Day 4


And guess what korkor is up to.

No rest for the #paucheeks

Woke up about 5am to massage, massage and hand express boobs.

Everytime didi latch on one side and I can feel the unmatched side get harder and harder.

Later got to sterilize my #medelapisa and give it a go already.

Joke of the day.

My mom ask me what I want to eat for breakfast, French toast ok???

I'm like nope! No "angmoh" food please.

Only Chinese food preferably with loads of herbs and innards inside. Hahha.

Story time!

Introduction to Thomas the train



I figured out what's wrong with the pump already.

#unimomforte flange is too small for me. So instead of extracting the milk from boobies, it just pinches my boobs! Hurts like hell with low milk yield.

So I put on the freemie collection cups, figured out how to connect them to the pump and just stuff them into my top.

Lo and behold I got the same amount in 5 minutes.
#freemie #freemiecups

This would be so convenient to pump at work. Just stuff it in.

FYI the flange size I use for #medela is 27mm and the #freemie flange size is 28mm

The unimom doesn't have detachable flange, so for bigger boobies mum with larger nipples, Don't go for unimom.

Thank you @jayelleenelial for the lovely gift!!

Customized cushions too with their name on it.

My bro and sil came down with my dad last night to see didi!

So they brought along your gift.

Guess who is who.

Thanks again jo! @jayelleenelial

For size comparison

Didi is actually very small despite his #paucheeks

Confinement Breakfast Day 4

Mee sua with raisin wine and herbs.

Gorgeous! #confinementbreakfast #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Confinement Lunch Day 4

Herbal chicken soup.

Stir fry chicken in ginger, raisin wine and sesame oil. The raisin wine is sweet and caramelised when cook. Shiok.

Steam white rice with black sesame seeds.

#confinementlunch #confinementmeal #confinementfood #bymaryann

Confinement Teatime Day 4


Pandan chicken yo!!!

Marinated with pounded turmeric and lemon grass.

Smells so good!!

And so far none of my meals contain salt and taste so good.


Confinement Dinner Day 4

All the liver, liver for me!! 😋😋

The works.

Herbal soup with organic chicken;

Fried liver with spring onion and ginger;

Steam rice with wolf berries sprinkled with massive black sesame seed.

Herbs used in the chicken soup for dinner.

Mom says its for womb healing. I'm just enjoying different soup everrrrrday!

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