Last day of confinement|Grandma gone home 😭|Next #buybuybuy loot

Grandma manage to capture this in the morning.

#paucheeks looks like he has filled up!

Korkor in a good mood this morning. Maybe cause he wor the Capt America pjs last night.

And another big eye shot of didi.

Only grandma can take nice picture of them. I think cos she has the patience.

Hehe 😍😍😍

Omg so fast. NEXT #buybuybuy loot

So fast came!!! In 3 days from UK.

Asos, you've got a big competition!!

Korkor 3 pc waist coat set. Complete with tie.

Bought the complimentary navy trousers too.

Same cloth and quality very good!!

Didi 4 pc waistcoat set and button up with khaki shorts.

@doooduuu fit for your wedding??

Beret, white button shirt and matching pants.

Tan coloured leather pram shoes to match.

Light sea green button up onesies. To match with s blue pants he already has.

Yes I do realise I like to dress my kids up like vintage hipster old man.

Finally updated my Fitbit tracker after months of abandoning it.

It was also giving me problems of not syncing properly and showing wrong date and time no matter how many times I reset it.

But it's working fine now! Tomorrow will officially log in my walks with Isaac. And I'm going to see how "well" I sleep since didi is around.

Breakfast Day 29

Herbal chicken mee sua;

Essense of chicken.

Today only half day confinement cos my mummy going home liow!!!! 😭😭

Lunch Day 29

Black vinegar pork trotter;

Herbal chicken soup;

Steam white rice.

And that's the end of my confinement!

Grandma has gone home now. Left at 2pm. 😭😭😭😭

Fitbit finally synced up

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