Day 14

The cute one and the angry one.

Guess which is which.

Good morning everyone!!

Losing my shit.

Isaacs school teacher called batdude to let him know that he has very bad runny nose although no fever.

True enough he came back all mucous flowing out from his nose. Too late he already kissed didi n touched him.

Gave him zrytec after his lunch and shower.

Now I'm so paranoid didi will get sick too. Cos I'm not feeling great myself. Headache and stuffy nose.

Already told batdude maybe we should skip school for Isaac for 6 weeks since we have a baby at home.

Since school is so prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Anyway didi is having a hard and distended tummy. Too much gas. I'm thinking because of my "oversupply", didi is getting a lot of my watery foremilk which is known to cause frothy poop in babies. Not enough of the fatty hind milk for growth and nourishment. He also has been spitting up a lot. Almost after every nursing session. #firstworldboobproblem

I myself have not been feeling too great because I've been having the runs for 1 week now.

Couldn't stand it anymore because I was eating charcoal tablets for a week. I've asked batdude to get me probiotics. Hopefully the situation improves.

I think I can't tolerate pork at the moment.

On top of having anxiety of didi getting sick and me not feeling great, I have issues with the helper as well.

I need more sleep but Isaac also wants my attention in the morning. I can't get sleep in the afternoon because batdude thinks I'm very free at home. I need to source out fullmoon stuff and read up on how to register Isaiah for Malaysian Birth cert and passport.

Didi is currently stateless.

Of course I'm pissed.

Because I see him having some "time" to himself drawing to pass time when there are "things to do and find out"

I is tired and angry ok?

Putting didi to sleep on his tummy, hopefully it will help with his gas.

At least korkor is also having a nap.

Felt warm when I tapped him to sleep.

I hope no fever.

Breakfast Day 14

Toast bread with home made chicken floss;

Essence of chicken;

2 hard boiled kampong eggs.

Taking it slow today.

Lunch Day 14

Braised kampung chicken in black sauce;

Stir fried snow peas;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 14

Black chicken and pig stomach soup;

Steam cod fish;

Steam white rice.

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