Day 3

#paucheeks of the day.

We were at the polyclinic to check his serum bilirubin levels again.

I cannot resist nyoming these feet!!

So softtttt!!!

Mummy wellness update.

Clerking my own patient notes. (Simply do one)

Bowel open yesterday, and I think everything else reopen too….so OUCH!!! Going to have to use the cool-aid petpet pads. Got to stock up at KKH on Monday. Actually took pain killers after that too.

3 day old poop is dangerous ppl! So take the liquid paraffin/stool softener which the hospital discharge you with!!

Lochia is actually not bad. Pads are not thoroughly full each change. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ vast improvement vs with Isaac.

My milk came in on day 3 and boobies is very full. Not yet engorged.

Had a good bath today too!!!

And I've lost 4kg so far.

Paucheeks wellness update

Serum bilirubin levels:

31/3/16: 97 umol
1/4/16: 147 umol
2/4/16: 141 umol

Since today lower than yesterday, no need to recheck on Monday! Next serum bilirubin check is 8 April 2016.

Neonatologist insist we keep checking because me and didi have mismatch blood group, therefore higher chance of jaundice.

So ok la. Check for their monitoring purposes.

But we are also on the lower risk because didi is full term luckily.

I'm wanting to believe the levels are coming down just as my milk came in. He probably was just a tadddddd bit dehydrated? Needed more milk just to clear them bilirubin in the liver.

Today #paucheeks poop has turn yellow from the black tarry meconium.

All signs are pointing to adequate breast feeding.


Also, today his umbilical cord has dropped off and dried completely.

And only Day 4 of life!!

The secret: I have not bath him since delivery, nor clean his cord with boiled cooled water etc. We left his skin alone.

We did wipe down his face with water and cotton buds. Wipe butt wipes first then water and cotton again after poop.

And that's it!

Doing this so he doesn't have skin problem like korkor. Not sure if it will work, but more microbiome on skin doesn't hurt right?

Sibling love

Kk: Didi, didi, didi!!

Dd: what??????


Dd: arhhhhhh!!!!!

Kk: oohhh sorry, sorry! Didn't mean to frighten you. Here, let me give you a kiss.

Dd: nerghhh!! If only I can move!!

Dd: whyyyyy!!! Why me!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

Side note: got to ask mom to stop the young papaya soup already. My boobs getting hard!!!!

I think I'll have to pump already tonight. Didi can't clear it fast and Isaac seems to forgotten how to latch.

Happening now.

Cannot already. Boobs getting harder and harder by the minute.

#unimomforte #unimom #breastpump

First time using this. Will let you know how it fares later.

After 10 minutes.

Breast still not empty.

Cycle of vacuum is not fast enough. RPM very low.

Cranked up to max vacuum and still not great.

Confinement Breakfast Day 3

Scrambled eggs and mushroom for breakfast.

Both me and husband 😱 can eat "angmoh food" for confinement. Hehhe.

Confinement Lunch Day 3

This is delicious!!!

Young papaya herbal soup with pork ribs.

Stir fry mushroom, ginger and chicken slices in raisin wine. The raisin wine makes this dish taste sweet. Love it.

And rice with copious amount of black sesame so I don't lose so much hair later.

#confinementfood #confinementmeal #lunch #blacksesame #youngpapaya #byMaryann

Confinement Teatime Day 3

Wolf berry bun and essence of chicken for tea.

Wash it down with more red dates tea.

This round of confinement, the red dates tea taste better cos my mom only boiled it for 2 hours instead of overnight when with Isaac. So it doesn't have the gross disintegrated taste of the herbs.

Also thanks to batdude for buying them buns from duke bakery. Hehe.

Confinement Dinner Day 3

I'm so excited to eat this!!!
Smells so darn good.

Young papaya soup with herbs. Same as this afternoon.

Turmeric, onion and lemon grass chicken wings.

Stir fry asparagus with garlic.

Steam white rice with wolf berries!!!!!

Not seen, sprinkled black sesame all over the rice!!

#confinementdinner #confinementfood #confinementmeal #bymaryann

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