2 Months Isaiah

#2months old today!!!

Daddy drew the milestone markers too.

Loving maternity leave so far

Had lunch with batdude and korkor and didi tagged along.

This bar had legitimate food man!

My masala chicks with charcoal focaccia bread to dip is good. Batdude had their jazzy burgers and the patties were tasty. Very surprising.

We were here cos I need my happy hour drinks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #jknotjk

Then had a nice 2 hour coffee date with @enihsnus

It was arranged literally last minute and we manage to meet because both of us had errands to run within the vicinity.

Nice to chat with someone having kids around the same age. Meimei is 2 weeks older than didi and she's so cute n chubby.

Thanks for your time. Next time maybe can meet with your elder one if you're around here!

Of course Isaac insisted to go to the park next door.

He was so happy he spotted the girl he usually plays with.

But she hiew him for a while only and then ran off with another kid.

And Isaac kept complaining that nobody wants to play with him.

We were out since 1pm. Full day for us!!

But it was a fulfilling day.

Heheh reading an article on glow baby.

Yup so true. Even now, Isaac still wakes up and ask for me at 4 years old.

Good morning!!!

It's good because Isaac woke up at 8am and I continued snoozing until 9.30am.

Dancing on the play mat. #flatlay my kids hehe

Asked korkor To take pic of didi smiling.

One of this shots

2 hours

Spent 2 hours kon Marie-Ing just now.

And I only manage my sports clothes and underwear. Wtf bbq!!! So much clothes to sort ah? I haven't gone through my dresses and shoes and the rest.

Cannot, cannot.

Rare milk drunk picture.

Maternity shots

My sil shared some pictures which she edited.

We haven't gotten all the shots yet.

Isaac giving some attitude here.

Hehe this one not bad also.

I love this too, but all the "feels" ruined by the smiley face.


Lunch with Sya


Lava French toast and yam cake at toast box


Can only eat without Isaac around.

Blur photo because lone woman carrying baby in a busy toast box looks a bit crazy snapping photo of pictures.

Before lunch, I already made someone work so hard baby sitting for me while I got ready.

Our starters!

Revenge!!! Eat all the raw fish. The uni was especially fresh. Not "liquidy" like the usual places serve you.


@calistallicious this is diet food. Unprocessed whole food.

Clam soup as second entrΓ©e

Then the good stuff kept coming!!

Melts in your mouth beef.

Boing but soft beef.

Lau nua beef.

Cannot go Japan like @doooduuu so this backdrop will have to do la

Aunty Sya, can you please bring me up the playground?

Of course she said yes! And I'm surprised Isaac went with her without a fuss. The urge to play is stronger than his shyness. #win happy for him

Of course I scolded her, asked wether she put money on the rides. Heng never! Sumore auntyfied already, ppl put money she faster put Isaac on the ride. #cheapthrills #savecoins

More action on the play area.

Thanks for playing with him @strawbee!

Meanwhile, I was busy stuffing my face with truffle fries and cappuccino. Didi had to drink ma!

@calvinadawn came along for tea time with sweet EB. But EB gave korkor Isaac some tough love. Hehe.

It's ok. Isaac has to get used to womanly wiles.

Happy customer with today's baby sitting services.

We were all very well taken care off today.

Next time more mamas come along? @hotcakes

After the outing today, someone is in such a good mood.

Especially with daddy!

I can't seem to capture his smiles as bubbly as daddy

Garrrrr so cute, so cute!



Early morning, disturb sibling.

Didi is all "help, mummy!"

Ok la, give you a kiss la korkor

#matakuching eyes

No wonder I'm always hungry when I look at you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Drinking up mummy's milk.

Eskimo #matakuching #paucheeks

He can't fall asleep by himself because his arms and legs move too much. So I've got to swaddle him up. Eskimo style as requested by the korkor.

8 weeks

Convinced Isaac that I had to go out and eat.

And eat leisurely I shall.

He has started his school holidays because today is end term party and we let him sit it out. We have no confidence in his class teacher watching him with food around. She cannot.

And tomorrow n Friday is parent teachers meeting where no lessons are on.

Hehe snuck in an orh nee post lunch snack. 😝

Hoping he would nap whilst I go out lunch.

No such luck! Ok lo. Go home lo.

Paparazzi shot by the korkor

Didi, look here!

#8weeks today.

I need to maintain my good looks

Got to work them abs for the ladies. *hnnngggg*

Kor kor was trying to help hold up the milestone card

Kor kor wanted in on the action too.

One shot of him.

School holidays now and it's gonna be a handful!! I really Salute SAHM. It's really tiring caring for kids and doing house chores at the same time.

Afternoon don't want to nap!!! See what happens now.

I hope your eyelashes will be as lush as korkors!

Loving this PB navy stripes onesie.

So cute.

I had awesome pork chop for lunch, so the day is only gonna get better.

Came back from lunch to see this boy reading (more like just flipping to see pictures)

But what is that on his face?

"It's my glasses mummy, if I don't wear I cannot see. I'm blind!"

Wtf bbq, must have picked it up from mil. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

His pick up line was

"Yesterday you played with me, today you want to play with me or not?"

I kid you not. #likethatalsocan

Moms Guilt

It has finally happened.

My tummy bloat is back.

7 1/2 weeks post partum.

I know the culprit, it's my long time frienemy, dairy. Specifically milk.

It was a good run while it lasted.

Today was a bit too much for my tummy to handle. Latte for breakfast, iced milk coffee for lunch and kopi for tea time.

Bye bye dairy. I really loved your creaminess.

(Updating live from porcelain throne @12.48am)

When your 4 year old son ask you to wear a frozen watch, you wear it.


Someone is so happy playing with daddy.


Omg daddy, you are too funny!!

*snort snort*

Stahp! Stahppp!!

Cannot already, cannot!!

Got to calm down a little.


That was a belly work out! I'm exhausted.

Mummy's guilt.

I do find myself playing and cooing with didi more compared to Isaac at this age.

And I feel guilty and sorry towards Isaac. Because of my "blues" I did not play with him or coo at him during the newborn stage.

Comparing both their photos, Isaac had a stony expression most of the time.

Did I harm him? Is there an irreversible damage from the inability to bond during the first few months? He seems happy now, but is he, scared?

Didi seems so much happier and very quick to smile and coo.

Just by looking at him, he'll flash you his gummy smile and crinkle his eyes. And of course, you can't help but smile and coo back at him and go "so cute la you!"

Then I feel, omg Isaac, are you feeling left out? Do you feel hurt? Do you feel like mummy love you less?

I certainly don't, but the attention given to you is definitely less now since I have to tend to didis needs.

How am I going to find a balance of giving you the attention you deserve whilst not neglecting didi.

Papa has definitely step up his game and be the main carer and attention giver. I know you still look for me when you have your meltdowns and unable to settle especially now when you refuse to nap and go bonkers by 5pm.

Sorry that I can't hug you as freely and easily as before. You still my sweet boy (although slightly sticky and smelly) and I actually miss hugging you to sleep. #icrai

Any of Fitbit users experienced a slight singe on your hands??

It was on the left hand initially and I thought I wore it too tight.

Changed it to my right hand and wore it looser. The above picture is on my right. Ouchie!

Good morning mommy!!!

So happy to see you this morning.

I totally had a good sleep.


Lunch date with batdude

Eggs with buffalo mozzarella and button mushrooms with pruscioto ham.

Atas appetizer at the local Italian restaurant. (Is there such a thing as local Italian? Lulz)

Mains of linguini crabmeat.


Home made tiramisu is, home-made.

Haha. But very authentic tasting. At least to me la. Very homely feel to it. Like uncle Luca made it for me to eat.

All SQ flights from San Francisco are grounded today!

Not sure because of the air Egypt crash. Not sure what's going on.

Lucky batdude did not go ssf this year for his conference because of the new baby. If not I don't know how my anxiety can take it.

I think I have an addiction to PB.

Walked into united square branch and walked out with 2 stuff. Well, I wanted to redeem my points la so I did but topped up another 15 bucks.

This is on top of yesterday shortalls bought in PB taka. Oh oh!


Don't think it's a good idea to live right across a mall.

@calistallicious gasp!!! Google says I'm not the only one leh!!!!

Really got other ppl kena burn also. Mine is similar to this dude one.

Other ppl got blisters with water inside oso. #fitbit hazard.

So I'm siting here, eating my Llao Llao and have been observing mamas and their babies in strollers and carriers.

And, in my observation, there is plenty of skinny mamas with Michelin dumplings.

And Michelin dumplings mama with drain pipe baby aka me.

I think the universe is telling me to put down that Llao Llao and start exercising. I've been meaning to eat better (as in more paleo unprocessed food) and start BBG! I'm not sure if I'm using the excuse of 'new maid must orientate' is valid

I see so many nice things on ezbuy app, but I still can't buy any.

A lot of the Products I chose translated english, but when I want to chose product details, it is all still in Chinese.

I don't understand!!

I crai 😭😭😭😭

I want to buy party decor for Isaac.

I don't understand!!!


That's ok mummy, no buy from ezbuy, can go takashimaya and #buybuybuy.

That's how I ended up in orchard today with 2 big bags of loot from taka member sale.

Manage to bring mil and Isaac out for lunch too!


I also got to work on some of my Fitbit steps today. But I think never shop enough. Have not reach 10k steps. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This didi physical development has been quite quick.

This evening I put him to nap on his tummy, thinking I can eat dinner in peace whilst he naps.

And not even 10 mins he cried. Went back to the room and he's on his back already.

This is the 3rd time he has flip himself over and not even 3 months yet. Wtf bbq!

7 weeks today

Smiling at the mobile.

So fascinated with it.

#7weeks #paucheeks

Milestone card drawn by batdude


Selfie gone wrong.

Duck face, head tilt one side.

Hrmmm, I do t think I quite got this selfie thing down pat.

Let me just use this front camera thing as a mirror




#paucheeks ootn

Isaacs #ootn

All bought especially for your big day!

14 May 2016

Congrats to auntie @doooduuu on her wedding last Saturday!

We had a good time catching up on friends and sharing the joy of the night.

We made it just in time to witness the solemnisation of #taykenbytng


Whilst waiting to get into the hall, we went trigger happy taking pics of the kids!

@Eviee spawn 2 finger strikes again!

This is my best shot of her when I ask her to smile!

Got into the ballroom and ready to eat.

But of course, didi ate first and I'm burping him.

Wohoooo! Finally walked in at 8.15-ish?? @doooduuu

Luckily not so starving so if not will throw tissue paper during your walk in ah!!

Nearer but a bit blur shot.

Nvm la. U want nice shot u wait for your official photog la hor.

Woawwww!! Jie Jie (give chance) @doooduuu so pretty!!!

As the night progressed, spawn 2 started giving flowers to Isaac! 😱

Luckily we told them to go play with the petals at the walked in area.

Give the adults a break & let them entertain themselves.

Spawn 1 Jie Jie had a job to care for these 2 young ones.

Good effort jiejie watching them πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Also dunno what they laughing about la.

Errr don't know what's happening, but it's not what it looks like.

They then collected more flower petals. This time in a more elegant manner.

Nah I give you all my petals.

Ohhhh, thank you!

Let me drink to the toast of your marriage.

May it be sweet and joyous

May you have a long marriage and lots of happy moments.

And most importantly, may it be full of abundance from your loins!

Faster kiss and have lots of babies!!

Congrats again from Batdude, me, #paucheeks and Isaac.

@strawbee camera takes good pics. Hehe.

#paucheeks smiling milestone

His been smiling for the past week now, but finally caught it with the milestone card, hence abit back dated.

A cheeky one!

A demure one.

Isaacs Sports Day

Sports day today.

Don't freak out ah Isaac, like last year.

Andddd then someone had an allergic reaction after morning tea break.

Well to be fair lots of kids were eating ice cream and they were rolling everywhere.

But luckily still cheeky

When I was trying to take a shot of his flare

Daddy manage to capture a video of him doing his relay!

Vast improvement from last year.

2nd half.

After his reaction, we told his teacher we are going home.

He won't be doing his 2nd relay n can't stay for the prize giving ceremony.

I hope to collect his trophy on Tuesday!

Shots of korkor in action.

So proud of him this year for actually participating!

Good job, Isaac!







Sorry, I'm not sorry for the photo spam. Hehe

Superheroes to the rescue!|Nerd alert

Come on…lift a little higher

You can do it!!

Well done my boy!

#paucheeks #tummytime

Curry chicken noodle and fried dumplings for lunch. As sinful as it gets.

Oooh wait, that's not the end of it.

Only because of the caramelised cookie sauce and cookie crumbs. And crunch.

Diz iz bad. Lucky I'm not getting married this Saturday.

Omg! Nerd alert!

So into it!

Tip-toeing sumore!

Just like his father la.

Seriously, all the sophisticated books and toys I give him, end up still attracted to super heroes and arcade/video games.

I cry. I wantz a girl now.

Didi, let's save the world!!! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Together, we captain America and superman will ensure world peace!

What? It's a job not made for superheroes? And it's boring??? I don't think it's boring, didi. And yes, saving the world is a superhero job.

Let me tell you about the story of my shield. Maybe it will change your mind about saving the world.

Hehehe I kid!! I need saving myself too. But my shield is sure fun to play with.

I cannot get over #paucheeks cheeks!!

Looks like he stuck two fish balls under his cheeks!!!

Alamak!!! I hope he's not in batdudes icu!

6 weeks|Mental health & post natal check up

#6weeks today!

Most of the time he's like this!


Korkor helping didi to release some gas.


Jiejie, jieeeee, wanna play???

No? Owrh. Ok lo.

This girl is so cute!!! Hubs cousins daughter. She was so "talkative" cooing the whole time we were there.

Not only that, kept smiling and giggling with her grandfather. So so so smiley. Such as joy to watch.

If only our two boys were as coo-ey as her, everyone would have melted to a puddle.

The shortest check up in history!

I've mentioned that my obgyn is the most "chop chop karipop" Doctor ever.

Today I had my 6 weeks review and it was done in less than 5 minutes. (Ok maybe it was close to 10? Not sure.)

I've got an sms from kkh to ask me to go for a mental health screening at another clinic, so I registered myself for appointment and went over the the Drs room to let the clinic assistant that I'll be going over for the mental health check up first.

I knocked and open the door n the dr was in and free! He saw me and said "oh I can see you first"

"Nurse, get her file. Oh u delivered on 30th March? Ok go lie down, do Pap smear"

And I'm like ok I need to whatsapp hubs to let him know no need to come cos I'm seeing the dr now! Oh then baby how? Luckily the clinic assistant was like "oh yeay! Lemme hold baby!"

And I laid on the examination couch, prop my legs up and my Pap smear was done!
So darn fast!!

"See u in 2 years, results send to u"

Then he whipped out the ultrasound to check if my uterus is back to normal and tissue lining etc not thicken. He declared all is good.

And there you go, the shortest consult and Pap smear in history!!

I was promptly escorted out the door and told to make payment and appointment thank you very much.

And it wasn't even my appointment time yet!

It's quite comical really, I would recommend him to anyone who wants a quick dr. He's not negligent, he knows what he's looking and doing.

Mental health check up

Right after that, I met up with a counselor who deals with the mental health check up.

Currently, it's a new service and it is still free.

She asked me a few questions on whether I've been crying, thoughts of harming baby, been blaming myself on anything, able to see the funny side of things etc

I found the questionnaires good in gauging the mental health of mothers if they were earnest and truthful in answering them.

I did tell her that the previous round I knew i wasn't in a good frame

of mind compared to this round. Told her that I was down in a funk but did not seek help because I had a supportive husband who listened but kind of brushed it off that I had some issue. We knew I was unhappy but we also knew the caused of it and tried to worked it out.

I also discussed with her that I had prenatal/antenatal blues. It was so bad because I wanted to abort Isaac because I couldn't stand being pregnant and was very down and couldn't feel happy about it. The constant nausea

did not help the situation.

I've asked my close friends who were o&g consultants and they told me they've never come across prenatal blues before only post natal.

So the counselor did say that she has heard of prenatal blues but it has not been throughly studied and she attributed my post natal blues as a continuation of the prenatal blues. I agreed.

I didn't have any love feeling towards Isaac till he was about 6-7 months and when the feeling came I had to deal with his anaphylaxis issue

I also think I had post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of his anaphylaxis as I had very bad flashbacks of the episode all the time at work and affected my concentration too. I was constantly worried that he will get another episode of anaphylaxis when I'm at work, and what I've the helper couldn't epi-pen or zrytec him in time and he would really die this time. All this thoughts running thorough my head constantly lead me have a lot of anxiety and anger and also unhappiness.

Unhappy that I had to work and couldn't care for my child myself. But I felt I had no choice and had to work because we couldn't really survive on a single income as a foreigner in Singapore.

I certainly felt lost at that time. And with no concentration and motivation at work, I quit my job and took a break. Spend time with my son and reevaluated what I had to do. Should I go back to work or be a Sahm.

Eventually my anxiety subsided with the time I spent with the allergist and with Isaac the

Few months I was not working.

Cleared my doubts and had very good advice on management of his anaphylaxis.

This helped me with the blues as well and slowly I felt good again.

All this took about 1.5 years.

So when I finally got pregnant the 2nd time around, I made sure I was healthy (less process food, more paleo-ish lifestyle), worked out to give my body the best chance and had a good support system for my mental health.

So all is good. I told the counselor I know what causes my

Unhappiness, and this time around I did not want it to affect me.

She also adviced me that at anytime if I feel down for longer than 2 weeks, do call them up and seek health from them.

Anyway, I thought this is a great service and finally they are addressing more and more of the mental health issue for women after birth.

I also discussed on DMER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex) and whether she's heard of it. She said only once before when a patient told her about it. So this is her 2nd

Time that she has come across this term. DMER happens when during breast feeding, the let down reflex causes the mother to have a very low feeling, feelings of guilt, worthlessness and bad thoughts. But once the milk gets going, the bad thoughts go away after 10 mins or more from the let down reflex.

Thankfully I didn't have this but a good friend of mine did. She also had prenatal blues and had thoughts of aborting the baby. But I only found out after we gave birth n started discussing

how our pregnancy went and how our breast feeding journey was.

Wished I connected earlier with her. Could have saved both of us some heartache knowing we were both going through the same thing.

But, everything is good and fine now. I'm not letting issues that made me unhappy last time to affect me again (it still does but to a lesser disconnected way). I also think I'm more tolerant as I grow older therefore I can be more zen on a lot of things.

Although I'm hardly a zen person still.

Overall I had a good session with her without getting into the gist of it. Covered a broad spectrum of mental health issues that I would have like to know when I had my first one.

She said this is a new awareness help for new mothers and slowly they would address the prenatal women's mental health in the future.

And I think it's going in the right direction with raising more awareness to new mothers and getting more healthcare professional to be involved in this.

Eh, talking about this make

Me feel like I have a lot of problem like that.


Erghhh sorry if I went abit off tangent in my Dayre.

Mainly I'm just diarrhea-Ing my thoughts.

Oh my Lordy!

We just woke up at 9.30am.

I missed Isaacs school run and my morning walk. Luckily helper took him to school.

I just couldn't get up.

Playing with ah ma.

Last night shot of him wearing a onesie that korkor wore too.

Need to find the old pic and compare together.

Major #throwback

Taken on 9 January 2014.

Omg Isaac you were so so so cute!!!!


Why didn't I see it??

My mil caught a pic of #paucheeks smiling.

Really look like my brother. Got or not @jayelleenelial? Look like fatass right.

Brother, leave me alone la.

Yesterday evening I brought Isaac out for a quick nip to velocity. I was trying to look for curtain hooks. Enjoyed spending quality time with this big one and hearing all his remarks to me. Like how in NTUC he will tell me "no curtain hooks here one, only fruits and food!". Well, he is right because we are at the groceries aisle.

Left paucheeks at home with mil. Left him napping on his tummy. Mil said once I left, he cried! And when she went n check on him, he already flip himself to his back!

For a 1 month old baby, I think he's too strong la.

Can flip himself from tummy to back at less than 6 weeks.

Now I can't leave him unattended on the changing table or napping on our bed. Later roll off and bump his head!!

Who does paucheeks look like?

Contestant #1

Let's see how many votes, each garners.

Contestant #2


I think this one out la.

And contestant #4!

I'm thinking paucheeks looks a lot like #2 and #4

All baby pics r from my side of the family!!

Anddddd…..who more cute. Both in same onesie.

Both now look different from each other vs when newly born.

Did u fall asleep yourself?

If you did, thank goodness!!

I'm so god dam beautiful.

#majorthrowback like #20yearsago

#3, #1, #4 and #2 from left to right. 😱😱😱

Isaac has #3 look a little.

Happy Mother’s Day

Good morning!!

Chat sessions with ah ma telling her Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from batdude to me.

He also gave his mom a bouquet of roses!


Batdude came home from ICU rounds with the bouquet of carnations for me.

When he open the main door I was fixing the buggy board on the Stokke so had this look of concentration (read: resting bitch face)

He was all chirpy "happy Mother's Day!"

I'm like *grabs flower, look at him but mind on the buggy board and said thanks (I think I said thanks) and put the flowers next to me*

Totally ruined the moment for him. To be fair I didn't expect the flowers at all and I was in my "fixing zone"!

And for the gift, it was totally adhoc.

I already told him I was going to buy the iPhone SE because I needed a new phone. My 3 year old iPhone speakers is not working anymore. Whenever someone calls me, I can't hear anything unless I put them on loud speaker. Hardware problem I suppose.

So after lunch (at ichiban boshi of course for Isaacs teriyaki chicken don) casually pop in to the Mac shop and had a look. Asked if they had stock I wanted. Might as well get it now.

Was going to pay for it but batdude says "never mind la, I pay. Your Mother's Day gift la".

Hehe thank you. I graciously accept!

And that's how I scored a phone from him. ❀️❀️❀️

After dinner desserts.

I didn't get the hype of llao llao. But I wanted something sweet and cold. Walked around United square and thought I'll give this another try.

Turns out quite nice with the caramelised biscuit crumbs and the drizzle. Specullos cream drizzle. Yummy.

Hello coffee. Good morning to you.

Yes, I'm talking to you, you soft large warm mug.

Good morning to you too mr bagel bomb!

Korkor this morning otw to mandarin class.

Poster of chuggington live! He's quite excited about it because we bought the tickets to the show and kept hyping it up. Hopefully with the hype he's not so scared to watch it. He likes them but I don't know how he will take to the darken hall. Will wait and see!

Last night I tried to intro the pacifier to didi. Free the nips!!

Don't seem to keen on it but he is ok sucking on it for a while. At least daddy can comfort him with it in the evenings when I go and shower and have some "me" time.

I'm stuck on you, mummy.

Tummy time this afternoon with korkor as audience.

Hepatitis B Dose 2 vaccination.

Did not sleep well last night.

This morning I was soo sleep deprived I couldn't wake fully to get Isaac to school. Batdude ask the helper to do the school run.

N the helper was making so much noise raising her voice n scolding him that I got increasingly agitated and made me become more and more awake. By the time I'm awake it's too late for me to get dressed to send him to school and yet I can't get back to sleep.

Then I felt guilty for not sending him to school and angry at the maid!

Being πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ whilst I eat my breakfast.

This is after a feed, a big poo and a wipe down.

This was him before waking up.

I wished I could have slept so shiok like him.

1 month wellness review and Hep B vaccination

Polyclinic time!!!

We're running Abit late. Hopefully still on time for the appointment. Isaiah gave a big blow out before this picture.

Had to clean him up before I could call the grab car.

Got to the clinic right on the dot of our appointment (which actually means, we are late already. Should have been here 20mins beforehand).

And just had a look at the numbers being called. Our number is around 50 person away???? Shieetttttt!!

Looking so poor thing after the jab. But actually just sleeping la.

Grew taller by 3.3cm and weight only added on 1kg. Small baby ah you.

Sushi & sashimi lunch again

Bento set. Mine and batdudes.

A lot of good stuff. Even the chawan Mushi had unagi inside.

Very affordable but the quality not as fresh as the sushi bars fish yesterday.

Mother's Day crafts from school!

He said "mummy I love you. Happy Mother's Day!"

I even got a song sang to me in mandarin!

Mamma wo ai ni!

Mummy and baby outing day.

Out and boobing.

Got the physiobebe and a pacifier from taka.

Got my spark joy book from kinokuniya.

And bought useless stuff from Diaso.

Now, after didi eats, what should I eat?

Did a 45 mins walk this morning.

Whilst I was eating breakfast, left didi to chill by himself.

It lasted 5 mins before he start wailing. At least I manage to eat 3/4 of breaky finish.

So cute these two!!! Isaacs classmate mom sent this pic over. They were squeezing each others Hand and chatting non stop until they reached home.

This classmate of his is going to move in to the condo next to ours!!! So excited for him. Then they can do more activities together!!!

Oh also a coincidence both also have food allergies… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Me and my lunch partner!!

Kaisen chirashi sushi.

The fish all so big big!! And fresh.

Yesterday's Hokkaido fish market pales in comparison. This place here sumore more affordable for the quality.

Having kopi and reading my new book!

Excuse the fat fingers.

Is it, is it? Is it a smile?

Kong Kong say more like "kek sai"

Sibling love of the day.

#paucheeks has the sien look. Hehe.

What should I do with all my maternity clothes??

Sell them?

Donate them?

Throw them?

Isaac is #46months, Isaiah is #5weeks

Can't sleep, so I'm thinking how to plan (in my head of course) an allergy free Capt America birthday party.

First order will be fruit platter that looks like Capt America shield and a Capt America birthday "fruit cake".

I need to go look on printerest already.

Decor….decor…. Think later.

Like this!!!

Buy a round disposable tray (where to buy ah?)

Fill with strawberries, bananas and blueberries. The star can be cut out from a honeydew.

I really hope strawberries and blueberries will be in season in July. If not alternatives are watermelon and red grapes?

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Captain America fruit skewers!!

I think can use honeydew as the whites. The stars at the end r a cute touch.

This skewers quite cool also.

Rearrange this to look Abit more Capt America.

Ok batdude, I've sourced the ideas, execution is for your action.

Thank you.

School run today!!!

So cute in his "communist" hat. Hehhe. 😍😍😍

Isaiah's first developmental leap

I've been nursing him and holding him for the past hour.

Got back after sending Isaac to school and had a long chat with 2 of Isaacs classmates mom. Instead of an hour long walk, I had an hour long chat.

But it was a good chat to catch up on our kids behavior.

According to wonder weeks, Isaiah is having his first leap!

No wonder his been darn fussy the past week!

But just a few more days, I'm hopeful that he'll be starting his social smile.

I think he gave me a half hearted smile twice after nursing him when we got back from school run.

Wonder weeks tells me to spoil him with cuddles and hugs.

Which I have. But my shoulders are aching. Haha. N I've been co sleeping for 2 days now.

Previously I will only pick him and put him to bed after he has his first round of sleep in the crib which is around 12pm.

But since Monday, we've been zzzzzzz together in bed since 8pm.


Chirashi don from Hokkaido fish market in square 2.

The best for me around this part of town.

Followed very shortly with coffee break.

So emo ah he. Not sure what's going through his mind.


I spy with my eye, someone still not napping and reading his book.

Ok give him another 1/2 hour and I'll head back.

5 weeks old today.

5 weeks old today and I'm being a handful!

I'm getting cheekier now with my hint of a smile. πŸ˜„

Isaac is #46months today

Ahhh my first born, nearly 4 but not quite.

Mummy, take a picture of me.

I'm a star!

Look mummy, I'm a flamingo!

Being super spontaneous because he did not nap and is all hyper.

In 2 more months you'll be 4!

Cool De Sac| Lascal Buggy Board incident

Good school run.

Want to tell u guys something. He saw Linda his classmate which he proclaim as the prettiest. Once he saw her, forget to take his bag, followed her like love sick puppy. I called to him to get his bag but he didn't hear me. Since Linda was near me, she took his bag n pass it to him.

You should have seen his eyes. All googly like a puppy.

It's hoes before bros/mom.

FYI she has blue eyes, his favorite color.

How to win that?

2nd May 2016, we went to Cool De Sac

It was packed! But you don't feel as if it's very stuffy.

All I could think of was germs germs germs.

We came here to check the place out and place a deposit for a certain boys 4 year old birthday party.


Well he certainly love it.

Build build build.

Kept him occupied for 30 mins and the dad manage to get a breather.

Then more slide! Wee!!

No idea what this is but in total he spent around 2.5hrs in there.

Meanwhile I was chilling in papa rich having chendol, Teh Tarik and fried crispy chicken skin and cartilage. How come they don't have the skin in Malaysias papa rich??

Monday morning chats

Look at both of them. Chuckling but I'm not sure to what.

Didi looking at korkor with a concern face.

Maybe he's trying to let out a big fartpoo. Hahah

More snuggling!

Then this happen.

I think small one is hungry.

It's 9.45am, locked down my morning walk, came home showered, then bath didi and had breakfast.

Intermittent nursing whilst doing all the above.

Now im thinking what to eat for lunch….

Ahhhh endless choice.


Moroccan chicken wrap and butterscotch latte.

Cos I need some caffeine.

Lascal Buggy Board incident

See the missing wheel????

Yesterday as we got off the north east line which is notorious for super big gaps between train and platforms, the board got stuck in between the gaps!

Isaac was standing on it and everyone panicked! I yanked Isaac off n batdude was trying to pull the board off before the train doors shut on the pram n him.

Pull pull pull, finally yank it out only because the wheel was pulled off n fell into the gaps.

Too bad so sad!!! Only 2nd day n gone.

Luckily I came to my senses n told batdude to tell the mrt uncle that our wheel fell into the gap.

This morning they texted him to tell him they retrieved the wheel!!

Woopiee. My money didn't go absolutely to waste getting the board.

Fact: not user friendly on MRTs in Singapore.

Anyone experience this problem with the buggy boards? How to overcome it??

He found his own fingers!!!

#freenipples #badhabit #thumbsucking

Wheel of the buggy board retrieved!!!!

Thank you #smrt uncle and all the technician/cleaners/maintenance crew that got it for us.

All is well.

We will only use the board on straight flat roads. If traveling on MRTs, will have to store it up first.

Didi just did a hearty chuckling laugh in his sleep. I'm sure it's a laugh, because if in pain surely cry right??

Been hearing it a few times but today is the loudest and longest and repeated 3 times.

Happy Labour Day!

Good morning.

Thank you didi for being easy on us this morning. Only waking up at 9.15am.

Mummy manage to eat breakfast and poop. N wash plates n played and snuggled with Isaac. Pheww!!

Happy bout it cos daddy is working n helper is off.

Tummy time and watching korkor play at the same time.


I think he's watching the train go round and round.

Wah I manage to bath both boys!!!!

Since didi pooped, might as well clean both of them up.

N korkor see didi bathing, he will join too.

Cleaned and napping!!

Thank you thank you kind universe.

Now maybe mummy can clean herself up too.

Happy riding on the buggy board.

First time testing it out. Not so easy to maneuver!

Every Sunday ritual.

Bonus points if you can tell where we are and what Isaac is eating!

Wohooo and I'm having raw fish after 9 months pregnancy and 1 month confinement.

Doesn't matter if it's mediocre chirashi don, it tasted great!

Outing with my family!

Hi everyone, I want to tell you about my interesting day today!

Mummy as usual, dressed me up like an old man. All starchy shirts and flat front pants. I mean, come on, have you checked the weather ah woman? It's so hot!

See, she even got korkor to wear army camo shirt and biker jeans!!! Haiyo biker jeans ok! Long long and thick thick sumore.

All pretending to smile and look happy about it.

I want to protest about it!!

Ngarhhh, ngarhhh ngekkkk!!!!

Get me out of this garb.

Then I was strapped into this contraption.

I couldn't move and things were heating up!!

But then it started moving and there was some breeze ohhh birds! And clouds. Wow so many things to see!! #distracted from the heat.

Sorry I put up so much protest just now. I'm really enjoying the ride. Thanks for taking me out mum and dad!

I also met up with my cousin who is celebrating her 100 days today. We all had a good time chit chatting and merry making.

So glad for family in the little red dot.