Day 27, Isaacs Field Trip

@growingwiththetans on my Facebook feed just now!

Some of the stuff I bought from @babystyleicon


Going to make a rockstar out of him.

Showed him what I bought and he is only excited about the captain America t-shirt prints and the aviators because "it is like mummy's!"

Today is the first day I wiped him down and changed him. Cos he pooped his diapers.

And grandma is out taking Isaac for a school field trip!!!

He was all quiet looking at me, looking around whilst I wipe him down with a wash cloth and warm water. Macam enjoying himself.

Put some cream and gave some thigh and foot massage and also the "I love you" tummy massage for gas.

N his feet felt cold so anyhow grab long pants and realize he doesn't have much pants.

Contemplating life with a RBF. Please don't be like mummy ok. RBF won't do you any favors.

Mummy knows very well.

Chatting with him enthusiastically.

He gave me the "simi Sai mummy?" look. Ok lo.


Stop talking, more boobing woman!

Outfit change, I didn't like the previous one, so I puked all over it.

Got to do proper #ootd ok mummy?

Top: #pumpkinpatch
Bottom: #cottononkids

All korkor hand me down #save money

It's gym time!

Got to work it for the ladies!


Werk it, werk it.

Oh man, this is exhausting.

Let me think with my eyes close first.

#tummytime at almost 4 weeks old.

Husband got back from the Malaysian embassy to collect didi birth cert and submit documents for passport.

And tarpaued moar food!!!! Nasi berintis???? Apparently some Arab food. No ideas. Sambal dam pedas

And lamb kurma for my momma. Knicked some of hers and I must say, the lamb much nicer than my Ayam masak merah.

Korkors Field trip with grandma!

Don't want to take picture, hence the dulan face. Isaacs, not my moms.

Don't want to participate in anything.

Scolded my mom because she nudge him to go join his friends. Told her "I said don't push me ah!" 😑😑😑😑😑

I'm starting to think he has some adjustment disorder to new environment because it seems like all his teachers know him for not being able to accept new teachers, loud noise and new environment.

Hrmmmm. Will bring this up to his allergist tomorrow.

Only warmed up much later and played with his classmate.

At least with familiar people he is good. Thankful for that.

All so cute squashing each other.

Awesome for Isaac tomorrow because not going to school!!!

Having a much early review with his allergist due to the anaphylaxis episode in early March. His usual review is once a year usually in October. Since the reaction happen, it was brought forward. Need to have a chat with his allergist. Not sure what's gonna change in terms of his management. Will find out tomorrow.

Need to remind hubs to bring his allergy diary too.

Breakfast Day 27

Ginger fried rice with bullseye egg.

Lunch Day 27

Chicken soup;

Stir fried snow peas;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 27

Herbal chicken soup;

Sesame, raisin wine and ginger chicken;

Stir fried long beans with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

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