Day 18

Pump pump pump
5.30am on a Sunday morning.

Clear clear clear them barrel.

Today we have an outing!!

Take our Malaysian passport photos.

2nd time using the grobag on him. Let him get used to it during nap time first.

Not too sure if it's too big for him. I'm loving the material though. So soft and smooth.


Public service announcement.

I saw someone posted on FB the uniqlo airism bratop for sgd19.90.


Today last day.

I bought 7 diff colours!!!!

Good for nursing

Haha #paucheeks milk drunk just now.

I really hope you're sleeping well because of the grobag and it suits you!!!

Hor who ask you to miss nap time this arvo?

See, falling asleep during dinner with daddy!

And before that, daddy took him to see Lego toys (no buying cos we kiam like that). Dancing to lady gaga cos when your song is on, you gotta dance!

I'm glad batdude has step up with Isaac now since im on confinement. I hope Isaac looks for him more and more as the confinement progresses.

But he still prefers me although I do see an improvement with him wanting to hang out with daddy. Good progress in our books!

Breakfast Day 18

2 hard boiled kampung chicken eggs;

3/4 of an avocado.

Lunch Day 18

Fried kampung egg;

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Steam white rice with black sesame seed.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 18

Long beans with chicken slices;

Black vinegar pork trotters;

Steam white rice with wolf berries.


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