Happy birthday to my husband!!!

Wanted to give you a gift of your baby, but I guess he decided he wanted his own birthday!

Overheard today

1. You look radiant! Not like someone who is very pregnant!

2. Wah, you are still around at work?

3. Oh we thought your are giving birth already! (Because I came a bit later than usual, bought breakfast before coming up the office)


It's me when I was 11. Weighing in at 57kg at height of 150cm maybe?

So beautiful on the inside!

Clearing out my photos on iPhone and saw this. Mum sent it to me few weeks ago. Lols.


Saw this over fb and couldn't help laughing la.

Heheheh lower abdomen has some achy achy feeling.

Soon soon.

Hehehe. Am I the only one who feels happy in discomfort?


Going to read "my dream birth" affirmation again.

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