Perfect book for the tidying freak in me.

It's only the first chapter, but I'm in total alignment with her believes.

Storage experts are hoarders

Tidying must start with discarding.

I just threw away all my old earrings which I've never worn and accessories last week to make way for baby's sleeping arrangements.

And this is how the room looks like.

Just the way I like it.

That is 95% of my accesories AND make up on the right table. Yup I don't have lots of stuff.

Improvise la with what I have.

I hate the curtains but I'm not gonna spend a few hundred to get our own curtains as its a rental place #cheapoaunty

That's why I get very angry when my helper do not tidy the way I like it. It shows her attitude towards things.

Untidy and disorderly.

I am really not OCD I just like things in order and with a place of their own.

And I like to throw away incomplete set of things like toys etc. and broken toys.

Although the rest of the house is not like our bedroom la. Outside cannot control due to someone's attitude.

Baby stuff also tidy already become untidy again. Even Isaac's clothes.

Tomorrow I feel like throwing out all the books that are very old, have never read, and never will read.

No matter how "cheap" someone has bought them.

Because I've never needed them.

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