?? Mastitis ??


Last night I had an epic situation.

At 3am suddenly woke up to absolutely painful breast. The dreaded mastitis has arrived.

Not sure what prompted it, but the day before didi was latching non-stop the whole day. And to think I had manage to tame my oversupply issue, now this had to happen. Didi did latch twice from 11pm till 3am so it wasn't that the breast was not empty.

Quickly pumped at 3.30am. Changed didi's diapers. Then climbed back to bed.

But when I got back to bed I started shaking and shivering non stop. I had on socks, reduce aircon temperature to 24-25 degrees yet I couldn't stop the shakes.

Batdude got woken up by my shivering n tried transferring some body heat by hugging. Also wouldn't stop. I cried because of the breast pain and the shivers. Somehow warm tears warmed me up.

In the end he gave me paracetamol and naproxen pain killers.

Check the time it was 6am. I was shivering for 1.5hrs straight.

This morning woke up at nearly 10am.

No energy to eat breakfast. Breast was still sore but nothing like the night before.

Batdude says it's not mastitis because that would have been an infection already. It's mastalgia where it was probably a block duct that made the area very very painful.

The whole day I just slept it off. Had some slight fever but maybe from the pain?

Only manage to wake for lunch and dinner. Which I've documented.

My eyes are almost glued shut.

Good night.

Lunch Day 23

Steam pomfret fish with soya sauce and garlic;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 23

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Stir fry okra with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

#confinementmeal #byMaryann

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