#39weeks antenatal check-up

This is me for the past week.

Going to go for my #39weeks check up.

Will ask the dr to check if I'm dilated or not.

If not, I'll guess will work next week lo.

I was planning to take maternity leave from 28 March which is the 40th week of pregnancy, but if my cervix is still high up and hard, then don't waste the ML and just go to work.

Chill Doctor is chill.

When I ask what's his threshold of waiting. He said maybe 41 weeks then we can induce la. But not pushing it at ALL.

Then I ask "eh no need to check my cervix now ah? Whether dilated or not?"

He gave me a "wtf for look" and said "no la no need la!"

And promptly wave me good bye and told me to come back next week!

So dam chill. Hahaha.

Ermm so ok lo. See him next week Chun Chun at 40 weeks.

Trying to be like this baby here and zen, but this whole week I've been increasingly nauseas and been having some mild headache with the nausea.

So that's why not much mood.

BP is not high so I doubt it's anything.

Maybe it's just being very tired from carrying the big belly around.

Been having breathlessness on and off when the belly tightens from Braxton hicks.

Oh today check, baby only 2.9kg. Gain 100gm in 2 weeks only! I gained 500gm.

Good news is, didi has been in OA position for sometime now which is the most ideal position for birth.

Last check up also was in this position.

Another good news is that I don't have group B strep infection! Wohooo.

No need antibiotics before labour!!

Since it's in OA position, the bright side of things is, I hope j don't tear this round too!!

Sorry if some of you are thinking, simi sai si OA. Too technical ah. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Closest position I can find of how didi looks like!!!


This is NOT going to be me next Monday!!!

Because feck that shit! I'm taking my maternity leave whether didi is here or not.

And since I've decided to do that, my mood has lifted.

I think I deserve a break from work. And nobody can fault me for taking ML now. Its the 40th week!!!

Then I can stay home, wake up late and find some durian to eat to fatten didi up!!

And drink all the coconut juice I can drink.

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