Day 17

Tough morning.

Finally got you to settle down at 11.40am.

You're starting to have foamy poop again and very red bum after I got "lazy" and gave you the 6hrs un-nursed boob in the morning. Now both you and me paying the price.

I thought because the breast was just a little engorge, not lumpy and last drained at 3.30am would not hurt you.

I was wrong! Must always pump the unnursed side mummy!!

Saw this on my fb feed.

Totally agree. I can't go without sleep.

Already I'm so short on patience.

No wonder I exploded with Isaac, with helper, basically everybody in my way.

Contemplated smacking didi also cos he just won't stop fussing.

Mummy, please la. Stop taking pictures of me.

Trying to "Siam"

No choice….relent lo. I can't move much. Only my head can turn.

This is as handsome as I can put up.

Enough for you mummy?


Breakfast Day 17

Chicken slice and pig kidney mee sua.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Lunch Day 17

Steam cod fish;

Pig stomach and kidney soup;

Steam fragrant rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 17

French beans with kampung eggs;

Pork stomach and ribs peppercorn soup;

Scallop, dong gui and red dates chicken thighs.

Steam white rice.

#byMaryann #confinementfood

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