Day 19

Good morning everyone!!!

Nahnahnahnahnahnah batman!

I've decided I don't want to be in daddy's shadow. I want to be my own super hero.

What you mean there is already a superman? Is he as cute as me?

Korkor I missed you for the past few days. Where did you go??

Nvm now that you're back, I'll save the world for you to eat your cookies.

Out takes from tummy time this morning.

Work them neck muscles didi!!

You need to be a superhero right?

Breakfast Day 19

1 hard boiled kampung eggs;

Essence of chicken;

Chocolate and cheese bun;

Kimchi cheese bun;

2 salted egg yolk croissant.


Lunch Day 19

Steam hainanese kampung chicken with fragrant rice;

Cordyceps herbal chicken soup.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Tea time Day 19.

Eheh sold out here. Cheese tart with salted egg yolk lava.

Dinner Day 19

Steam herbal chicken with scallops and essence of chicken poured over;

Herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry snow peas;

Steam white rice.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

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