Stomach Ache

Wooo my under belly has some achy achy feeling.

But nothing much. Like I cough too much, and the muscles got pulled?

It's just achy and very slightly crampy.

It's now 4.25am. Don't know whether it's going to progress or not.

Hahaha don't kill me you guys!

I went to work, woke up late at 8.00am and I'm on my way now.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination or what, but my belly does look lower. Lower belly ache/cramp is still there.

Also something a bit new, top of my uterus also have some tight feeling.

Ok! Hopefully it's in progress!

Updates as of 2.20pm:


Just feel like wanna pangsai more only. Like a stronger Braxton hicks (practice contraction) but really, nothing.

Manage to do a few task at work though in case you were wondering.

Ps: I'm really sore at the non-progress of this labour. 😭😭😭😭

Oh got feel like more pressure at the privates, but that's it!!!

Top of uterus also a little bit more pressure but nothing painful.

Don't think it's real contractions or er I'm having the beginnings of food poisoning. Hahahaha.

Wah lau I got 10 campers!!

I'm so sorry to disappoint you guys.

Errr I'm increasingly getting more and more breathless.

I'm standing up on my desk now and swaying.

Because there is more n more tightening feeling.

Hehe maybe soon.

Ok I shall take taxi home later.

Every 15 minutes

Been having "stomach ache" feeling every 15 mins since 8pm plus?

Only noticing it now cos I'm lying in my comfy bed.

Let's see if it progresses or stalls later.

Usually labour progresses in the quiet of the night.

11.00 p.m

The wanna "pangsai" feeling comes and goes.

The pangsai feeling doesn't last long and doesn't sustain, maybe about 30-45 seconds.

Intervals also quite random. Sometimes comes within 15 minutes of the last wave, sometimes 30 minutes.

It's just the beginning I guess.

May take few hours or a few days.

And all I can do is….wait for him!

Meanwhile, tomorrow still have to prepare myself mentally that I've to get back to work 😭😭 #cry

Meanwhile, thank you to my current 24 campers!!!

Got performance anxiety ah!!! Maybe that's why it's a no show!! Ekkeke.

I'm going to try to catch some sleep just in case real thing happens in a few hours!

Good night!!!

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