Day 22

Too many superhero onesies to go through.

And good morning!

Hi didi, korkor is back. Did you miss me?

Story time before nap time.

Looks so idyllic but actually…it's a pain to get Isaac to nap these days.

Isaiah is currently in a "growth spurt" phase and he is resting for 5 mins before tormenting me for more boobs again.

8pm and he is so alert.

Im trying to make funny faces at him, hoping he will respond.

Nope…nothing. I'm just his milk buffet for now.

Suspicious look.

Why ah? Don't like your grobag isit? This one not as smooth and soft?

Breakfast Day 22

Mee sua with fried kampung egg.

(Reintroducing mee sua with much much less wine to see if it gives me the runs)

Lunch Day 22

Steam cod fish;

Pumpkin and chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice

Tea Time Day 22

French toast wit copious amount of maple syrup.

Maple syrup bottle looks like Brandy which I kinda need haha

Dinner Day 22

French bean omelette;

Steam chicken with essence of chicken;

Steam white rice.

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