Unplugged: the Show must go on.

So punny ah me πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Wohooo woke up and went to the loo.

Mucous plug came out with bloody show at 9.40am.

Yes, there is progress!

Having a yummy breakfast.

Bacon and avocado on Meiji crackers.

So good.

Crossroads decision.

So I asked my mom, cross the over head bridge or take the traffic light to cross road.

No brainer!!! Bridge it is.

Of course must wear all white to tempt fate!

Going to have coffee and lunch.

Moroccan chicken burrito and ice salted caramel latte.

Manage to buy my replacement tubing for freestyle and PISA at mums & babes in united square.

Bumped into a friend who said my tummy is lower already.


Now the feeling is like wanna poop More than usual. And some slight cramps. That's about it.

Taking a walk around the carpark of our place whilst watching Isaac cycling.

Pretending his bicycle is spoilt. Haha.

It's 8.00 pm now

I think it's contracting every 15 minutes.

But it's not very very strong and it doesn't sustain.

Still waiting it out. I think I should start officially timing it.

Batdude is like "shouldn't we go to the hospital now already?"

I'm like how about NO? "You know what they going to do if I go now right?"

1: burst my water bag la.
2: say no progress la then offer induction.
3: then hook up to iv give pitocin.
4: then after 24hrs no progress then have to c-sect.


10.00 pm update!


And had 2nd round of show about 9.45pm?

2 more hours till 30/03.

Yes I'm still at home.

Didi is still raving like mad in my tummy in case anyone is wondering.


erm also I feel my palms and feet are extra sweaty.

Must be from the "surges" la.

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