Happy Labour Day!

Good morning.

Thank you didi for being easy on us this morning. Only waking up at 9.15am.

Mummy manage to eat breakfast and poop. N wash plates n played and snuggled with Isaac. Pheww!!

Happy bout it cos daddy is working n helper is off.

Tummy time and watching korkor play at the same time.


I think he's watching the train go round and round.

Wah I manage to bath both boys!!!!

Since didi pooped, might as well clean both of them up.

N korkor see didi bathing, he will join too.

Cleaned and napping!!

Thank you thank you kind universe.

Now maybe mummy can clean herself up too.

Happy riding on the buggy board.

First time testing it out. Not so easy to maneuver!

Every Sunday ritual.

Bonus points if you can tell where we are and what Isaac is eating!

Wohooo and I'm having raw fish after 9 months pregnancy and 1 month confinement.

Doesn't matter if it's mediocre chirashi don, it tasted great!

Outing with my family!

Hi everyone, I want to tell you about my interesting day today!

Mummy as usual, dressed me up like an old man. All starchy shirts and flat front pants. I mean, come on, have you checked the weather ah woman? It's so hot!

See, she even got korkor to wear army camo shirt and biker jeans!!! Haiyo biker jeans ok! Long long and thick thick sumore.

All pretending to smile and look happy about it.

I want to protest about it!!

Ngarhhh, ngarhhh ngekkkk!!!!

Get me out of this garb.

Then I was strapped into this contraption.

I couldn't move and things were heating up!!

But then it started moving and there was some breeze ohhh birds! And clouds. Wow so many things to see!! #distracted from the heat.

Sorry I put up so much protest just now. I'm really enjoying the ride. Thanks for taking me out mum and dad!

I also met up with my cousin who is celebrating her 100 days today. We all had a good time chit chatting and merry making.

So glad for family in the little red dot.

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