Fullmoon boxes| ASOS and babystyleicon #buybuybuy loot

Woke up 4 times last night for the duration of 6 Hours plus sleep.

Good morning everyone!

Pumping now and then will get korkor to change to his uniform, eat breakfast and brush teeth.

Then mummy get herself dressed. And eat breakfast.

And lastly dress didi and get out the door.

School drop off. Can see didi head a bit.

Brisk walk now with didi. Trying clock in 45 mins of walking around the park here.

My Asos #buybuybuy loot is here!

All my nursing clothes. So far so good.

I'm liking this lace sling backs.

Like my Zara CMF shoes. Hehe. Pass

Thanks didi for napping whilst I makeup, unwrap my Asos loot and get dressed.

Waiting for korkor to come back and some angkukueh deliveries to give to batdude and my office peepur.

Said made up face featuring my post natal pimple!

Fullmoon box

Didi's fullmoon boxes are here!!!

So cute!

How it looks like when u slide it out.

Closer look of the photo announcement.

So cute…I cannot!! 😱

Wah another delivery! My babystyleicon loot is here too!!

Nicely packaged


Playboy look.

Straight away want to wear the Capt America t shirt. N aviators.

Pewter leggings and nova star t shirt.

Pairing them this way hopefully he wears them.

Thunderbolt shirt and leather leggings.


I'm going to rockstar him.

Basic tshirts. The cloud one dam cute. Got sparrow tail.

Skull tank set. To lounge at home. Cos u need to be badass at home right?


Drop off the boxes to my office colleagues and manage a quick lunch.

Wrap and a frap a my Starbucks.

Us 3 hanging out.

Excuse the ladies at the back.

My coffee partner. When he's out, he's so well behaved and cute.

But when he's home, he's like a monster!!! Bully didi all day errrdayyy!!!

Went to motherworks GWC to buy a lascal buggy board for korkor to hitch a ride on.

Surprised he was attracted to the bunny vintage soft toy that was there. They had a pram and this 3 wheeler vintage motorbike. He played with it for a good half an hour. There was a iron with a matching ironing board. And a small kitchen with pots n pants. He really enjoyed playing "house" with it too.

I had vouchers gifted from my birthday last year so I use it to buy the lascal buggy board.

Now to figure out how to attach it to the Stokke scoot.

I think I actually have a geek in the making.

No matter how hard I try to make him cool by wearing hip clothes, he naturally likes all the geeky video games and action heroes and toys.

And we don't even have tv at home to influence him.

Staring longingly at the avengers and other geek toys which I've no idea what they are.

And when I was breast feeding didi at Starbucks, he took my phone and went to the video game shop and took picture of his "favourite" Capt America and the avengers poster!!

You tell me, nerd or not? He's such as scaredy cat boy and yet, he actually was brave enough to leave my side and take picture of it. I have 1000 shots of it on my phone. Haha.

He wasn't brave enough to step into the shop alone though. Quickly ask me to finish feeding didi so he can pull me in to the shop.

Cute la 😍

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