Isaiah’s Fullmoon

Good morning everyone.

Woke up about 7.30am? Considered quite good I suppose for a weekend.

Fitbit says I slept sweetly for 8 hours and 55 mins.

Sure or not???

I remember waking a lot to boob didi, maybe 3-4 times?

And korkor also. Woke up at least 2 times to "mummy, I want you to sleep with me"

Splitting myself to his mattress on our room floor and our own bed to boob didi. So how come I slept 8 hrs ah??

Didi chilling whilst everyone getting ready to head out

Mandarin class time!

Snug as a bug.

'Light' breakfast.

#paucheeks is 1 month

You are 1 month today!!!!

1 month milestone announcement picture.

Drawn by batdude. Anyone can guess which super hero is that?

He looks longer and less soft compared to the one week picture.

Korkor never leaving didi alone

Isaiah's Fullmoon lunch.

Selfie on the way to lunch.

Thank you guys for coming.

I really appreciate it. But why you guys give didi such generous gifts. I wanted to thank you guys earlier for the gifts I received when I just gave birth.

Can I buy you guys coffee again? Ooohhh I know!!! High tea!! Let's do a girls high tea. No guys pls. I might wanna beech bout my hubs…maybe… Haha.

@xsnow @hotcakes @Eviee @doooduuu @calistallicious @strawbee

Thank you for your time again!

I also love this picture of the kids and me!!!

Spawn 1 & 2 dressed up. Isaiah is honored that both of you went the extra mile for him.

And sweet Sophie. All lady like even sleepy cos it's nap time.

Since @Eviee took such a pretty picture of me, I shall post it. #thickskin

The star of the day which was mostly boobing the whole time.

Kept him quite for a bit with his mouth full.

Shadow of a smile. 😄😄

Getting angsty.



Lobster noodles.

There was Peking duck too but nobody took picture busy eating haha

Thank you for the generous gift on Isaiah's fullmoon.

Rock star

The rock star today.

Made him wear the loot I got from babystyleicon.

But even with all the attitude, he's still a mummy's boy who is a inner geek. Not seen is his Spider-Man socks!

Ohh look, all my fans waving at me.

I must be darn famous!

And after we got back from lunch, this little one has not given mummy any rest.

Maybe a little over stimulated.

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