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That's it!

I'm moving to Canada!

Trying to relieve the pork trotters from being too swollen.

Been having this very tight feeling in my belly since this morning.

It feels a bit hot, like I'm having stomach ache because wanna pangsai.

Then I also get a little cold sweat. But I was ok after lunch. So didn't think too much about it.

Now I'm getting the feeling again, like stomach ache (mild food poisoning kinda ache) but above the pregnant belly, on the side and occasionally below my belly.

It's like the uterus is contracting.

It's not like my usual Braxton hicks.

So, kinda taking note of how it is, whether it progresses or go away once I'm rested

Currently only 36 weeks + 2 days.

Another 1.5 weeks would be very nice!!!

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