Day 26, #buybuybuy

"Mummy it was raining!!!!"

Yes I know my son. So cute!

Story of didi's life. To be "loved" by korkor.

#paucheeks dream smile.

His baby acne is starting to come out 😞😞

Mummy, I'm letting didi suck thumb. Suck, suck, suck didi!!

I can hear didi "chotchotchot" on his own fist.

#buybuybuy on Next

For korkor

For didi!

@omamee I really #buybuybuy on Next ah!!! Freaking love their clothes for boys!

All for some #dayrebrides wedding dinner.

I'm also excited cos it's my big social event after delivery. Wohoo!!! (Like la it's my wedding)

OMG is so hot.

After the rain, it's even more humid!!!

Sitting in aircon room and I'm alread "niamniam".

Just now posted about what I bought for #dayrebrides wedding and I saw all the post from the hashtag leading to the wedding preparations. I also stress ah reading. Thank god I'm all done and married! Pheww.

#buybuybuy continues!

Saw this on @xiaxue Instagram.

And I #buybuybuy sgd150 worth of clothes for Isaac. And that's after discount.

Ehmergadddd. Nvm can keep and wear for didi after so it's considered ROI already.

Staying at home really is just #buybuybuy. Got to stop this. Need to go out. Hahha.

Breakfast Day 26

Omelette Chinese style with sliced kampung chicken, spring onion and onions.

Lunch Day 26

Herbal chicken soup;

Vinegar spare ribs;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 26

Lemongrass & turmeric chicken chop;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice with goji berries.

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