Am I allowed some self-pity?

I'm so happy Isaac woke up with no more fever today!

The antibiotics is working like how it should be.

The whole of yesterday he actually had low grade fever but we did not give him any paracetamol.

So far so good!

I think adrenaline for me has worn off

After the "fight of flight" mode on in regards to Isaac's pneumonia incident and taking him to a skin dr, I am crashing.

I feel dam sien and irritable.

Can't I just have a rest. At work, new issues keep piling up which can't be helped, but why must they come only now. It's too much changes.

I've actually plan ahead and submitted all my applications for package insert changes, technical manufacturing changes, new indications for new drugs by end of February.

And now! Questions from HSA

For all the submissions.

It's good, because I know my products will be approved soon.

It's bad, because this rounds of questions are too technical and clinical I have to really pay attention to answer. And it's tedious too (cos I OCD ok need to make sure every line and sentence is correct)

But I'm just tired.

Can't I catch a break.

I'm term already la.

Why keep testing me?

Can I wallow in self-pity Abit?

My back up is my boss, but the questions very technical leh, she need a lot

Of time to catch up to answer it.

Nvm la. Just trudge on.

Although what I wan to do is just NOT GO to work and spend time with Isaac.

Pftttt don't look like it's gonna happen.

To all mothers, please arm yourself with full correct information.

Don't take advice from half ass here say and "in my opinion".

You need scientific evidence to back you up and make correct firm decision.


*if got nothing nice to say, don't say*

1 task down, 3 more to go.

But I'm going to do it tomorrow afternoon after my #37 week check up.

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