

And I notice after stopping BF, he doesn't bounce back as fast from illnesses.

Just is my observation and in no way saying other ppl can't BF

Is not good.

I did it also out of nessecity as he is allergic to all kinds of dairy and during the first year of his life, allergic to soy too.

I do intend to tandem nurse once didi is out too!

I just hope my boobs can tolerate 2 boys latching at once 😝😝😝😝

So what are we going to do about Isaac?

I guess we just got to love him more.

And make sure he finishes his 10 days of the antibiotics for his pneumonia.

I'm glad that he's not burning with fever anymore and his cough is much less tonight as he sleeps!

He also doesn't complain of abdominal pain anymore.

Although his new complaint is "my mouth is so salty". I think it's due from the klacid which usually gives off a metallic after-taste.


Tomorrow another clinic review, this time is for his skin!

@flubberworm this book.

Once you read it, it will be an "eureka" moment for you.

And you'll never doubt breastfeeding again hehe.

It's 8.30am. Last night was a rough night with Isaac kept waking up, wanting to drink water and coughing/puke.

But, I was a zombie most of the time. Husband did it all.

Sponge him (as usual can hear Isaac crying "don't wan, go away!"), gave him another round of panadol and generally tend to him.

Thanks husband for stepping up!

I couldn't get up ah. And now my back hurts! Told my boss will Come in Abit later once my bad pain subsides.

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: mummy, I want to check didi.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: ok. What did he say?

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: he say he is sick.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: are you sure? It's you who is sick.

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: take a pic of me checking didi.

πŸ‘©πŸ»:ok, smile.

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: *looks up seriously*

Fever is still there. Last night in bed he just woke up and stare at the ceiling. And kept saying that he has stomach ache.

Puke when he coughed! Not sure he has food poisoning or he puked out his phlegm.

This morning woke up and ask for mee sua. Made mee sua with simple soup. Whack 1 bundle of mee sua noodles.

Intermittent complain of tummy ache but he still manage to play n was very active.

Revision time!

Actually, don't know what to read la, so just re-read these. Memorize this by heart already previously. Hehe.

Oh no!

Isaac having fever again. Yesterday was coughing.

And put him down for nap, I though why was he moaning and shaking.

Ahhh went n touch him, he's so hot!

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That's it!

I'm moving to Canada!

Trying to relieve the pork trotters from being too swollen.

Been having this very tight feeling in my belly since this morning.

It feels a bit hot, like I'm having stomach ache because wanna pangsai.

Then I also get a little cold sweat. But I was ok after lunch. So didn't think too much about it.

Now I'm getting the feeling again, like stomach ache (mild food poisoning kinda ache) but above the pregnant belly, on the side and occasionally below my belly.

It's like the uterus is contracting.

It's not like my usual Braxton hicks.

So, kinda taking note of how it is, whether it progresses or go away once I'm rested

Currently only 36 weeks + 2 days.

Another 1.5 weeks would be very nice!!!

Highly Sensitive Child

I have a highly sensitive child.

Today took half day child care leave to accompany Isaac to his field trip.

We were gonna watch "the boy who cried wolf". It was at jubilee hall, raffles hotel.

Once we stepped in, he refuse to budge because it was dark. But I said look lets go infront because it's your favorite colour lighting in blue.

And a teacher also ushered him so he had no choice but to go.

To calm him down, I ask him to take a picture of the decor.

It's his fav colour blue right?

So he calmed down, chit chat with his school mate, and shared small snacks with her.

Then he got impatient and ask why it's not starting yet.

Kids from other school came too, and he remark that they are very noisy and proceeds to cover his ears.

Tried to distract him Abit by taking a selfie.

Then as soon as the music started, he turned from the stage and told me he wants to go home.

No matter how much I persuaded him very gently that it's ok, we just have to wait it out and it will be over soon, he refuse to accept it.

Even when the cute little sheep came out.

He only stop whining when there were music scores.

Otherwise kept getting increasingly fretful.

I ask whether he wanted to sit on my lap. He also didn't want to.

Then he kept saying he wanted to go home, carried him to my lap

And I can actually feel him shaking!!

He really is scared. Small shivers actually run through his body.

In the end, he couldn't take it anymore and cried very very loudly.

And we got kicked out of the theater cos it was disruptive!

I never scold him or be distressed about it. Infact quite chill about it.

Although I kept reassuring him that he is ok!

Once we were outside only then he manage to stop crying.

I asked him what happen, and he said it was too dark and he was scared. Only when the light is switch on and he is ok.

It was apparently too loud for him too. He kept closing his ears.

After wards some of the teachers came up and asked me what happen. Was he scared?

Yup he was.

They also said, at school if in assembly and there's a loud noise, he will also freak out.

The teachers were nice la, they told me he will have to slowly get used to it by himself. He is just sensitive to loud noise etc.

Yea I do know he is a quite sensitive to new environment and loud noise.

I don't push him to faster socialise or what not. I do tell ppl that he needs 1 hr to warm up and not to push him. Otherwise he will shut down and refuse to participate.

Let him get his own groove, access the situation himself.

Best is if you ignore him first.

He really is true to his cancerian trait.

Very sensitive which if you don't know him well can translate to him being moody.

He is very affected by environmental stimulations.

That's why he loves being at home, playing with his toys, doing some artsy colouring/drawing and luckily swimming!

If don't like swimming later become inactive also not good!

Anywayyyyy, I'm so glad Isaac made a new friend at our new place!!

Another friend who is a boy so they can scoot and bicycle together!!!


But he actually woke up in a very good mood.

And was chatting on the bed with his imaginary friend "kaka"

He told him, "Bye kaka, I'm going to go school now. You cannot come. See you later when I come back la"

Is it normal for a nearly 4yo boy to have an imaginary friend?

We don't have a TV to influence him. Only radio.

Whenever he comes back home, opens the door and go "Hi Kaka, I'm home!"

Been going on for 3-4 days?