Overcoming Oversupply


Last night I was reading up and trouble shooting on my milk issues.

It's very likely I've oversupply issue.

Will share with you all later why I think there is over supply issue and how to manage it.

After my postnatal massage. ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼

We decided not to let Isaac go to school today due to his goopy nose.

So my mom and helper had a hard time getting him to do things in the morning.

All I heard was the little old man raising his voice.


Signs of Oversupply

Didi appears as if he is a fussy eater:

1️⃣Bob on and off breast. Twisting his body and spitting my boobs out.

2️⃣ always wanting to nurse but when nurse seems angry and arch away sometimes.

3️⃣ spit up frequently even with a lot of burping.

4️⃣ poo is frothy and very foamy (like your foam cleanser) and poo is greenish.

Why he gets this "symptoms"

☑️ didi is drinking from a "fire hose". So much milk gushing out he gets pissed off ah!!

☑️ not getting fatty milk which makes him feel fuller for longer. Hence the always wanting to nurse and then getting pissed with the flow and then getting frothy/foamy green poo from the initial watery poo.
Fatty milk still stays up near the cells that make milk as it never got the chance to "drain" from my boobs.

What to do

🆘 nurse on just one side at a time – I did this last night. Nurse only on left breast the whole night. But right breast was suffering so pumped at 2.30am until drain. Got 150mls. Then pumped again at 9 am. Yield 120mls.
I think didi manage to get the fatty milk because he has been sleeping so soundly until now (1.30pm) haven't had spit up yet and didn't even get pissed off at my boobs. No regurge so far too

This is also called block nursing.

And by 10am this morning both breast are soft.

🆘 letting the boob gets so so fully engorged that it sends signal to the brain to "stop making milk" at the unnursed breast.

Until cannot tahan n get very lumpy, then only I will pump to drain until soft.

So far so good guys.

Wish me luck so that my supply stabilizes over the week and no more suffering from both didi and me!


Yesterday didi turned #2weeksold but you know, I was angsty and forgot to post his pics.

Furrowed brows, because getting older.

Omg! 2 weeks liow!!!

Nehmind lo. Lucky still hemsem.

Sleep soundly tonight ok, #paucheeks?

I'll pump later so that you'll get all the fatty hind milk.

Good night!!

Breakfast Day 15

2 salted egg yolk croissant from bread talk;

Essence of chicken.

Lunch Day 15

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry French beans with egg;

Steam red snapper;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Tea Time Day 15

Wolf berry buns and salted egg yolk croissant.

Hungry ah!

Dinner Day 15

Chicken thighs steam with essence of chicken, scallops, dong qui, dates and wolf berries;

Stir fry snow peas, carrots and French beans;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

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