Day 24

I'm feeling much better this morning!!!

Just a 50 cents size redness accompanied by soreness on the affected boobs.


Paucheeks definitely went through a growth spurt the last 2-3 days.

Because his newborn diapers can't seem to contain his wee wee anymore. Yesterday night leaked 3 times in a row. Diaper was not soaked but his back and sides had wetness.

Mom was bathing him in the small basin realized this morning that he can't fit into the basin too.

Finally a bump on his BCG injection site.

I was worried that the bcg injection he had wasn't recognize by his body. If no mark I think need to re-inject.

Malaysia and Singapore mummies, how does your babies injection site look like?


@calvinadawn a lot of odd sizes stuff. But so cheap that batdude and my mom couldn't resist getting some stuff.

3 underpants, 2 tops and a onesie (he chose wrongly) for Isaac.

1 onesie for Isaiah but it's 12m old. Can wear about 9 months I reckon.

Breakfast Day 24

Super shiok breakfast!!

Mee sua swimming in black vinegar with pork trotter sauce!!


Washed down with essence of chicken.

#confinementfood #byMaryann

Lunch Day 24

More black vinegar pork trotters (the last of it);

Steam fish with essence of chicken and wolf berries ala @wokandkadhai;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 24

Scallop herbal chicken soup;

Stir fry kailan;

Crispy pan fried fish with ginger and soya sauce;

Steam white rice.

#confinementdinner #byMaryann

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