Happy Birthday to me!

Hi everybody.

This me. At 3.30am.

But I don't think that was the picture you guys are wanting to see.


Hmmmmm just chilling.

Oh, you guys have been waiting for me for a long time?

Sorry bout that.

Just that, I was a bit busy, coming out from the dark squeezy place.

Took me about 1.5 hrs though after my water bags burst by itself. Could have been faster but the nurse held me back, waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Oh well, what's another 5-10 minutes when you guys have been waiting forever!!

See mummy's first pic?

That was her, 1.5hrs AFTER delivery. Still so fresh.

Too much!

No gas, no epidural. Just lots of groaning.

Reunited after 2 hrs. They sent him to the nursery but I was missing him badly already.

You are not leaving my sight anymore!

5.00am updates

Mummy: Has peed twice. Able to stand. Did some kegel muscle exercise to check what is busted and what's not. Seems like everything is working fine. Anal sphincter feels a tad sore but squeezable. Haha.

Minimal tear. I think just surface tear.

Baby: latched on 15 mins after deliverry. Right boob about 45 mins, left boob 30mins then right boob again. Forced to unlatch cos we needed to go up normal wards from delivery suite.

Baby checked into nursery at 3.00am and by 4.25am I was angsty already from being away from him for so long!!

Paged the nurse twice to get him back.

Finally at 4.50am only he came back to me.

Halooo didi, wake up. Time for your next feed!!

Apparently he had an explosive poo and we didn't notice till the pediatrician came and check on him at 10.0am. Haha tot he was fussing cos wanted boob. Shove him boob every hourly from 7am.

Maybe now that's why so contended don't wanna wake up for boobs.

Big korkor came and visit just now and is absolutely thrilled to have a didi.

He kept wanting to carry him and cuddle him.

He even went to school and told all his friends that his didi is here already!

I think their age gap is good that he understands what is going on and even is excited about what is happening.

So far so good between them.

Oohhh I just saw this!


Actually not sure Isaac thinks didi is a new toy or what. Still a novelty.

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