Day 2

Sun tanning whilst waiting to go to the hospital.

Going in for a routine neonatal jaundice check.

When he was discharged his serum bilirubin levels were normal.

Finally had a moment to myself.

Thank you for the flowers @Eviee

And to @doooduuu and @calistallicious for the birdnest and brands essense. Couldn't take picture. My helper dismantled and kept it liow.

Also @butterball thanks for the good nourishing snack πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Yesterday night my medical department sent me balloons!!!

They were concern didi had flower allergy so balloons it is. Had some small baby toiletry by buds I think. Very cute la the balloons.

It was huge too. Needless to say, Isaac was so happy with it.

Closer pic.

Loving the hamper my team gave me. 😊😊


You know who right is the spoil market gift giver.


Inside the box, full of baby goodies.

Spoil market Sya @strawbee is spoil market.

Thank you for your generosity!!! 😍😍😍😍

Stuff inside the keepsake box.

Growth chart decal, baby clothes set, teething ring, door holder and spoons for didi!!

For me it's birth nest and essence of chicken.


#paucheeks is really paucheeks.

Last night whenever I pick him up for feeds, I kept laughing to myself!

His head really like Pau la. Haha.


When u manage to put 2 brothers down for nap time. Hehe.

Now I can deal with my petpetz in peace. Lols.

I'm not sure if those who recently delivered vaginally, whether they have used this.

It's a pad that contains water+chemical when activated becomes a cool pack for cold therapy!!

It's like those glow light stick, where u break the stick and it lights up. For this u fold the pad in half and shake the contents. Once activated it drops down to 0.6β€’C. Put it on and it cools down the petpet and inflamed area.

Shiokness guaranteed for 2-3 hrs. And soaks up lochia as well. Dam good!

Now to go hunt down for more of it!!!

@calvinadawn I sent batdude to look for it but Watson and ttsh pharmacy doesn't sell it.

And I called the number but nobody picked up just now.

Will try again. Most likely maternity hospital will have it.

Update: lady called back and said its being sold at KKH pharmacy, mt Alvernia hospital etc. she did mention its cheapest in KKH pharmacy.

Retailing about sgd20+ for 3 pads. Well, if u really need it go for it! Really helps la.

@spiritrip this was the one I downloaded. But got a lot more to chose from. All does the same thing.

Still not leaving didi's side.

Moar kisses!!!

If didi could talk, he would say "korkor leave me alone please"

Confinement Breakfast Day 2

Breakfast of fried rice with fried ginger and egg.

Smells heavenly.

#confinementfood #bymaryann #confinementmeal #ginger

Confinement Lunch Day 2

Rice with pork tripe soup.

Wash it down with red date tea. (Tea is continuous throughout the day la cos cannot drink plain water).

Confinement Tea Time Day 2

Raisin wine herbal chicken mee sua.

My fav!! Shiok.

Was hungry so demanded mom to cook. Hahha. #demandingdaughter

Confinement Dinner Day 2

Dinner of more pork tripe, ribs and scallop peppercorn soup;

Snow peas with sliced chicken and rice.

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