Didi went to "wet" yesterday.

Raving in my tummy.

Took Isaac to the park this morning after breakfast.

He is not tolerable to the heat. Kept scratching and scratching until welts came out behind his knees.

Ahhh such is the life of an allergy child.

So the husband and me were having a light discussion (whilst crossing the road, haha) that if didi has food allergy/environmental allergy/drug allergy, we would stop breeding.

No more #3. Clearly our genes in combination are faulty and we must be responsible humans and just don't bring "faulty" genes into the world la.

But another theory is, it has nothing to do with genes, and it's all on gut microbiome and bacteria exposure.

And well, there must be something wrong with my gut microbiome and flora and fauna.

I don't think taking probiotics forever will change things? It will help MY symptom but not too sure about this baby and future baby.

The thing is, there is no conclusive research on this and really, I think we should concentrate on quality of life for both of the boys instead of quantity of kids etc.

Also don't wanna go through another roller coaster of life again.

Weird preggy symptom so far

My right armpits are so hyper-pigmented. Left armpit looks rough, but colour wise it's the same.

And the most recent one is hyper-pigmentation on the back of my thighs and lower butt.

It looks like I sat on the toilet bowl for sooooo long and that my blood supply has cut off.

Oh Lordy!! I hope it goes away after delivery!!! #ugly

Today, I let him latch

I'm not sure why he kept asking for my nen nen today.

Kept telling him I don't have, all dried up remember?

But he climb on me n kept smelling my boob. So I said ok lo, you wanna try?

And he did. I told him not to bite.

He was so happy. Kept giggling and jiggling his legs with joy.

So funny la. I ask him got milk? He said got. And a lot. And taste like chicken rice. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

Simi Sai la chicken rice.

And just before he slept he ask again. So I latch and he still save have.


But he also kept giggling the whole time. So happy get to latch mummy's boob again.

Well, even after the few latching session, still no contractions!

Didi really don't wanna come out just yet.

Waiting for Murphy law to happen. This Saturday, batdude has a ICU crash course and dental appointment, for sure didi will decide to appear than and spoil daddy's plans. Hahhaha.

Typical. Oh I also better wear sexy underwear, because only water will break when u have ur best lingerie on!

Aiyoo cannot sleep.

Heartburn!!! Been awhile since I had it. Keep burping and feeling the burn.

Ahhh but tomorrow I still need to go work.

Must try to sleep!

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