This morning, woke up and his wart is
No more!!!!

We only applied the salicylic once!!!!

I think it dried up and fell off itself!


But got to observe it to see if it grows back. Then properly put the salicylic acid la.



Went to the taka baby fair just now.

And really #buybuybuy

We got the hanil sterilizer (thanks for recommendation @calvinadawn), some pigeon washing liquids, purchase with purchase bumbo seat and a grow bag.

And got a free fisher-price vacuum cleaner.

And taka had a voucher redemption thingy going on where u spend $200 you get $20 vouchers. Spent $500, got $50 taka voucher.

So technically we saved $50bucks hor.

To get my husband to spend money, go to taka.

Somehow he is ok with spending money in taka whenever there is promotion and fairs.

So I'll somehow never miss any taka sale!

Hehe learn his "acceptable behavior" liow.

And his eczema lesion, is also
Gone gone gone!!!

3 days only ah!

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