Day 16

It's hard keeping korkor entertained and separated from didi.

He constantly sneaks into the room to touch didi or give him a kiss.

But im separating them because now korkor has a cough and his nose is as runny as ever even after anti-histamines.

He's doing tracing and basic Chinese word work book.

He says he's the boss and sitting on the boss's chair.

So don't disturb him doing "boss" work.

I don't know where he gets all this notions from.

Wah I took a 4 hour nap!!

But I know I woke up 3 times to nurse the grumpy baby during that 4 hrs.

Consider nubbad la. 👍🏼


7pm already still napping ah???

You're sleeping out the best part. Dinner!!!

#paucheeks getting more and more "Pau" looking.

So angry. And red. Doesn't help that he's wearing a orangey red stripes pyjamas onesie.

Justice "Pau"


Breakfast Day 16

Chicken mee sua with raisin wine and herbs.

Lunch Day 16

Herbal chicken soup;

Chicken slices with mushrooms and black fungus in raisin wine;

Steam white rice

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 16

Black chicken herbal soup;

Stir fry okra;

Turmeric and lemon grass chicken;

Steam white rice.


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