Confinement Day 1

Yea! We are going home today.

This is me 1 day after delivery!

Belly is back to #20week size?

Ok la. Good enough.

Our going home picture.


Back in our own crib. Hehe literally in his crib.

I should start documenting my confinement food

Because it is cooked by my mom with love.

And it's what I like to eat and super yummy too.

Just had pig kidney with mee sua for lunch and double-boiled young papaya with pork ribs for "tea time".

Forgot to take picture cos too hungry.

Post milk with a "smidgen" of a smile. A very smallll little "if you look closely only you can see" smile.

Also, little rashes starting to appear after he cries. I'm thinking burst capillaries from exertion, nurses says its erythema toxicum neonatrum. Err can google it. Hehhe.

Ok ok, I google for you.

#couldnt help it. Hehe.

Earlier today when we just got discharged from the hospital.

All the brotherly love he gives.

Didi so cute.

Why got so much rashes one??

Isaac really asked us that.

Take picture of me and didi please?

I love you very much didi! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Confinement Dinner Day 1

Dinner today is lean pork fried with turmeric and lemon grass.

Accompanied with young papaya and pork ribs soup.

Again, it's yumz.

#confinementfood #confinementmeal #bymaryann

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