Day 8

Just had my second massage today.

So far so good. But the package doesn't include boob massage. So no merlion spraying everywhere!

However, I did notice my breast were much much much fuller and gets engorge much faster.

Last night at 9.30pm I fed didi and we all lay down to sleep. But I could feel my boobs getting fuller and fuller by the minute. Couldn't stand anymore so at 10.45pm went and pump for 10 mins. And omg 150mls came out. What sorcery is this!!!!

Sorry ran off topic.

I did like her stomach flattening maneuver which left my tummy red n hot but shiok. It's like deep rub for the waist and tummy.

I did notice it was much flatter after yesterday's massage but she came and say "Aiyo your stomach still so big. Today i must press harder. You tahan ah"


So far so good la but I think my previous lady in Malaysia was much better.

Being an elephant to make didi laugh.

Didi actually turns and looks at korkor whenever he's around.


Then proceeds to jiggle didi's head.

And happy just me being there to watch him play.

Whilst I have no choice but to plonk #paucheeks down on sofa and let him sleep/entertain himself.

Surprisingly he can fall asleep by himself. Ok la. #win

But slumber for didi doesn't last long because someone comes and disturb with kisses 😠😠😀😀

Oh so cute!

#paucheeks of the day

Craving for salted egg yolks cronuts.

Omg. And ice cold latte and cappuccino.

Hopefully I can still tolerate dairy after this.

Breakfast Day 8

Simple breakfast today.

Brands essence of chicken;

Wolf berries bun;

2 hard boiled egg.


Lunch Day 8

Herbal chicken soup with scallops for sweetness.

Cannot see the mee sua at the bottom.


#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 8

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry French beans;

Steam white rice.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #byMaryann

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