Isaiah’s Fullmoon

Good morning everyone.

Woke up about 7.30am? Considered quite good I suppose for a weekend.

Fitbit says I slept sweetly for 8 hours and 55 mins.

Sure or not???

I remember waking a lot to boob didi, maybe 3-4 times?

And korkor also. Woke up at least 2 times to "mummy, I want you to sleep with me"

Splitting myself to his mattress on our room floor and our own bed to boob didi. So how come I slept 8 hrs ah??

Didi chilling whilst everyone getting ready to head out

Mandarin class time!

Snug as a bug.

'Light' breakfast.

#paucheeks is 1 month

You are 1 month today!!!!

1 month milestone announcement picture.

Drawn by batdude. Anyone can guess which super hero is that?

He looks longer and less soft compared to the one week picture.

Korkor never leaving didi alone

Isaiah's Fullmoon lunch.

Selfie on the way to lunch.

Thank you guys for coming.

I really appreciate it. But why you guys give didi such generous gifts. I wanted to thank you guys earlier for the gifts I received when I just gave birth.

Can I buy you guys coffee again? Ooohhh I know!!! High tea!! Let's do a girls high tea. No guys pls. I might wanna beech bout my hubs…maybe… Haha.

@xsnow @hotcakes @Eviee @doooduuu @calistallicious @strawbee

Thank you for your time again!

I also love this picture of the kids and me!!!

Spawn 1 & 2 dressed up. Isaiah is honored that both of you went the extra mile for him.

And sweet Sophie. All lady like even sleepy cos it's nap time.

Since @Eviee took such a pretty picture of me, I shall post it. #thickskin

The star of the day which was mostly boobing the whole time.

Kept him quite for a bit with his mouth full.

Shadow of a smile. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Getting angsty.



Lobster noodles.

There was Peking duck too but nobody took picture busy eating haha

Thank you for the generous gift on Isaiah's fullmoon.

Rock star

The rock star today.

Made him wear the loot I got from babystyleicon.

But even with all the attitude, he's still a mummy's boy who is a inner geek. Not seen is his Spider-Man socks!

Ohh look, all my fans waving at me.

I must be darn famous!

And after we got back from lunch, this little one has not given mummy any rest.

Maybe a little over stimulated.

Fullmoon boxes| ASOS and babystyleicon #buybuybuy loot

Woke up 4 times last night for the duration of 6 Hours plus sleep.

Good morning everyone!

Pumping now and then will get korkor to change to his uniform, eat breakfast and brush teeth.

Then mummy get herself dressed. And eat breakfast.

And lastly dress didi and get out the door.

School drop off. Can see didi head a bit.

Brisk walk now with didi. Trying clock in 45 mins of walking around the park here.

My Asos #buybuybuy loot is here!

All my nursing clothes. So far so good.

I'm liking this lace sling backs.

Like my Zara CMF shoes. Hehe. Pass

Thanks didi for napping whilst I makeup, unwrap my Asos loot and get dressed.

Waiting for korkor to come back and some angkukueh deliveries to give to batdude and my office peepur.

Said made up face featuring my post natal pimple!

Fullmoon box

Didi's fullmoon boxes are here!!!

So cute!

How it looks like when u slide it out.

Closer look of the photo announcement.

So cute…I cannot!! 😱

Wah another delivery! My babystyleicon loot is here too!!

Nicely packaged


Playboy look.

Straight away want to wear the Capt America t shirt. N aviators.

Pewter leggings and nova star t shirt.

Pairing them this way hopefully he wears them.

Thunderbolt shirt and leather leggings.


I'm going to rockstar him.

Basic tshirts. The cloud one dam cute. Got sparrow tail.

Skull tank set. To lounge at home. Cos u need to be badass at home right?


Drop off the boxes to my office colleagues and manage a quick lunch.

Wrap and a frap a my Starbucks.

Us 3 hanging out.

Excuse the ladies at the back.

My coffee partner. When he's out, he's so well behaved and cute.

But when he's home, he's like a monster!!! Bully didi all day errrdayyy!!!

Went to motherworks GWC to buy a lascal buggy board for korkor to hitch a ride on.

Surprised he was attracted to the bunny vintage soft toy that was there. They had a pram and this 3 wheeler vintage motorbike. He played with it for a good half an hour. There was a iron with a matching ironing board. And a small kitchen with pots n pants. He really enjoyed playing "house" with it too.

I had vouchers gifted from my birthday last year so I use it to buy the lascal buggy board.

Now to figure out how to attach it to the Stokke scoot.

I think I actually have a geek in the making.

No matter how hard I try to make him cool by wearing hip clothes, he naturally likes all the geeky video games and action heroes and toys.

And we don't even have tv at home to influence him.

Staring longingly at the avengers and other geek toys which I've no idea what they are.

And when I was breast feeding didi at Starbucks, he took my phone and went to the video game shop and took picture of his "favourite" Capt America and the avengers poster!!

You tell me, nerd or not? He's such as scaredy cat boy and yet, he actually was brave enough to leave my side and take picture of it. I have 1000 shots of it on my phone. Haha.

He wasn't brave enough to step into the shop alone though. Quickly ask me to finish feeding didi so he can pull me in to the shop.

Cute la 😍

Last day of confinement|Grandma gone home 😭|Next #buybuybuy loot

Grandma manage to capture this in the morning.

#paucheeks looks like he has filled up!

Korkor in a good mood this morning. Maybe cause he wor the Capt America pjs last night.

And another big eye shot of didi.

Only grandma can take nice picture of them. I think cos she has the patience.

Hehe 😍😍😍

Omg so fast. NEXT #buybuybuy loot

So fast came!!! In 3 days from UK.

Asos, you've got a big competition!!

Korkor 3 pc waist coat set. Complete with tie.

Bought the complimentary navy trousers too.

Same cloth and quality very good!!

Didi 4 pc waistcoat set and button up with khaki shorts.

@doooduuu fit for your wedding??

Beret, white button shirt and matching pants.

Tan coloured leather pram shoes to match.

Light sea green button up onesies. To match with s blue pants he already has.

Yes I do realise I like to dress my kids up like vintage hipster old man.

Finally updated my Fitbit tracker after months of abandoning it.

It was also giving me problems of not syncing properly and showing wrong date and time no matter how many times I reset it.

But it's working fine now! Tomorrow will officially log in my walks with Isaac. And I'm going to see how "well" I sleep since didi is around.

Breakfast Day 29

Herbal chicken mee sua;

Essense of chicken.

Today only half day confinement cos my mummy going home liow!!!! 😭😭

Lunch Day 29

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

And that's the end of my confinement!

Grandma has gone home now. Left at 2pm. 😭😭😭😭

Fitbit finally synced up

Isaacs Allergist Review, Isaiah is 4 weeks old.

My uniqlo #buybuybuy loot

Floppy Panama hat was chiq;

Hana Tajima off white wrap dress made me look like a surgeon going into OT;

Denim shirt dress in blue and white was ok. Need something button down for easy breastfeeding. Actually would look nice on someone who is more column in shape vs pear shape.

Allergy review update.

We went to see his allergist today in regards to his recent anaphylaxis hospitalization.

Came to the conclusion that the raisin bun he ate was probably contaminated with dairy by product.

After he vomited out the contaminant, he got better, so the allergist said that it's a good sign that all the offending food is out of his system. The anti-histamine (zrytec) should be given to counteract the reaction.
Adrenalin should only be given if he starts getting wheezing and lethargic

It is to buy time for the antihistamine to work. Antihistamine takes about 20minutes to do its job.

Allergist also said that treatment in ED where they give prednisolone in his opinion doesn't work because prednisolone takes 6 hours to kick in. I learned something new today. Haha.

We also discussed his amoxicillin and penicillin allergy. Allergist said, most likely it was the drug doing its job causing his skin to get hives.

When a person gets an antibiotic dose, the by product of bacteria being attacked is histamine. Hence the reaction on the skin especially with Isaacs sort of immune response.

Therefore it is likely Isaac is not allergic to penicillin but more of the illness response to the antibiotics.

But, we will confirm if he is truly allergic to penicillin in October where we will oral challenge him with penicillin. We will find out then!

Anxious boy by nature

I brought up the issue of Isaac being afraid of loud noises, new places and new faces to his allergist.

He told me that because allergic kids parents are usually more anxious (kind of true because we have to be vigilant about his food) than normal kids parents, usually the kids are also on the anxious side.

He ask whether if Isaac is also like this at home? We replied no. Since it was only in new environment, probably that's his personality and who he is.

Usually firstborn are also more cautious of their surroundings too.

He told us not to worry and with a little brother growing up with him, Isaac will soon overcome his anxiousness in no time.

The allergist also said, 2nd one will take no heed and do everything faster than 1st born. Pretty soon Isaac will catch up with didi socially.

We're keeping our fingers cross.

We kinda know Isaac is a very sensitive/anxious boy, just wanna make sure there is nothing more to it. Glad I asked the dr!

The boys #buybuybuy loot from Mothercare

We were gifted $100 voucher by a friend for Isaiah's birth and went to KKH Mothercare after his review.

As batdude is a SMC card holder, we got 15% off stuff too. The happiest today was Isaac with the captain America and Thomas pjs. Got matching socks and undies also. Marvel superheroes is his thing right now.

Didi gets a super baby onesie and a $10 clearance jools Oliver little bird onesie that comes with a soft toy.

Clearly someone got the short straw draw.

Someone was so happy with the captain America pjs and ask to wear immediately.

Most easiest shower ever without having to cry the house down.

Ah Pek Capt. America.

Bullying his didi

#paucheeks is 4 weeks today

Yesterday my mom manage to capture #paucheeks eye being wide open.

If only everyday was this big!!

Who is #4weeks old today?

Me, me, me!!

Another angle.

Breakfast Day 28

Mee sua with pigs kidney and fried egg.

Possibly my last mee sua! 😭😭😭

Lunch Day 28

Black pepper liver;

Herbal chicken soup;

Chives with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 28

Pumpkin with chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Pan fried salmon;

Steam white rice.

Hehhehe last nights "burp-face".

Day 27, Isaacs Field Trip

@growingwiththetans on my Facebook feed just now!

Some of the stuff I bought from @babystyleicon


Going to make a rockstar out of him.

Showed him what I bought and he is only excited about the captain America t-shirt prints and the aviators because "it is like mummy's!"

Today is the first day I wiped him down and changed him. Cos he pooped his diapers.

And grandma is out taking Isaac for a school field trip!!!

He was all quiet looking at me, looking around whilst I wipe him down with a wash cloth and warm water. Macam enjoying himself.

Put some cream and gave some thigh and foot massage and also the "I love you" tummy massage for gas.

N his feet felt cold so anyhow grab long pants and realize he doesn't have much pants.

Contemplating life with a RBF. Please don't be like mummy ok. RBF won't do you any favors.

Mummy knows very well.

Chatting with him enthusiastically.

He gave me the "simi Sai mummy?" look. Ok lo.


Stop talking, more boobing woman!

Outfit change, I didn't like the previous one, so I puked all over it.

Got to do proper #ootd ok mummy?

Top: #pumpkinpatch
Bottom: #cottononkids

All korkor hand me down #save money

It's gym time!

Got to work it for the ladies!


Werk it, werk it.

Oh man, this is exhausting.

Let me think with my eyes close first.

#tummytime at almost 4 weeks old.

Husband got back from the Malaysian embassy to collect didi birth cert and submit documents for passport.

And tarpaued moar food!!!! Nasi berintis???? Apparently some Arab food. No ideas. Sambal dam pedas

And lamb kurma for my momma. Knicked some of hers and I must say, the lamb much nicer than my Ayam masak merah.

Korkors Field trip with grandma!

Don't want to take picture, hence the dulan face. Isaacs, not my moms.

Don't want to participate in anything.

Scolded my mom because she nudge him to go join his friends. Told her "I said don't push me ah!" πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I'm starting to think he has some adjustment disorder to new environment because it seems like all his teachers know him for not being able to accept new teachers, loud noise and new environment.

Hrmmmm. Will bring this up to his allergist tomorrow.

Only warmed up much later and played with his classmate.

At least with familiar people he is good. Thankful for that.

All so cute squashing each other.

Awesome for Isaac tomorrow because not going to school!!!

Having a much early review with his allergist due to the anaphylaxis episode in early March. His usual review is once a year usually in October. Since the reaction happen, it was brought forward. Need to have a chat with his allergist. Not sure what's gonna change in terms of his management. Will find out tomorrow.

Need to remind hubs to bring his allergy diary too.

Breakfast Day 27

Ginger fried rice with bullseye egg.

Lunch Day 27

Chicken soup;

Stir fried snow peas;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 27

Herbal chicken soup;

Sesame, raisin wine and ginger chicken;

Stir fried long beans with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

Day 26, #buybuybuy

"Mummy it was raining!!!!"

Yes I know my son. So cute!

Story of didi's life. To be "loved" by korkor.

#paucheeks dream smile.

His baby acne is starting to come out 😞😞

Mummy, I'm letting didi suck thumb. Suck, suck, suck didi!!

I can hear didi "chotchotchot" on his own fist.

#buybuybuy on Next

For korkor

For didi!

@omamee I really #buybuybuy on Next ah!!! Freaking love their clothes for boys!

All for some #dayrebrides wedding dinner.

I'm also excited cos it's my big social event after delivery. Wohoo!!! (Like la it's my wedding)

OMG is so hot.

After the rain, it's even more humid!!!

Sitting in aircon room and I'm alread "niamniam".

Just now posted about what I bought for #dayrebrides wedding and I saw all the post from the hashtag leading to the wedding preparations. I also stress ah reading. Thank god I'm all done and married! Pheww.

#buybuybuy continues!

Saw this on @xiaxue Instagram.

And I #buybuybuy sgd150 worth of clothes for Isaac. And that's after discount.

Ehmergadddd. Nvm can keep and wear for didi after so it's considered ROI already.

Staying at home really is just #buybuybuy. Got to stop this. Need to go out. Hahha.

Breakfast Day 26

Omelette Chinese style with sliced kampung chicken, spring onion and onions.

Lunch Day 26

Herbal chicken soup;

Vinegar spare ribs;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 26

Lemongrass & turmeric chicken chop;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice with goji berries.

Day 25

Sleep now whilst mummy has her lunch.

Planning will help you control your situation so that the situation doesn't control you

Planning how to incorporate my exercise routine after confinement.

For starters:
– wear work out clothes in the morning for Isaacs school run together with didi.
– afternoon school pick in lose clothing also with didi.
– reset my Fitbit. Totally gone bonkers already.
– start pre training for BBG at 6 weeks.
– call up my personal trainer at 10 weeks. Got to have my basic stamina back first.


Starting to recognize didi's pattern.

Past week he has been very fussy from 6pm onwards up to 9pm.

Maybe overtired? I'm not sure. But I know he constantly wants to latch. It's been left boob right boob left boob repeat 10000000 for me from after dinner onwards.

Some would call it "colic". I'm just thinking he needs a lot of help settling down. A change of diapers around 8.30-9pm then it's another round a breastaurant. To tank up for the night!

He falls asleep at the breast during that period and if he unlatches, he will cry the house down to relatch again. Repeat this latch>falls asleep>unlatch due to being asleep>gets up due to not having breast in mouth.

Last right up to nearly 10pm.

Now he has fallen asleep at the breastaurant, I'll wait 10-15mins before I unlatch him and put him down in the crib to get my 40 winks before night duties.

Actually who am I kidding, for me to potter around doing my "me time" thing la.

Breakfast Day 25

Mee sua with chicken slices, dried longan and raisin wine. Top off with fried kampung egg.

Lunch Day 25

Herbal chicken soup;

Braised chicken with lemongrass;

Steam white rice.

Hehe my momma tarpau kopi for me. Shiok.

Dinner Day 25

Sesame ginger chicken;

Pumpkin and chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

Day 24

I'm feeling much better this morning!!!

Just a 50 cents size redness accompanied by soreness on the affected boobs.


Paucheeks definitely went through a growth spurt the last 2-3 days.

Because his newborn diapers can't seem to contain his wee wee anymore. Yesterday night leaked 3 times in a row. Diaper was not soaked but his back and sides had wetness.

Mom was bathing him in the small basin realized this morning that he can't fit into the basin too.

Finally a bump on his BCG injection site.

I was worried that the bcg injection he had wasn't recognize by his body. If no mark I think need to re-inject.

Malaysia and Singapore mummies, how does your babies injection site look like?


@calvinadawn a lot of odd sizes stuff. But so cheap that batdude and my mom couldn't resist getting some stuff.

3 underpants, 2 tops and a onesie (he chose wrongly) for Isaac.

1 onesie for Isaiah but it's 12m old. Can wear about 9 months I reckon.

Breakfast Day 24

Super shiok breakfast!!

Mee sua swimming in black vinegar with pork trotter sauce!!


Washed down with essence of chicken.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Lunch Day 24

More black vinegar pork trotters (the last of it);

Steam fish with essence of chicken and wolf berries ala @wokandkadhai;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 24

Scallop herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry kailan;

Crispy pan fried fish with ginger and soya sauce;

Steam white rice.

#confinementdinner #byMaryann

?? Mastitis ??


Last night I had an epic situation.

At 3am suddenly woke up to absolutely painful breast. The dreaded mastitis has arrived.

Not sure what prompted it, but the day before didi was latching non-stop the whole day. And to think I had manage to tame my oversupply issue, now this had to happen. Didi did latch twice from 11pm till 3am so it wasn't that the breast was not empty.

Quickly pumped at 3.30am. Changed didi's diapers. Then climbed back to bed.

But when I got back to bed I started shaking and shivering non stop. I had on socks, reduce aircon temperature to 24-25 degrees yet I couldn't stop the shakes.

Batdude got woken up by my shivering n tried transferring some body heat by hugging. Also wouldn't stop. I cried because of the breast pain and the shivers. Somehow warm tears warmed me up.

In the end he gave me paracetamol and naproxen pain killers.

Check the time it was 6am. I was shivering for 1.5hrs straight.

This morning woke up at nearly 10am.

No energy to eat breakfast. Breast was still sore but nothing like the night before.

Batdude says it's not mastitis because that would have been an infection already. It's mastalgia where it was probably a block duct that made the area very very painful.

The whole day I just slept it off. Had some slight fever but maybe from the pain?

Only manage to wake for lunch and dinner. Which I've documented.

My eyes are almost glued shut.

Good night.

Lunch Day 23

Steam pomfret fish with soya sauce and garlic;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 23

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Stir fry okra with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

#confinementmeal #byMaryann

Day 22

Too many superhero onesies to go through.

And good morning!

Hi didi, korkor is back. Did you miss me?

Story time before nap time.

Looks so idyllic but actually…it's a pain to get Isaac to nap these days.

Isaiah is currently in a "growth spurt" phase and he is resting for 5 mins before tormenting me for more boobs again.

8pm and he is so alert.

Im trying to make funny faces at him, hoping he will respond.

Nope…nothing. I'm just his milk buffet for now.

Suspicious look.

Why ah? Don't like your grobag isit? This one not as smooth and soft?

Breakfast Day 22

Mee sua with fried kampung egg.

(Reintroducing mee sua with much much less wine to see if it gives me the runs)

Lunch Day 22

Steam cod fish;

Pumpkin and chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice

Tea Time Day 22

French toast wit copious amount of maple syrup.

Maple syrup bottle looks like Brandy which I kinda need haha

Dinner Day 22

French bean omelette;

Steam chicken with essence of chicken;

Steam white rice.

Malaysian Embassy & 3 Weeks Today!

We will be going to the Malaysian embassy today.

#babywearing to the embassy!


Love this sling. Used it for Isaac as well. The tail end can used as a nursing cover when need be.

All done for Malaysian birth cert and passport.

Only daddy needs to go collect next week for birth cert. Then another time for the passport.

Then we can balik Malaysia so mummy can eat all the Malaysian food!!!

Irony is….

When the nasi lemak Ayam rendang in the Malaysian embassy is the best you had in Singapore. The rendang was cooked with asam jawa, I think that was what cut through the greasiness of the rendang.

Sambal belacan is legit.

Accompanied with an OK Teh Tarik.

Draw me like one of your French girls, jack.

Erm nooo, but I'll draw a batman on your milestone card.

Credits to batdude for the 3 weeks milestone drawing.

Another angle.

Artistic shot by grandma.

#paucheeks #dimple

My uniqlo #buybuybuy is here!

All the airism padded bra camisole. 7 of them!

Had to retake 2nd passport photo.

Because the first one the shirt too white.

But this one nicer la. Eyes bigger hehe.

Updated: trick to getting nice passport photo is to flat lay him. Quickly snap as much pic as you can with him looking straight into the phone.
Then send chosen picture to the nearest photo processing service shop/kiosk and ask them to photoshop it in passport specifications and size.

Garh omg this didi. Definitely growth spurt.

Because right after lunch at 2pm it has been left boob, right boob, left boob, right boob repeat X 1000000000!!!

Right up till 4.00pm when he suddenly gave a huge explosive poop with war cry that he finally settled himself to "rest".
I'm saying "rest" because he falls asleep in my arms, but if I put him down he will wrinkle his face up and cry.

Oh Lordy my boobs gonna be engorged again if this continues when I've worked hard to reduce my supply.

Guess who is who?

Both at 3 weeks wearing the same onesies.

#brothers #sideburns #3weeks

After dinner, my mom put didi on her lap and he was just staring at me.

Quickly snap picture. Cos…terbalik and staring at me? So cute? Hahaha.

Breakfast Day 21

Kampung eggs;


Lunch Day 21

Late lunch today.

Stir fry kailan;

Pork stomach peppercorn soup

Spare ribs in black vinegar.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 21

Turmeric & lemongrass chicken;

Pork stomach and ribs peppercorn soup;

Steam white rice.

20 Days Post-Partum

Kk: Bye didi, I'm going to school!!!

Dd: ngehhhh.

Didi starts wailing.

Korkor shhhhushhh him.

Too late! Didi is agitated.

"Hi guys! I'm back!!"

Chiong in to faster hug didi.

Dd: korkor u smelly la go shower!!

KK: but I wan to hug n kiss u.

Someone been feeling the lack of attention on him.

Must lie on mummy n sleep.

But once he wakes up, springs into overly attached brother mode.

Giving the napping didi hugs and kisses.

Wohooo we made it to 20 days confinement!!

But I think my mother is like this sticker πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Mummy updates

20 days after delivery I feel:
– nether regions has been restored.
– lochia is quite minimal with occasional clots once a while not bigger than 50 cents. Actually taper off already then if I'm overly tired, it increases in volume but nothing alarming.
– tummy issues still there. I've cut out raisin wine, reduce black sesame, reduce fatty cuts of pork (ok la I just don't eat the pork fats just to see if tummy improves). I get better than in few days, I get runs again. Repeat cycle X 4 times.

– weight lost so far; 8kg.
– having right leg aches and occasional hip aches. Thank god no back ache. Fingers and wrist also ache sometimes but I think it's from carrying baby to nurse.
– oversupply seems to be resolving a little. Previously pump would get 180mls in 10 mins. Now has reduce to about 100 mls. Happy!
– belly has gone down. Looks about 10 wks pregnant now. But skin still lose la. I need to get back to gym to tone. How much massage also won't help one.

Didi Updates

At 20 days;
– I think he's having a growth spurt. Almost every hour latching and wanting to nurse. Won't really settle after nursing. Either cos he did a mega poop or diapers too wet or hungry again or spit up. So the solution is to BOOB him again. I'm ok with that. Baby just needs to nurse and nurse.
– at night I think he sleeps at 4-5 hr stretch? I'm not sure. Cos I boob him and we sleep together hehe.

– not sure of his weight gain, but heavier la cos my forearms get tired from holding him.
– looks like has filled out all his onesies compared to first week of life.
– more alert now and can focus on korkor, me etc.
– don't have social smile yet, only the occasional contented butterfly smiles.
– hair smells like old man because we've not wash his hair properly or gave him a proper proper bath hehe.

– neck control quite good during tummy time. Massage lady saw him turning his head by himself and remarked that he's neck control like a 1 month plus baby.
– actually I feel he is not like a piece of fragile baby lump (compared with Isaac). Didi feels very tough. I can just pick him up under his pits and he'll hold his head up by himself etc. even at night to switch sides or search for my boobs he can do it.


More chill 2nd time around.

Never counted how many times I BF or how many wet diapers or dirty diapers etc.

Only watched the baby's cues and attend to him.

Much much better this way. Less stressful to me and more holistic for the baby.

Breakfast Day 20

Fried rice with ginger n kampung egg;

Essence of chicken.

Lunch Day 20

Steam cod fish in soya sauce (OMG the fish was bigger than my face);

Black vinegar spare ribs;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 20

Stir fry liver with black pepper;

Steam pumpkin with slice chicken and ginger;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

#byMaryann #confinementfood

Day 19

Good morning everyone!!!

Nahnahnahnahnahnah batman!

I've decided I don't want to be in daddy's shadow. I want to be my own super hero.

What you mean there is already a superman? Is he as cute as me?

Korkor I missed you for the past few days. Where did you go??

Nvm now that you're back, I'll save the world for you to eat your cookies.

Out takes from tummy time this morning.

Work them neck muscles didi!!

You need to be a superhero right?

Breakfast Day 19

1 hard boiled kampung eggs;

Essence of chicken;

Chocolate and cheese bun;

Kimchi cheese bun;

2 salted egg yolk croissant.


Lunch Day 19

Steam hainanese kampung chicken with fragrant rice;

Cordyceps herbal chicken soup.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Tea time Day 19.

Eheh sold out here. Cheese tart with salted egg yolk lava.

Dinner Day 19

Steam herbal chicken with scallops and essence of chicken poured over;

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry snow peas;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Day 18

Pump pump pump
5.30am on a Sunday morning.

Clear clear clear them barrel.

Today we have an outing!!

Take our Malaysian passport photos.

2nd time using the grobag on him. Let him get used to it during nap time first.

Not too sure if it's too big for him. I'm loving the material though. So soft and smooth.


Public service announcement.

I saw someone posted on FB the uniqlo airism bratop for sgd19.90.


Today last day.

I bought 7 diff colours!!!!

Good for nursing

Haha #paucheeks milk drunk just now.

I really hope you're sleeping well because of the grobag and it suits you!!!

Hor who ask you to miss nap time this arvo?

See, falling asleep during dinner with daddy!

And before that, daddy took him to see Lego toys (no buying cos we kiam like that). Dancing to lady gaga cos when your song is on, you gotta dance!

I'm glad batdude has step up with Isaac now since im on confinement. I hope Isaac looks for him more and more as the confinement progresses.

But he still prefers me although I do see an improvement with him wanting to hang out with daddy. Good progress in our books!

Breakfast Day 18

2 hard boiled kampung chicken eggs;

3/4 of an avocado.

Lunch Day 18

Fried kampung egg;

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Steam white rice with black sesame seed.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 18

Long beans with chicken slices;

Black vinegar pork trotters;

Steam white rice with wolf berries.


Day 17

Tough morning.

Finally got you to settle down at 11.40am.

You're starting to have foamy poop again and very red bum after I got "lazy" and gave you the 6hrs un-nursed boob in the morning. Now both you and me paying the price.

I thought because the breast was just a little engorge, not lumpy and last drained at 3.30am would not hurt you.

I was wrong! Must always pump the unnursed side mummy!!

Saw this on my fb feed.

Totally agree. I can't go without sleep.

Already I'm so short on patience.

No wonder I exploded with Isaac, with helper, basically everybody in my way.

Contemplated smacking didi also cos he just won't stop fussing.

Mummy, please la. Stop taking pictures of me.

Trying to "Siam"

No choice….relent lo. I can't move much. Only my head can turn.

This is as handsome as I can put up.

Enough for you mummy?


Breakfast Day 17

Chicken slice and pig kidney mee sua.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Lunch Day 17

Steam cod fish;

Pig stomach and kidney soup;

Steam fragrant rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 17

French beans with kampung eggs;

Pork stomach and ribs peppercorn soup;

Scallop, dong gui and red dates chicken thighs.

Steam white rice.

#byMaryann #confinementfood

Day 16

It's hard keeping korkor entertained and separated from didi.

He constantly sneaks into the room to touch didi or give him a kiss.

But im separating them because now korkor has a cough and his nose is as runny as ever even after anti-histamines.

He's doing tracing and basic Chinese word work book.

He says he's the boss and sitting on the boss's chair.

So don't disturb him doing "boss" work.

I don't know where he gets all this notions from.

Wah I took a 4 hour nap!!

But I know I woke up 3 times to nurse the grumpy baby during that 4 hrs.

Consider nubbad la. πŸ‘πŸΌ


7pm already still napping ah???

You're sleeping out the best part. Dinner!!!

#paucheeks getting more and more "Pau" looking.

So angry. And red. Doesn't help that he's wearing a orangey red stripes pyjamas onesie.

Justice "Pau"


Breakfast Day 16

Chicken mee sua with raisin wine and herbs.

Lunch Day 16

Herbal chicken soup;

Chicken slices with mushrooms and black fungus in raisin wine;

Steam white rice

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 16

Black chicken herbal soup;

Stir fry okra;

Turmeric and lemon grass chicken;

Steam white rice.


Overcoming Oversupply


Last night I was reading up and trouble shooting on my milk issues.

It's very likely I've oversupply issue.

Will share with you all later why I think there is over supply issue and how to manage it.

After my postnatal massage. ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼

We decided not to let Isaac go to school today due to his goopy nose.

So my mom and helper had a hard time getting him to do things in the morning.

All I heard was the little old man raising his voice.


Signs of Oversupply

Didi appears as if he is a fussy eater:

1️⃣Bob on and off breast. Twisting his body and spitting my boobs out.

2️⃣ always wanting to nurse but when nurse seems angry and arch away sometimes.

3️⃣ spit up frequently even with a lot of burping.

4️⃣ poo is frothy and very foamy (like your foam cleanser) and poo is greenish.

Why he gets this "symptoms"

β˜‘οΈ didi is drinking from a "fire hose". So much milk gushing out he gets pissed off ah!!

β˜‘οΈ not getting fatty milk which makes him feel fuller for longer. Hence the always wanting to nurse and then getting pissed with the flow and then getting frothy/foamy green poo from the initial watery poo.
Fatty milk still stays up near the cells that make milk as it never got the chance to "drain" from my boobs.

What to do

πŸ†˜ nurse on just one side at a time – I did this last night. Nurse only on left breast the whole night. But right breast was suffering so pumped at 2.30am until drain. Got 150mls. Then pumped again at 9 am. Yield 120mls.
I think didi manage to get the fatty milk because he has been sleeping so soundly until now (1.30pm) haven't had spit up yet and didn't even get pissed off at my boobs. No regurge so far too

This is also called block nursing.

And by 10am this morning both breast are soft.

πŸ†˜ letting the boob gets so so fully engorged that it sends signal to the brain to "stop making milk" at the unnursed breast.

Until cannot tahan n get very lumpy, then only I will pump to drain until soft.

So far so good guys.

Wish me luck so that my supply stabilizes over the week and no more suffering from both didi and me!


Yesterday didi turned #2weeksold but you know, I was angsty and forgot to post his pics.

Furrowed brows, because getting older.

Omg! 2 weeks liow!!!

Nehmind lo. Lucky still hemsem.

Sleep soundly tonight ok, #paucheeks?

I'll pump later so that you'll get all the fatty hind milk.

Good night!!

Breakfast Day 15

2 salted egg yolk croissant from bread talk;

Essence of chicken.

Lunch Day 15

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry French beans with egg;

Steam red snapper;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Tea Time Day 15

Wolf berry buns and salted egg yolk croissant.

Hungry ah!

Dinner Day 15

Chicken thighs steam with essence of chicken, scallops, dong qui, dates and wolf berries;

Stir fry snow peas, carrots and French beans;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Day 14

The cute one and the angry one.

Guess which is which.

Good morning everyone!!

Losing my shit.

Isaacs school teacher called batdude to let him know that he has very bad runny nose although no fever.

True enough he came back all mucous flowing out from his nose. Too late he already kissed didi n touched him.

Gave him zrytec after his lunch and shower.

Now I'm so paranoid didi will get sick too. Cos I'm not feeling great myself. Headache and stuffy nose.

Already told batdude maybe we should skip school for Isaac for 6 weeks since we have a baby at home.

Since school is so prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Anyway didi is having a hard and distended tummy. Too much gas. I'm thinking because of my "oversupply", didi is getting a lot of my watery foremilk which is known to cause frothy poop in babies. Not enough of the fatty hind milk for growth and nourishment. He also has been spitting up a lot. Almost after every nursing session. #firstworldboobproblem

I myself have not been feeling too great because I've been having the runs for 1 week now.

Couldn't stand it anymore because I was eating charcoal tablets for a week. I've asked batdude to get me probiotics. Hopefully the situation improves.

I think I can't tolerate pork at the moment.

On top of having anxiety of didi getting sick and me not feeling great, I have issues with the helper as well.

I need more sleep but Isaac also wants my attention in the morning. I can't get sleep in the afternoon because batdude thinks I'm very free at home. I need to source out fullmoon stuff and read up on how to register Isaiah for Malaysian Birth cert and passport.

Didi is currently stateless.

Of course I'm pissed.

Because I see him having some "time" to himself drawing to pass time when there are "things to do and find out"

I is tired and angry ok?

Putting didi to sleep on his tummy, hopefully it will help with his gas.

At least korkor is also having a nap.

Felt warm when I tapped him to sleep.

I hope no fever.

Breakfast Day 14

Toast bread with home made chicken floss;

Essence of chicken;

2 hard boiled kampong eggs.

Taking it slow today.

Lunch Day 14

Braised kampung chicken in black sauce;

Stir fried snow peas;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 14

Black chicken and pig stomach soup;

Steam cod fish;

Steam white rice.

Day 13

Yeay another no tears school run.

Haul my ass up to brush his teeth, change his uniform and let him know he's doing good.

Mostly smiles. Pheww.

Left for school with kisses for everybody including didi.

It really is the attention that he wants.

Caught in the act

So lovely was it?

But this is photographic evidence.

That korkor loves disturbing didi!!

Now damage control asking him to shhhhushhh.

@nomnomzer πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

This is the place I got my massage package from.

Manage to put 2 sons to nap just now.

2/14 days. Ok la.

My didi!

Let me carry him.

How was your day? My day was good.

Wah didi head control!!!

You've been working out ah????

Breakfast Day 13

Mee sua with sliced chicken, dates, wolf berries, dong quai? And kampung egg in raisin wine broth.



Lunch Day 13

Braised Chicken wings with raisin wine and onions;

Herbal chicken soup;

Fried kampong egg;

steam white rice with black sesame.

#confibementfood #byMaryann

Tea Time Day 13

Yes. More salted egg yolk croissant.

Dinner Day 13

Simple dinner tonight.

steam herbal chicken with essence of chicken;

Steam white rice.

No tears school run – Finally

No tears school run

Every morning since my maternity leave start, Isaac has been throwing tantrum with loud screams and cry whilst getting ready to school.

I thought over the weekend I've to change this. I will be the one changing him/get him ready for school.

Today, gently woke him up. Poke fun of his smelly breath saying his school friend won't wanna talk to him if he didn't brush his teeth. He let me brush his teeth, I covered all angles and even rinse his mouth thoroughly.

We were just short of skipping and hopping to his room to change into his uniform.

No fuss here, I even wipe him down (ahhh I forgot to moisturize him!) n telling him we need to get rid of nose poo, eye poo and mouth stains. He was giggling the whole time.

Then sat down to eat. Helper took over to feed him. She didn't want to feed him ok cos food was STILL in the kitchen.

I would consider this a success! Will do this again tomorrow.

Helloo didi!!!
I'm homeeeeee!!!

Breakfast Day 12

Fried rice with sesame oil and chicken slices and kampong chicken eggs. Delish!

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Lunch Day 12

Absolutely love the whole meal

Pork trotters in black vinegar;

Dong quai and scallops concentrated soup (I should say it's more like stock);

Stir fried snow peas;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Tea Time Day 12


Salted egg yolk croissant from bread talk for tea.


Actually, 2 not enough but it's gonna be dinner soon so tahan.

Dinner Day 12

Sliced fish with spring onions;

Black vinegar pork trotters (taste better at dinner);

Okra with garlic;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Newborn Photoshoot by SIL

Must be having a sweet dream.

#paucheeks of the day.

But, you got to wake up soon to nurse. Mummy's boobs is not thanking you.

Photo shoot prep going on.


Arhhhhhh I cannot.

Toooooo cuteeeeeeee.

Mr stork delivered him in this basket. 😍😍😍😍😍

Me #haolianing abit.

With peed and pooped on shirt.

Like floating in the Moses basket on River Nile.


Breakfast Day 11

Mee sua with chicken slices and herbs. No idea what herbs it is. Haha.

Lunch Day 11

Steam herbal chicken;

Double-boiled lean meat with DOM Benedictine;

Stir fry French beans with kampung eggs;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 11

Stir fried kailan;

Herbal chicken soup;

Black vinegar pork ribs;

Steam white rice.

Omg love the ribs. Black vinegar anything is so shiok.

#byMaryann #confinementfood

My Birth Story – 2nd edition

It's been 10 days!!!

Wahhhh!!!! Another 20 to go!!


(Continuation from 29 March 2016)

After I dayred my last contraction monitoring at 10.53pm, I felt the sudden urge to urinate. This contraction felt a bit more intense than the previous ones. I got up and walked to the loo.

And there I felt it! A gush of fluids leaked out!!!! It felt more like I wet my pants because couldn't hold the pee rather than the dramatics of popping sound and torrents of water coming out.

Quickly sat on the porcelain throne and my panty liner and panties were

soaked with pinkish fluid.

Yup. It's show time! Time check was about 11.00pm.

Sat on the throne awhile more cos the next contraction that came after the bags burst. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

Stood up to wash my hands and get cleaned up and another wave came. Almost buckled over in pain. Quite intense.

All the while batdude still sleeping. Had to call him to wake up and check out my liner haha! Told him to get a taxi and ask him, should I change out of my pyjamas into nicer clothes?

He mumbled something

and went back to lie down I think.

Got myself readied (just put on a bra under my maternity nighties only la and fresh undies with pad) and ask "is the taxi coming?"

Apparently he didn't hear me. I'm like "NO U have to call now already!!! It's getting more intense."

Fumble fumble. Got my bags. Woke my mom up to tell her we are going to the hospital. Taxi arrived. She wished me luck and off I went. Time check 11.15pm.

And OMG I had the most annoying taxi uncle ever la! Ask which way should

He go when KKH is clearly down the road from my place!!!!! And kept saying "oh you pregnant must drive slowly ah"

In my mind I'm raging!! 😑😑😑πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Only batdude was tolerant enough to respond to him with some charity laugh. Ferk wanted to kill him. And what seemed like eternity than we arrived at the hospital. In reality it was only 3 minutes.

Got down and looked around for wheelchair. Didn't see any. Walked on to the lift area and bam! A strong wave came. I had to stop walking n just let

it past.

Ok it went away and continued on to the lift and to level 2 delivery suite.

(PS: I don't understand why the delivery suite is in level 2 and u make ppl in labour walk there. No A&E triage area to bring you up one. Design flaw!)

Walked in calmly to the counter and say "hello my water bags just burst that's why we are here". Nurse slowly register us and a good thing we did our pre admission last week and paid for it.

We got into our room within minutes.

Time check 11.23pm.

The nurses got me to change into the hospital clothes took of underwear etc.

Strapped me onto ctg and clearly remembered I said "can I take it out after 1 hour because it feels very tight!"

Truth is I didn't want any monitoring because more data means more intervention. True enough the Sister of the ward came and said "oh your baby doesn't look like his moving much but heartbeat is ok"

Cue to roll eyes πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

They kept asking me if I wanted to pee because no more getting up after CTG is strapped on.

Well I just peed at home so sure no more pee la. Anyway a few surges came and I didn't want to answer all of them anymore. Leave me alone la ok. I'm trying to give birth.

Vaguely remember them asking whether I want epidural. Didn't answer. Threaten along the lines if I'm how many cm dilated no more epi for u blabla.

Want gas. Didn't answer.

The sister gave up n said "ok if u want any pain reliever

please let us know"


I remembered feeling extremely thirsty throughout so have asked batdude to pass me sips of coconut water and warm water intermittently.

A house officer then came to set up my iv line. Ask a few lame medical history bla bla. Didn't answer. Let batdude answer. Thank god iv line didn't bunk.

Remember having a few surges which felt like 1 in every 3 minutes? Who knows. Didn't bother to track once I left home.

Another medical officer came and clerked me. Obviously i did not answer her.

Then felt one wave came and I said out loud "I think I need to give birth soon. I feel like head is there already."

The MO then said she needed to do a VE on and me to gauge my dilatation. Told her ok. She measured it at 3-4cm dilated. In my mind I was like sure boh….doesn't feel so but I kept my mouth shut.

The sister of the ward came again and told me at any time I feel like passing motion please let her know

so she can call my obs to come over. He stays about 1/2 hour away so need some time to come over. We told her ok duly noted. She then ask me to lie on my left side so that my baby could be stimulated to move more.


When I turn to the left, that's when the real deal started. I had the most most biggest intense surge that came after that. Had to hold on to the bed rails and let it pass. I remember shaking very hard cos it was just painful!

The last 5-6 contractions

The next wave came and it was even bigger than the last one.

I asked for the gas mask at this point. They set it up and someone (wont say who la but u all should know) shoved it into my face. Omg so annoyed. Anyway took 1 breath to test it out. Nothing. Took another breath. Got irritated with the tightness and lameness of the mask I promptly threw it away.


At that point I told batdude to let the nurse know I have the feeling to pass motion already!

Too fast progression.

Batdude paged the nurse to let her know I feel like passing motion.

She didn't quite believe us and said lets VE and have another look. Lie back down to my back and true enough I was 8cm. As soon as she inserted her fingers I felt my cervix opening.

She commented "wow u progress very fast ah. Not even 30 mins from 3 to 8cm. Let me go call your dr".

Lie back down to the left side and ehmergadddd!!!! The most painful contractions ever came!!

I held the bed rails n shook. That doesn't seem to relieve anything. So I buried my head into the pillow and just cried.

Cried and let the waves ripped through me. Cried and cried mixed with low groaning sound ( I think sound like a cow ah). But it was soon over and felt relieved when the contraction stop.

All the while I was actually pushing already naturally. It's like taking a shit. Can't stop the feeling. When you gotta go, you got to go!

The Crown

With that contraction πŸ‘†πŸΌ I actually felt the head crown already. I felt the stretching of the skin with the head slowly coming up.

The urge to poop was strong. I definitely poop. The nurse had to catch my poop πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© and cleaned me up. Thanks ah.

Once the contraction stop, the head was slowly sucked backed in. The whole sensation felt a bit strange. After the crowning, it felt, nice. Even a little pleasurable/pleasant feeling.

Is this my orgasmic birth??

I was thinking am I going to have an orgasmic birth? Because this feeling is quite nice. 😌😌😌

The nurse kept saying I have to deliver you if your dr is not here yet and we were totally fine with that. But she had her finger on my perineum and I felt her pushing didi head back in when the contraction subsided.

I was wondering why she don't just let me push the baby out??!! (Now I know there are implications if she actually delivered didi). All the nice feeling didn't last long because I was

thinking too much. Another contraction came, and this time it's not painful at all. Just another tight squeeze in the abs to push the baby out.

I felt his out more than crown already. It was out but again I felt the nurse pushing his head back in once the contraction subsided.

Then thank god I head my dr come in. The other nurses helped him gown up and he told me loudly "stop pushing!"

I stop everything and they turn me to lie on my back.

Never felt so relieved.

Once on my back I just relaxed. No more painful contractions, no more feeling of wanting to poop. Just quiet (my body la quiet but the delivery suite was buzzing).

The next wave came. Best describe as when your poop is out and the next wave is just to push your poop out feeling.

It was not painful. I felt didi glide out. GLIDE out ok!

Nurse ask batdude to note the time. Checked didi out and pat dry.

Delayed cord clamping

Luckily batdude remembered to tell them that I wanted to delay the clamping of the cord until once the cord stopped pulsating. They agreed and I heard them saying it's now the practice to delay the clamping. Wohoo win for all birthing mothers and baby!

Immediately didi was placed on my chest!

This round I felt happy and smiled when I saw him. With Isaac I had no feeling. Like ok slimy baby here's a boobs to suckle. But with didi it was different. Yeay!

I felt happy

Here he is! I thought he looked like the dad/brother. No big eyes. But it's ok!!

I greeted him and let him rest on my chest. Slowly let him find my way to my breast and just hung out.

Felt the dr check me n declared only a small tear. Need 2 stitches only.

Nurse said blood loss minimal.

Baby Apgar at 1 minute is 9, 10 (or was it 5 mins) also 9.

Received a shot of pitocin to contract the womb. Another nurse came and press my uterus down and that's it!

Heard my dr said "Wah very fast ah"

We thank him for coming and check us out, and poofed! He was gone with the wind.

I looked at batdude n said "I think he was in the delivery room less than 10 minutes?" And we laughed to ourselves.

The nurse said I progressed so fast. Not even an hour and the baby is out. She kept repeating this everytime she stepped into our suite.

Yes I agree, it was fast but we tried to warn them that my first delivery was also very fast but nobody paid attention.

And that was how

Isaiah Kayman Puah

was born.

Time check 12.34 am at 30th March 2016.

Total birth time 1.5hr after water bag burst.

I know I'm a bad story teller. Maybe if got enough votes, batdude can write the more eloquent version of how it went.

As if a birth can be eloquent and romantic Hahahha.

All in all, I'm actually very satisfied with my birth this round.

It really helps the post natal blues knowing I had the birth I wanted.

No medication, no intervention and a short and dare I say sweet birth.

I think batdude was sending my mom pics of didi even before she fell asleep. Haha. Talk about fast!

And the healing process this round is better too. I don't feel as sore and I do believe my petpetz is 90% healed. No more stinging pain.

Thanks for reading!!!

Ok back to my boring meals.

Post bath, post milk #paucheeks

At Day 10, I find didi to have good neck control and, as evident of this video, regurgitates a lot.

We burp him, hold him up straight for 30minutes and prop him up on pillow, he will still regurgitate.

Ahhh just wait it out for his GI tract to mature and hold the milk by itself.

Kor kor had a long overdue hair cut today.

Sibling love photo of the day 😍

Sil and mil is down.

Sil took this shot to show that didi looks exactly like korkor.

Apparently me and batdude made the same thing again. Haha.

Breakfast Day 10

Ginger fried rice top with chicken floss and black sesame seed.

Washed down with essence of chicken.

#confinementbreakfast #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Lunch Day 10

Herbal pig kidney soup with dates and wolf berries;

Steam kurau fish with spring onion, ginger and soya sauce;

Steam white rice.

#confinementlunch #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Dinner Day 10

Turmeric, lemongrass fried chicken thigh slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry snow peas with ginger;

Steam white rice and black sesame seed.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #confinementdinner #byMaryann

Day 9


8 minutes pump to relieve engorgement this morning resulted in >180mls. Cos the milk is above the measurement level I don't know how much it is.

Not healthy ah!!

Didi still sleeping soundly after milk at 7.30am.

We are going to taopayoh polyclinic later for his follow up bilirubin check up.

Going to take it easy today.

Mmmm now where's my baby sling. Got to re-practice wearing it cos might be going alone with him later.

Hi ladies!!! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Went for my bilirubin check up today!

Levels are coming down. It's
119 umol today.

Phew. Don't need phototherapy but need one last check up next Friday again.

And I weigh 3.525kg today. Put on 325gm from birth!!


#paucheeks of the day.


Bat dude was complaining that he had no picture with didi.

Ermmm ya, cos u went back to work so fast πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„*roll eyes*

Nah, here's one for the record!

Can see the size of didi. Actually quite small vs all his #paucheeks pictures.

And look at this boy!

Refuse to nap this arvo.

See his eye bags!!

@hotcakes side note: he really loves this outfit combo.

Batdude received this huge ass hampers with 28 X 6 newborn diapers, pillow and flowers.

Woot! No need to buy diapers for 2-3 months!

Isaac fell asleep after crying at 6.30pm.

Because I scolded him for sticking his fingers into didi's mouth.

Plus with no afternoon nap, he was darn crazy and emotional.

So my mom put him in her room to sleep. About 8pm I heard him crying. Went into the room saw him pulling at the comforter and mentioning about wanting comforter. He must have been cold.

I comforted him and pull the covers over and hug and tap him to sleep. I feel so sorry for him cos he's not the only child anymore.

And if I was him, I would feel like I was abandon/cast aside by mummy.

No more full attention to him, always reprimanded for making noise or disturbing didi etc.

I felt quite sad about it la. Maybe I'm paying too much attention to didi and not enough to him. But didi is constantly on boobs every 2 hrs.

Nvm for the rest of maternity leave I will send and pick him up from school and maybe have evening tea time outside with him.

Of course have to bring didi along but didi in the pram la and we have our date.

Me drinking coffee n pastries, him eating his allergy free cookies Hehhe and coconut water/soya bean drink.

Sounds like a good plan!

Breakfast Day 9

Self assembled angmoh breakfast.

Avocado on olive bread with scrambled eggs.

Washed down with essence of chicken.

Lunch Day 9

Pig kidney mee sua with ginger, wolf berries and dates.


#confinementmeal #confinementfood #meesua #pigkidney #byMaryann

Edit: it's pigs kidney not liver.

Tea Time Day 9

Pork stomach soup for tea time;

With a little chicken floss. My mom essence of chicken which I downed (forgot to take picture) and with the left over meat, she made floss. Yumz πŸ˜‹


Dinner Day 9

Stri fried kailan with ginger;

Pig stomach and ribs soup;

Steam white rice.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann #pigstomach

Day 8

Just had my second massage today.

So far so good. But the package doesn't include boob massage. So no merlion spraying everywhere!

However, I did notice my breast were much much much fuller and gets engorge much faster.

Last night at 9.30pm I fed didi and we all lay down to sleep. But I could feel my boobs getting fuller and fuller by the minute. Couldn't stand anymore so at 10.45pm went and pump for 10 mins. And omg 150mls came out. What sorcery is this!!!!

Sorry ran off topic.

I did like her stomach flattening maneuver which left my tummy red n hot but shiok. It's like deep rub for the waist and tummy.

I did notice it was much flatter after yesterday's massage but she came and say "Aiyo your stomach still so big. Today i must press harder. You tahan ah"


So far so good la but I think my previous lady in Malaysia was much better.

Being an elephant to make didi laugh.

Didi actually turns and looks at korkor whenever he's around.


Then proceeds to jiggle didi's head.

And happy just me being there to watch him play.

Whilst I have no choice but to plonk #paucheeks down on sofa and let him sleep/entertain himself.

Surprisingly he can fall asleep by himself. Ok la. #win

But slumber for didi doesn't last long because someone comes and disturb with kisses 😠😠😀😀

Oh so cute!

#paucheeks of the day

Craving for salted egg yolks cronuts.

Omg. And ice cold latte and cappuccino.

Hopefully I can still tolerate dairy after this.

Breakfast Day 8

Simple breakfast today.

Brands essence of chicken;

Wolf berries bun;

2 hard boiled egg.


Lunch Day 8

Herbal chicken soup with scallops for sweetness.

Cannot see the mee sua at the bottom.


#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 8

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry French beans;

Steam white rice.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann

We survived 1 week!

Seriously boobs, 130 mls in 10 mins? You've got to slow down.

I'm just pumping to relieve engorgement and after Isaiah latches. I can't deal with the knobs and lumps and leaks.

Thank you for producing this round boobs.

Later today, my first session of post-natal massage will commence.

Can't wait to ask the masseur to unblock my boobs.

Tummy time today.

My mom caught him turning his head.

#paucheeks is #1weekold today.


Korkor needs to help out in the photo taking too.

Wanted to standardize the backdrop; but he looks really cannot make it here.

So grumpy. Maybe shall take again later.

How about this photo? As the milestone prototype.

Too bad he's sleeping here.

Gangster hands over boob pose. #paucheecks post milk.

I'm trying to direct latch as much as possible without pumping because I don't want to over stimulate the breast which will cause over supply i.e: vicious cycle of engorgement and lumps.

But seems like didi is very contended with the amount he gets by direct latching. And yet my tanks is not completely empty especially at night.

No choice, have to pump. 😭

This other sleeping child has been quite a handful.

He doesn't actively show that he is jealous of didi, in fact he is too affectionate to him.

But we notice he doesn't want to listen to us much anymore. He also purposely "defies" us and always asking for things he knows he cannot have.

How to overcome this ah?

@3sth3r @awendyy @anairem @lavishlyloved

Thanks ladies, those comments were very helpful.

Isaac is behaving exactly like you said your kids are doing.

I also thought because my mom is here, he was acting out. Just as I suspected, he is a little jealous of didi but doesn't know how to show it.

So I sat down and talk to him just now.

πŸ‘©πŸ» Isaac, y r u acting like that? How come don't wan to listen to us? Don't want to go school and keep scolding everybody?

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» I want didi I want to hug him and kiss him (standard response n also avoiding the question)

πŸ‘©πŸ» Is it because you are jealous?

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» (looks at me with puppy dog eyes and in a small voice) yes.

πŸ‘©πŸ» does your heart feel painful? Pain pain here? (Points to his heart)

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» yes (cracking voice)

πŸ‘©πŸ» but you know I still love you what. I got kiss and hug you and say you're a very helpful korkor.

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» I know (to the I love you) but I still want to carry didi etc etc

πŸ‘©πŸ» no need to jealous one. I'm still here. If u jealous also you cannot scold ppl etc. okay??

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» okay

Then we hug and kiss but I don't really know if that was addressing the tantrum problems.

Will see how it goes as the day goes by.

Nvm mummy, don't emo. Look at the camera and smile!

Breakfast Day 7

Mee sua with herbs.

Lunch Day 7

Simple lunch today.

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam rice with black sesame seed.

Taking it easy because had some tummy upset yesterday.

#confinementlunch #confinementmeal

Tea Time Day 7

Wolf berry buns and essences of chicken for tea.

Dinner Day 7

Braised ginger and raisin wine chicken wings;

Herbal chicken soup;

Stream rice with wolf berries.

Day 6

Wah Wah Wah.

There are 2 boulders on my chest currently. Need to pump pump pump.

3.30am: Anyone awake now and feeding and pumping??

Yesterday on top of feeding didi round the clock to his demand, I still had to pump.

The cantaloupes will fill up with milk again every fast and I'll get super lumpy.

I pumped out about 240mls in total and chill it before giving to Isaac to drink.

He absolutely loves the cold breast milk. On and off request me to pump it out for him to drink.

And when he drinks he makes the "ahhh" sound, like enjoying his cold brew on tap πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Little worm still sleeping at 9.30am.

Must be all the milk.

Mummy needs to pump out now.

Anybody on dayre looking like this 1 week after birth?

Ivanka trump just delivered on 27th March 2016.

Ok, I've got 1 more day to get my act together. πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

So happy to be reunited with his didi after school.

I made him wash his hands first before he can carry him. Didn't manage to stop him in time before he planted a kiss on didi.

Muahs!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨

korkor: I think didi loves me right, mummy??

Dd: ngerhhhh get me away!!!

Didi in his new swaddle.

I must say, this brand SwaddleMe is very snug and easy to use.

Bought online last Saturday and came today.

Got it together with all my pump parts.

Breakfast Day 6

Fried rice with chicken slices.

Less ginger please hehe.

Lunch Day 6

Braised chicken with galangal root;

Spinach, wolf berries and ginger chicken soup;

Steam rice with black sesame.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann #sesameoil #sesameeverything

Tea Time Day 6

Grilled chicken chop marinated with turmeric, lemon gross and onion.


#confinementmeal #confinementfood

Dinner Day 6

Herbal chicken soup (no idea what herbs this round but it's different with dong qui?)

Spare ribs in ginger and vinegar;
Si beh shiok the tartness and sweetness of the sauce.

Stir fry snow peas with ginger;

White rice with black sesame seed.


Day 5

"Kong Kong, I so lonely, korkor not around"

Yeah korkor is home!!!!

Thank you @Sunorchid

This was delivered today. Such a thoughtful gift because batdude loves printing pictures n framing them up. Perfect!

And thank you Shalin @hotcakes for dropping by this arvo. And for the DOM.

Just washed my hair which was sanctioned by my mom a.k.a confinement lady hehe.

Took the opportunity to massage all the lumps out from my breast. Running hot water over it really helps to relieve the engorgement and block ducts.

Now my beast is red but thankfully no more hard lumps.

Needless to say, the bathroom is covered in milk. Haha.

Aiyoooo!!! You shouldn't have given us another hamper. The Dom was enough!!

Thank you so much Shalin (and Sophie!) @hotcakes

Work the #duckface

#paucheeks of the day


Everybody wants a piece of mummy. Hehe.

Confinement Breakfast Day 5

Breakfast today.

Fried brown rice beehon with chicken and mushroom in sesame oil.

Lunch Day 5

Garlic pork belly with peppercorn;

Spinach and wolf berries soup;

Steam white rice with black sesame.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #confinementlunch #byMaryann #porkbelly

Tea Time Day 5

Lotus root and pork ribs soup.

Dinner Day 5

Dinner of chicken, mushroom and raisin wine;

Lotus root and pork ribs soup;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #confinementmeal

Day 4


And guess what korkor is up to.

No rest for the #paucheeks

Woke up about 5am to massage, massage and hand express boobs.

Everytime didi latch on one side and I can feel the unmatched side get harder and harder.

Later got to sterilize my #medelapisa and give it a go already.

Joke of the day.

My mom ask me what I want to eat for breakfast, French toast ok???

I'm like nope! No "angmoh" food please.

Only Chinese food preferably with loads of herbs and innards inside. Hahha.

Story time!

Introduction to Thomas the train



I figured out what's wrong with the pump already.

#unimomforte flange is too small for me. So instead of extracting the milk from boobies, it just pinches my boobs! Hurts like hell with low milk yield.

So I put on the freemie collection cups, figured out how to connect them to the pump and just stuff them into my top.

Lo and behold I got the same amount in 5 minutes.
#freemie #freemiecups

This would be so convenient to pump at work. Just stuff it in.

FYI the flange size I use for #medela is 27mm and the #freemie flange size is 28mm

The unimom doesn't have detachable flange, so for bigger boobies mum with larger nipples, Don't go for unimom.

Thank you @jayelleenelial for the lovely gift!!

Customized cushions too with their name on it.

My bro and sil came down with my dad last night to see didi!

So they brought along your gift.

Guess who is who.

Thanks again jo! @jayelleenelial

For size comparison

Didi is actually very small despite his #paucheeks

Confinement Breakfast Day 4

Mee sua with raisin wine and herbs.

Gorgeous! #confinementbreakfast #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Confinement Lunch Day 4

Herbal chicken soup.

Stir fry chicken in ginger, raisin wine and sesame oil. The raisin wine is sweet and caramelised when cook. Shiok.

Steam white rice with black sesame seeds.

#confinementlunch #confinementmeal #confinementfood #bymaryann

Confinement Teatime Day 4


Pandan chicken yo!!!

Marinated with pounded turmeric and lemon grass.

Smells so good!!

And so far none of my meals contain salt and taste so good.


Confinement Dinner Day 4

All the liver, liver for me!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

The works.

Herbal soup with organic chicken;

Fried liver with spring onion and ginger;

Steam rice with wolf berries sprinkled with massive black sesame seed.

Herbs used in the chicken soup for dinner.

Mom says its for womb healing. I'm just enjoying different soup everrrrrday!

Day 3

#paucheeks of the day.

We were at the polyclinic to check his serum bilirubin levels again.

I cannot resist nyoming these feet!!

So softtttt!!!

Mummy wellness update.

Clerking my own patient notes. (Simply do one)

Bowel open yesterday, and I think everything else reopen too….so OUCH!!! Going to have to use the cool-aid petpet pads. Got to stock up at KKH on Monday. Actually took pain killers after that too.

3 day old poop is dangerous ppl! So take the liquid paraffin/stool softener which the hospital discharge you with!!

Lochia is actually not bad. Pads are not thoroughly full each change. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ vast improvement vs with Isaac.

My milk came in on day 3 and boobies is very full. Not yet engorged.

Had a good bath today too!!!

And I've lost 4kg so far.

Paucheeks wellness update

Serum bilirubin levels:

31/3/16: 97 umol
1/4/16: 147 umol
2/4/16: 141 umol

Since today lower than yesterday, no need to recheck on Monday! Next serum bilirubin check is 8 April 2016.

Neonatologist insist we keep checking because me and didi have mismatch blood group, therefore higher chance of jaundice.

So ok la. Check for their monitoring purposes.

But we are also on the lower risk because didi is full term luckily.

I'm wanting to believe the levels are coming down just as my milk came in. He probably was just a tadddddd bit dehydrated? Needed more milk just to clear them bilirubin in the liver.

Today #paucheeks poop has turn yellow from the black tarry meconium.

All signs are pointing to adequate breast feeding.


Also, today his umbilical cord has dropped off and dried completely.

And only Day 4 of life!!

The secret: I have not bath him since delivery, nor clean his cord with boiled cooled water etc. We left his skin alone.

We did wipe down his face with water and cotton buds. Wipe butt wipes first then water and cotton again after poop.

And that's it!

Doing this so he doesn't have skin problem like korkor. Not sure if it will work, but more microbiome on skin doesn't hurt right?

Sibling love

Kk: Didi, didi, didi!!

Dd: what??????


Dd: arhhhhhh!!!!!

Kk: oohhh sorry, sorry! Didn't mean to frighten you. Here, let me give you a kiss.

Dd: nerghhh!! If only I can move!!

Dd: whyyyyy!!! Why me!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

Side note: got to ask mom to stop the young papaya soup already. My boobs getting hard!!!!

I think I'll have to pump already tonight. Didi can't clear it fast and Isaac seems to forgotten how to latch.

Happening now.

Cannot already. Boobs getting harder and harder by the minute.

#unimomforte #unimom #breastpump

First time using this. Will let you know how it fares later.

After 10 minutes.

Breast still not empty.

Cycle of vacuum is not fast enough. RPM very low.

Cranked up to max vacuum and still not great.

Confinement Breakfast Day 3

Scrambled eggs and mushroom for breakfast.

Both me and husband 😱 can eat "angmoh food" for confinement. Hehhe.

Confinement Lunch Day 3

This is delicious!!!

Young papaya herbal soup with pork ribs.

Stir fry mushroom, ginger and chicken slices in raisin wine. The raisin wine makes this dish taste sweet. Love it.

And rice with copious amount of black sesame so I don't lose so much hair later.

#confinementfood #confinementmeal #lunch #blacksesame #youngpapaya #byMaryann

Confinement Teatime Day 3

Wolf berry bun and essence of chicken for tea.

Wash it down with more red dates tea.

This round of confinement, the red dates tea taste better cos my mom only boiled it for 2 hours instead of overnight when with Isaac. So it doesn't have the gross disintegrated taste of the herbs.

Also thanks to batdude for buying them buns from duke bakery. Hehe.

Confinement Dinner Day 3

I'm so excited to eat this!!!
Smells so darn good.

Young papaya soup with herbs. Same as this afternoon.

Turmeric, onion and lemon grass chicken wings.

Stir fry asparagus with garlic.

Steam white rice with wolf berries!!!!!

Not seen, sprinkled black sesame all over the rice!!

#confinementdinner #confinementfood #confinementmeal #bymaryann

Day 2

Sun tanning whilst waiting to go to the hospital.

Going in for a routine neonatal jaundice check.

When he was discharged his serum bilirubin levels were normal.

Finally had a moment to myself.

Thank you for the flowers @Eviee

And to @doooduuu and @calistallicious for the birdnest and brands essense. Couldn't take picture. My helper dismantled and kept it liow.

Also @butterball thanks for the good nourishing snack πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Yesterday night my medical department sent me balloons!!!

They were concern didi had flower allergy so balloons it is. Had some small baby toiletry by buds I think. Very cute la the balloons.

It was huge too. Needless to say, Isaac was so happy with it.

Closer pic.

Loving the hamper my team gave me. 😊😊


You know who right is the spoil market gift giver.


Inside the box, full of baby goodies.

Spoil market Sya @strawbee is spoil market.

Thank you for your generosity!!! 😍😍😍😍

Stuff inside the keepsake box.

Growth chart decal, baby clothes set, teething ring, door holder and spoons for didi!!

For me it's birth nest and essence of chicken.


#paucheeks is really paucheeks.

Last night whenever I pick him up for feeds, I kept laughing to myself!

His head really like Pau la. Haha.


When u manage to put 2 brothers down for nap time. Hehe.

Now I can deal with my petpetz in peace. Lols.

I'm not sure if those who recently delivered vaginally, whether they have used this.

It's a pad that contains water+chemical when activated becomes a cool pack for cold therapy!!

It's like those glow light stick, where u break the stick and it lights up. For this u fold the pad in half and shake the contents. Once activated it drops down to 0.6β€’C. Put it on and it cools down the petpet and inflamed area.

Shiokness guaranteed for 2-3 hrs. And soaks up lochia as well. Dam good!

Now to go hunt down for more of it!!!

@calvinadawn I sent batdude to look for it but Watson and ttsh pharmacy doesn't sell it.

And I called the number but nobody picked up just now.

Will try again. Most likely maternity hospital will have it.

Update: lady called back and said its being sold at KKH pharmacy, mt Alvernia hospital etc. she did mention its cheapest in KKH pharmacy.

Retailing about sgd20+ for 3 pads. Well, if u really need it go for it! Really helps la.

@spiritrip this was the one I downloaded. But got a lot more to chose from. All does the same thing.

Still not leaving didi's side.

Moar kisses!!!

If didi could talk, he would say "korkor leave me alone please"

Confinement Breakfast Day 2

Breakfast of fried rice with fried ginger and egg.

Smells heavenly.

#confinementfood #bymaryann #confinementmeal #ginger

Confinement Lunch Day 2

Rice with pork tripe soup.

Wash it down with red date tea. (Tea is continuous throughout the day la cos cannot drink plain water).

Confinement Tea Time Day 2

Raisin wine herbal chicken mee sua.

My fav!! Shiok.

Was hungry so demanded mom to cook. Hahha. #demandingdaughter

Confinement Dinner Day 2

Dinner of more pork tripe, ribs and scallop peppercorn soup;

Snow peas with sliced chicken and rice.