20 Days Post-Partum

Kk: Bye didi, I'm going to school!!!

Dd: ngehhhh.

Didi starts wailing.

Korkor shhhhushhh him.

Too late! Didi is agitated.

"Hi guys! I'm back!!"

Chiong in to faster hug didi.

Dd: korkor u smelly la go shower!!

KK: but I wan to hug n kiss u.

Someone been feeling the lack of attention on him.

Must lie on mummy n sleep.

But once he wakes up, springs into overly attached brother mode.

Giving the napping didi hugs and kisses.

Wohooo we made it to 20 days confinement!!

But I think my mother is like this sticker πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Mummy updates

20 days after delivery I feel:
– nether regions has been restored.
– lochia is quite minimal with occasional clots once a while not bigger than 50 cents. Actually taper off already then if I'm overly tired, it increases in volume but nothing alarming.
– tummy issues still there. I've cut out raisin wine, reduce black sesame, reduce fatty cuts of pork (ok la I just don't eat the pork fats just to see if tummy improves). I get better than in few days, I get runs again. Repeat cycle X 4 times.

– weight lost so far; 8kg.
– having right leg aches and occasional hip aches. Thank god no back ache. Fingers and wrist also ache sometimes but I think it's from carrying baby to nurse.
– oversupply seems to be resolving a little. Previously pump would get 180mls in 10 mins. Now has reduce to about 100 mls. Happy!
– belly has gone down. Looks about 10 wks pregnant now. But skin still lose la. I need to get back to gym to tone. How much massage also won't help one.

Didi Updates

At 20 days;
– I think he's having a growth spurt. Almost every hour latching and wanting to nurse. Won't really settle after nursing. Either cos he did a mega poop or diapers too wet or hungry again or spit up. So the solution is to BOOB him again. I'm ok with that. Baby just needs to nurse and nurse.
– at night I think he sleeps at 4-5 hr stretch? I'm not sure. Cos I boob him and we sleep together hehe.

– not sure of his weight gain, but heavier la cos my forearms get tired from holding him.
– looks like has filled out all his onesies compared to first week of life.
– more alert now and can focus on korkor, me etc.
– don't have social smile yet, only the occasional contented butterfly smiles.
– hair smells like old man because we've not wash his hair properly or gave him a proper proper bath hehe.

– neck control quite good during tummy time. Massage lady saw him turning his head by himself and remarked that he's neck control like a 1 month plus baby.
– actually I feel he is not like a piece of fragile baby lump (compared with Isaac). Didi feels very tough. I can just pick him up under his pits and he'll hold his head up by himself etc. even at night to switch sides or search for my boobs he can do it.


More chill 2nd time around.

Never counted how many times I BF or how many wet diapers or dirty diapers etc.

Only watched the baby's cues and attend to him.

Much much better this way. Less stressful to me and more holistic for the baby.

Breakfast Day 20

Fried rice with ginger n kampung egg;

Essence of chicken.

Lunch Day 20

Steam cod fish in soya sauce (OMG the fish was bigger than my face);

Black vinegar spare ribs;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 20

Stir fry liver with black pepper;

Steam pumpkin with slice chicken and ginger;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

#byMaryann #confinementfood

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