Isaacs Allergist Review, Isaiah is 4 weeks old.

My uniqlo #buybuybuy loot

Floppy Panama hat was chiq;

Hana Tajima off white wrap dress made me look like a surgeon going into OT;

Denim shirt dress in blue and white was ok. Need something button down for easy breastfeeding. Actually would look nice on someone who is more column in shape vs pear shape.

Allergy review update.

We went to see his allergist today in regards to his recent anaphylaxis hospitalization.

Came to the conclusion that the raisin bun he ate was probably contaminated with dairy by product.

After he vomited out the contaminant, he got better, so the allergist said that it's a good sign that all the offending food is out of his system. The anti-histamine (zrytec) should be given to counteract the reaction.
Adrenalin should only be given if he starts getting wheezing and lethargic

It is to buy time for the antihistamine to work. Antihistamine takes about 20minutes to do its job.

Allergist also said that treatment in ED where they give prednisolone in his opinion doesn't work because prednisolone takes 6 hours to kick in. I learned something new today. Haha.

We also discussed his amoxicillin and penicillin allergy. Allergist said, most likely it was the drug doing its job causing his skin to get hives.

When a person gets an antibiotic dose, the by product of bacteria being attacked is histamine. Hence the reaction on the skin especially with Isaacs sort of immune response.

Therefore it is likely Isaac is not allergic to penicillin but more of the illness response to the antibiotics.

But, we will confirm if he is truly allergic to penicillin in October where we will oral challenge him with penicillin. We will find out then!

Anxious boy by nature

I brought up the issue of Isaac being afraid of loud noises, new places and new faces to his allergist.

He told me that because allergic kids parents are usually more anxious (kind of true because we have to be vigilant about his food) than normal kids parents, usually the kids are also on the anxious side.

He ask whether if Isaac is also like this at home? We replied no. Since it was only in new environment, probably that's his personality and who he is.

Usually firstborn are also more cautious of their surroundings too.

He told us not to worry and with a little brother growing up with him, Isaac will soon overcome his anxiousness in no time.

The allergist also said, 2nd one will take no heed and do everything faster than 1st born. Pretty soon Isaac will catch up with didi socially.

We're keeping our fingers cross.

We kinda know Isaac is a very sensitive/anxious boy, just wanna make sure there is nothing more to it. Glad I asked the dr!

The boys #buybuybuy loot from Mothercare

We were gifted $100 voucher by a friend for Isaiah's birth and went to KKH Mothercare after his review.

As batdude is a SMC card holder, we got 15% off stuff too. The happiest today was Isaac with the captain America and Thomas pjs. Got matching socks and undies also. Marvel superheroes is his thing right now.

Didi gets a super baby onesie and a $10 clearance jools Oliver little bird onesie that comes with a soft toy.

Clearly someone got the short straw draw.

Someone was so happy with the captain America pjs and ask to wear immediately.

Most easiest shower ever without having to cry the house down.

Ah Pek Capt. America.

Bullying his didi

#paucheeks is 4 weeks today

Yesterday my mom manage to capture #paucheeks eye being wide open.

If only everyday was this big!!

Who is #4weeks old today?

Me, me, me!!

Another angle.

Breakfast Day 28

Mee sua with pigs kidney and fried egg.

Possibly my last mee sua! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

Lunch Day 28

Black pepper liver;

Herbal chicken soup;

Chives with chicken slices;

Steam white rice.

Dinner Day 28

Pumpkin with chicken slices;

Herbal chicken soup;

Pan fried salmon;

Steam white rice.

Hehhehe last nights "burp-face".

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