Genetic Lottery

For past few days, the cousin in laws sent over some old photos.

Here are some collections that I thought were really cool.

Guess who?????

Isaac really look like him when he was younger.

That's my mil carrying batdude.

My late fil carrying batdude.

So cuteeee this little batdude.

Another shot of mil and batdude.

Mil was very very hot. Now she's not.

Actually late fil also I thought quite handsome.

So MIL+FIL both got big eyes.

Why batdude eyes so small!!!!

Then I look closely at batdudes grandfather.

Ok! Now I know why the eyes small and slants. Exactly like his granddad!!! Nose also like the grandad.


Oh hello batdude!! Same cheeky grin.

I see Isaac's grin here too.

Batdude on the right, and another cousin on the left.

A lot of relatives commented that Isaac looks like this cousin on the left instead of his own daddy.

Maybe cos daddy very dark but Isaac is a little more fair.

Wooo I hope didi has FIL or mil and my larger eyes and batdudes nose. Sharper nose always nicer.

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