Day 25

Sleep now whilst mummy has her lunch.

Planning will help you control your situation so that the situation doesn't control you

Planning how to incorporate my exercise routine after confinement.

For starters:
– wear work out clothes in the morning for Isaacs school run together with didi.
– afternoon school pick in lose clothing also with didi.
– reset my Fitbit. Totally gone bonkers already.
– start pre training for BBG at 6 weeks.
– call up my personal trainer at 10 weeks. Got to have my basic stamina back first.


Starting to recognize didi's pattern.

Past week he has been very fussy from 6pm onwards up to 9pm.

Maybe overtired? I'm not sure. But I know he constantly wants to latch. It's been left boob right boob left boob repeat 10000000 for me from after dinner onwards.

Some would call it "colic". I'm just thinking he needs a lot of help settling down. A change of diapers around 8.30-9pm then it's another round a breastaurant. To tank up for the night!

He falls asleep at the breast during that period and if he unlatches, he will cry the house down to relatch again. Repeat this latch>falls asleep>unlatch due to being asleep>gets up due to not having breast in mouth.

Last right up to nearly 10pm.

Now he has fallen asleep at the breastaurant, I'll wait 10-15mins before I unlatch him and put him down in the crib to get my 40 winks before night duties.

Actually who am I kidding, for me to potter around doing my "me time" thing la.

Breakfast Day 25

Mee sua with chicken slices, dried longan and raisin wine. Top off with fried kampung egg.

Lunch Day 25

Herbal chicken soup;

Braised chicken with lemongrass;

Steam white rice.

Hehe my momma tarpau kopi for me. Shiok.

Dinner Day 25

Sesame ginger chicken;

Pumpkin and chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

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