Highly Sensitive Child

I have a highly sensitive child.

Today took half day child care leave to accompany Isaac to his field trip.

We were gonna watch "the boy who cried wolf". It was at jubilee hall, raffles hotel.

Once we stepped in, he refuse to budge because it was dark. But I said look lets go infront because it's your favorite colour lighting in blue.

And a teacher also ushered him so he had no choice but to go.

To calm him down, I ask him to take a picture of the decor.

It's his fav colour blue right?

So he calmed down, chit chat with his school mate, and shared small snacks with her.

Then he got impatient and ask why it's not starting yet.

Kids from other school came too, and he remark that they are very noisy and proceeds to cover his ears.

Tried to distract him Abit by taking a selfie.

Then as soon as the music started, he turned from the stage and told me he wants to go home.

No matter how much I persuaded him very gently that it's ok, we just have to wait it out and it will be over soon, he refuse to accept it.

Even when the cute little sheep came out.

He only stop whining when there were music scores.

Otherwise kept getting increasingly fretful.

I ask whether he wanted to sit on my lap. He also didn't want to.

Then he kept saying he wanted to go home, carried him to my lap

And I can actually feel him shaking!!

He really is scared. Small shivers actually run through his body.

In the end, he couldn't take it anymore and cried very very loudly.

And we got kicked out of the theater cos it was disruptive!

I never scold him or be distressed about it. Infact quite chill about it.

Although I kept reassuring him that he is ok!

Once we were outside only then he manage to stop crying.

I asked him what happen, and he said it was too dark and he was scared. Only when the light is switch on and he is ok.

It was apparently too loud for him too. He kept closing his ears.

After wards some of the teachers came up and asked me what happen. Was he scared?

Yup he was.

They also said, at school if in assembly and there's a loud noise, he will also freak out.

The teachers were nice la, they told me he will have to slowly get used to it by himself. He is just sensitive to loud noise etc.

Yea I do know he is a quite sensitive to new environment and loud noise.

I don't push him to faster socialise or what not. I do tell ppl that he needs 1 hr to warm up and not to push him. Otherwise he will shut down and refuse to participate.

Let him get his own groove, access the situation himself.

Best is if you ignore him first.

He really is true to his cancerian trait.

Very sensitive which if you don't know him well can translate to him being moody.

He is very affected by environmental stimulations.

That's why he loves being at home, playing with his toys, doing some artsy colouring/drawing and luckily swimming!

If don't like swimming later become inactive also not good!

Anywayyyyy, I'm so glad Isaac made a new friend at our new place!!

Another friend who is a boy so they can scoot and bicycle together!!!

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