Isaacs’ Skin Review

Compensation statement.

Today I finally understand what it means to be appreciated by your company.

I've finally received a rating of exceeded expectations.

#37weeks today.

I'm huge!

The maternity top cannot even cover my tummy.

That's what you get for buying Korean style blogshop maternity clothes.


First notice a skin tag on his left wrist

Around November 2015, before we moved into a new place, I noticed that Isaac had this flesh colour skin tag on his left wrist. I thought it was just a fat deposit sort of skin tag.

I was hoping it will go away by its own eventually.

Then in December 2015, from a flat skin tag, it grew outwards and upwards, like a skin coloured pimple.

In January 2016, it turn darker, looking a bit more like a mole. Didn't worry too much about it because I thought "Wah kids grow moles so fast one ah?"

17 February 2016.

Beginning to be more concern of the growth because it grew over CNY!

Helper also remark that "how come so big now after 10 days!"

Started taking picture of it.

22 February 2016.

In just 5 days it's colour turned darker.

I'm freaking out here.

Diagnosis running through my head is "melanoma?""

Certainly do not look like a normal nevus/mole.

29 February 2016

Colour of the growth change to become slightly lighter, but now with dark spots on the overall growth.

ABCDE of melanoma is running through my head.

Husband said to stop googling for skin cancer!

2 March 2016.

Gosh, calmed the feck down after hubs finally called up national skin center for an assessment.

Took a pic and noted it's more "Hiroshima atomic bomb cloud" looking now instead of just growing out.

Maybe it isssssss a wart.

Today, 9th March 2016.

Layer of scab over it and looks more like a viral wart now.

So we went and saw a senior consultant who is good in pediatric dermatology.

Had a close look at it and confirmed that it's a viral wart.


At least I know it's not something malicious now.

I'm thinking, this boy is so poor thing, his list of health issues keeps growing.

And not like we are super paranoid parents!

And sigh, lesions, lesions everywhere!

Told her to have a look at his eczema which he scratched till its infected.

Treatment for his viral wart and eczema wound

As I'm heavily pregnant, the dr didn't want to trouble me to bring in Isaac for the treatment of the wart.

Usual Tx is actually liquid nitrogen to "burn" the wart off. She said it's also quite painful especially for a small kid.

And that I will be busy with baby and need to care for the wart wound and it might get infected if not careful.

So she prescribed salicylate drops to apply for him. It should take 4-6 weeks for it to drop off. Will be slow, but at least not too traumatic for him.

And as for the eczema wound, since it's infected, she gave him some fusidic cream.

We use to use that, but ran out and never bothered buying it.

Best part about this whole skin visit is, it's all free!! Didn't pay a single cent as its under NHG and since daddy works under the NHG umbrella group, it cross charge to ttsh. Hahha.

So no worry about the skin tag being malignant and save money ah!!!

#winwin #auntydome

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