My Birth Story – 2nd edition

It's been 10 days!!!

Wahhhh!!!! Another 20 to go!!


(Continuation from 29 March 2016)

After I dayred my last contraction monitoring at 10.53pm, I felt the sudden urge to urinate. This contraction felt a bit more intense than the previous ones. I got up and walked to the loo.

And there I felt it! A gush of fluids leaked out!!!! It felt more like I wet my pants because couldn't hold the pee rather than the dramatics of popping sound and torrents of water coming out.

Quickly sat on the porcelain throne and my panty liner and panties were

soaked with pinkish fluid.

Yup. It's show time! Time check was about 11.00pm.

Sat on the throne awhile more cos the next contraction that came after the bags burst. 😖😖😖😖

Stood up to wash my hands and get cleaned up and another wave came. Almost buckled over in pain. Quite intense.

All the while batdude still sleeping. Had to call him to wake up and check out my liner haha! Told him to get a taxi and ask him, should I change out of my pyjamas into nicer clothes?

He mumbled something

and went back to lie down I think.

Got myself readied (just put on a bra under my maternity nighties only la and fresh undies with pad) and ask "is the taxi coming?"

Apparently he didn't hear me. I'm like "NO U have to call now already!!! It's getting more intense."

Fumble fumble. Got my bags. Woke my mom up to tell her we are going to the hospital. Taxi arrived. She wished me luck and off I went. Time check 11.15pm.

And OMG I had the most annoying taxi uncle ever la! Ask which way should

He go when KKH is clearly down the road from my place!!!!! And kept saying "oh you pregnant must drive slowly ah"

In my mind I'm raging!! 😡😡😡💥💥💥

Only batdude was tolerant enough to respond to him with some charity laugh. Ferk wanted to kill him. And what seemed like eternity than we arrived at the hospital. In reality it was only 3 minutes.

Got down and looked around for wheelchair. Didn't see any. Walked on to the lift area and bam! A strong wave came. I had to stop walking n just let

it past.

Ok it went away and continued on to the lift and to level 2 delivery suite.

(PS: I don't understand why the delivery suite is in level 2 and u make ppl in labour walk there. No A&E triage area to bring you up one. Design flaw!)

Walked in calmly to the counter and say "hello my water bags just burst that's why we are here". Nurse slowly register us and a good thing we did our pre admission last week and paid for it.

We got into our room within minutes.

Time check 11.23pm.

The nurses got me to change into the hospital clothes took of underwear etc.

Strapped me onto ctg and clearly remembered I said "can I take it out after 1 hour because it feels very tight!"

Truth is I didn't want any monitoring because more data means more intervention. True enough the Sister of the ward came and said "oh your baby doesn't look like his moving much but heartbeat is ok"

Cue to roll eyes 🙄🙄🙄🙄

They kept asking me if I wanted to pee because no more getting up after CTG is strapped on.

Well I just peed at home so sure no more pee la. Anyway a few surges came and I didn't want to answer all of them anymore. Leave me alone la ok. I'm trying to give birth.

Vaguely remember them asking whether I want epidural. Didn't answer. Threaten along the lines if I'm how many cm dilated no more epi for u blabla.

Want gas. Didn't answer.

The sister gave up n said "ok if u want any pain reliever

please let us know"


I remembered feeling extremely thirsty throughout so have asked batdude to pass me sips of coconut water and warm water intermittently.

A house officer then came to set up my iv line. Ask a few lame medical history bla bla. Didn't answer. Let batdude answer. Thank god iv line didn't bunk.

Remember having a few surges which felt like 1 in every 3 minutes? Who knows. Didn't bother to track once I left home.

Another medical officer came and clerked me. Obviously i did not answer her.

Then felt one wave came and I said out loud "I think I need to give birth soon. I feel like head is there already."

The MO then said she needed to do a VE on and me to gauge my dilatation. Told her ok. She measured it at 3-4cm dilated. In my mind I was like sure boh….doesn't feel so but I kept my mouth shut.

The sister of the ward came again and told me at any time I feel like passing motion please let her know

so she can call my obs to come over. He stays about 1/2 hour away so need some time to come over. We told her ok duly noted. She then ask me to lie on my left side so that my baby could be stimulated to move more.


When I turn to the left, that's when the real deal started. I had the most most biggest intense surge that came after that. Had to hold on to the bed rails and let it pass. I remember shaking very hard cos it was just painful!

The last 5-6 contractions

The next wave came and it was even bigger than the last one.

I asked for the gas mask at this point. They set it up and someone (wont say who la but u all should know) shoved it into my face. Omg so annoyed. Anyway took 1 breath to test it out. Nothing. Took another breath. Got irritated with the tightness and lameness of the mask I promptly threw it away.


At that point I told batdude to let the nurse know I have the feeling to pass motion already!

Too fast progression.

Batdude paged the nurse to let her know I feel like passing motion.

She didn't quite believe us and said lets VE and have another look. Lie back down to my back and true enough I was 8cm. As soon as she inserted her fingers I felt my cervix opening.

She commented "wow u progress very fast ah. Not even 30 mins from 3 to 8cm. Let me go call your dr".

Lie back down to the left side and ehmergadddd!!!! The most painful contractions ever came!!

I held the bed rails n shook. That doesn't seem to relieve anything. So I buried my head into the pillow and just cried.

Cried and let the waves ripped through me. Cried and cried mixed with low groaning sound ( I think sound like a cow ah). But it was soon over and felt relieved when the contraction stop.

All the while I was actually pushing already naturally. It's like taking a shit. Can't stop the feeling. When you gotta go, you got to go!

The Crown

With that contraction 👆🏼 I actually felt the head crown already. I felt the stretching of the skin with the head slowly coming up.

The urge to poop was strong. I definitely poop. The nurse had to catch my poop 💩💩💩 and cleaned me up. Thanks ah.

Once the contraction stop, the head was slowly sucked backed in. The whole sensation felt a bit strange. After the crowning, it felt, nice. Even a little pleasurable/pleasant feeling.

Is this my orgasmic birth??

I was thinking am I going to have an orgasmic birth? Because this feeling is quite nice. 😌😌😌

The nurse kept saying I have to deliver you if your dr is not here yet and we were totally fine with that. But she had her finger on my perineum and I felt her pushing didi head back in when the contraction subsided.

I was wondering why she don't just let me push the baby out??!! (Now I know there are implications if she actually delivered didi). All the nice feeling didn't last long because I was

thinking too much. Another contraction came, and this time it's not painful at all. Just another tight squeeze in the abs to push the baby out.

I felt his out more than crown already. It was out but again I felt the nurse pushing his head back in once the contraction subsided.

Then thank god I head my dr come in. The other nurses helped him gown up and he told me loudly "stop pushing!"

I stop everything and they turn me to lie on my back.

Never felt so relieved.

Once on my back I just relaxed. No more painful contractions, no more feeling of wanting to poop. Just quiet (my body la quiet but the delivery suite was buzzing).

The next wave came. Best describe as when your poop is out and the next wave is just to push your poop out feeling.

It was not painful. I felt didi glide out. GLIDE out ok!

Nurse ask batdude to note the time. Checked didi out and pat dry.

Delayed cord clamping

Luckily batdude remembered to tell them that I wanted to delay the clamping of the cord until once the cord stopped pulsating. They agreed and I heard them saying it's now the practice to delay the clamping. Wohoo win for all birthing mothers and baby!

Immediately didi was placed on my chest!

This round I felt happy and smiled when I saw him. With Isaac I had no feeling. Like ok slimy baby here's a boobs to suckle. But with didi it was different. Yeay!

I felt happy

Here he is! I thought he looked like the dad/brother. No big eyes. But it's ok!!

I greeted him and let him rest on my chest. Slowly let him find my way to my breast and just hung out.

Felt the dr check me n declared only a small tear. Need 2 stitches only.

Nurse said blood loss minimal.

Baby Apgar at 1 minute is 9, 10 (or was it 5 mins) also 9.

Received a shot of pitocin to contract the womb. Another nurse came and press my uterus down and that's it!

Heard my dr said "Wah very fast ah"

We thank him for coming and check us out, and poofed! He was gone with the wind.

I looked at batdude n said "I think he was in the delivery room less than 10 minutes?" And we laughed to ourselves.

The nurse said I progressed so fast. Not even an hour and the baby is out. She kept repeating this everytime she stepped into our suite.

Yes I agree, it was fast but we tried to warn them that my first delivery was also very fast but nobody paid attention.

And that was how

Isaiah Kayman Puah

was born.

Time check 12.34 am at 30th March 2016.

Total birth time 1.5hr after water bag burst.

I know I'm a bad story teller. Maybe if got enough votes, batdude can write the more eloquent version of how it went.

As if a birth can be eloquent and romantic Hahahha.

All in all, I'm actually very satisfied with my birth this round.

It really helps the post natal blues knowing I had the birth I wanted.

No medication, no intervention and a short and dare I say sweet birth.

I think batdude was sending my mom pics of didi even before she fell asleep. Haha. Talk about fast!

And the healing process this round is better too. I don't feel as sore and I do believe my petpetz is 90% healed. No more stinging pain.

Thanks for reading!!!

Ok back to my boring meals.

Post bath, post milk #paucheeks

At Day 10, I find didi to have good neck control and, as evident of this video, regurgitates a lot.

We burp him, hold him up straight for 30minutes and prop him up on pillow, he will still regurgitate.

Ahhh just wait it out for his GI tract to mature and hold the milk by itself.

Kor kor had a long overdue hair cut today.

Sibling love photo of the day 😍

Sil and mil is down.

Sil took this shot to show that didi looks exactly like korkor.

Apparently me and batdude made the same thing again. Haha.

Breakfast Day 10

Ginger fried rice top with chicken floss and black sesame seed.

Washed down with essence of chicken.

#confinementbreakfast #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Lunch Day 10

Herbal pig kidney soup with dates and wolf berries;

Steam kurau fish with spring onion, ginger and soya sauce;

Steam white rice.

#confinementlunch #confinementfood #confinementmeal #byMaryann

Dinner Day 10

Turmeric, lemongrass fried chicken thigh slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry snow peas with ginger;

Steam white rice and black sesame seed.

#confinementmeal #confinementfood #confinementdinner #byMaryann

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