Malaysian Embassy & 3 Weeks Today!

We will be going to the Malaysian embassy today.

#babywearing to the embassy!


Love this sling. Used it for Isaac as well. The tail end can used as a nursing cover when need be.

All done for Malaysian birth cert and passport.

Only daddy needs to go collect next week for birth cert. Then another time for the passport.

Then we can balik Malaysia so mummy can eat all the Malaysian food!!!

Irony is….

When the nasi lemak Ayam rendang in the Malaysian embassy is the best you had in Singapore. The rendang was cooked with asam jawa, I think that was what cut through the greasiness of the rendang.

Sambal belacan is legit.

Accompanied with an OK Teh Tarik.

Draw me like one of your French girls, jack.

Erm nooo, but I'll draw a batman on your milestone card.

Credits to batdude for the 3 weeks milestone drawing.

Another angle.

Artistic shot by grandma.

#paucheeks #dimple

My uniqlo #buybuybuy is here!

All the airism padded bra camisole. 7 of them!

Had to retake 2nd passport photo.

Because the first one the shirt too white.

But this one nicer la. Eyes bigger hehe.

Updated: trick to getting nice passport photo is to flat lay him. Quickly snap as much pic as you can with him looking straight into the phone.
Then send chosen picture to the nearest photo processing service shop/kiosk and ask them to photoshop it in passport specifications and size.

Garh omg this didi. Definitely growth spurt.

Because right after lunch at 2pm it has been left boob, right boob, left boob, right boob repeat X 1000000000!!!

Right up till 4.00pm when he suddenly gave a huge explosive poop with war cry that he finally settled himself to "rest".
I'm saying "rest" because he falls asleep in my arms, but if I put him down he will wrinkle his face up and cry.

Oh Lordy my boobs gonna be engorged again if this continues when I've worked hard to reduce my supply.

Guess who is who?

Both at 3 weeks wearing the same onesies.

#brothers #sideburns #3weeks

After dinner, my mom put didi on her lap and he was just staring at me.

Quickly snap picture. Cos…terbalik and staring at me? So cute? Hahaha.

Breakfast Day 21

Kampung eggs;


Lunch Day 21

Late lunch today.

Stir fry kailan;

Pork stomach peppercorn soup

Spare ribs in black vinegar.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Dinner Day 21

Turmeric & lemongrass chicken;

Pork stomach and ribs peppercorn soup;

Steam white rice.

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