#37 weeks review

Bliss. 8.20am and still in bed with my first baby.

No more fever!

Taking it slow this morning.

Check up at 10am.

Alright, check up was uneventful.

Took a swab for gbs testing. Previously I had gbs.

I gain 0.1kg and baby gain 0.4kg this round in 3 weeks.

He is now 2.8kg.

Next review in 2 weeks! I don't know whether I give birth already or not!

This dr very chill. I like. Haha. But he is too chill for other patients which I totally understand. First time mom and anxious mom will not like him.

Forgot to ask him about admission. Will ask the counter ladies.

Been feeling some increasing petpet shooting pain.

Wohooo so happy!!

Also got a slight, very slight, back ache only.

I really hope this means it's soon.

Post check up treat!!

Nunsaram Choco banana bingsu.

On the bus, back to work!

Hopefully can finish off 2 task today.

And I still don't wan to bring back my laptop. Hahha. If I really give birth, then I ask my colleague drop it off in the hospital la.


Left office 6.30pm.

Only manage to do 1 task because had to be in meeting for a marketing/medical brand plan meeting.

Simi saiiiiiiiii.

Forgotten all bout my petpet pain

Nothing progressing la, in terms of me giving birth or not.

Or I think I'm too busy, my brain is shutting bodily function off.

Haha. Maybe this weekend, relax abit, go taka baby fair, eat fish skin buffet then came out la. Lololol.

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