Cool De Sac| Lascal Buggy Board incident

Good school run.

Want to tell u guys something. He saw Linda his classmate which he proclaim as the prettiest. Once he saw her, forget to take his bag, followed her like love sick puppy. I called to him to get his bag but he didn't hear me. Since Linda was near me, she took his bag n pass it to him.

You should have seen his eyes. All googly like a puppy.

It's hoes before bros/mom.

FYI she has blue eyes, his favorite color.

How to win that?

2nd May 2016, we went to Cool De Sac

It was packed! But you don't feel as if it's very stuffy.

All I could think of was germs germs germs.

We came here to check the place out and place a deposit for a certain boys 4 year old birthday party.


Well he certainly love it.

Build build build.

Kept him occupied for 30 mins and the dad manage to get a breather.

Then more slide! Wee!!

No idea what this is but in total he spent around 2.5hrs in there.

Meanwhile I was chilling in papa rich having chendol, Teh Tarik and fried crispy chicken skin and cartilage. How come they don't have the skin in Malaysias papa rich??

Monday morning chats

Look at both of them. Chuckling but I'm not sure to what.

Didi looking at korkor with a concern face.

Maybe he's trying to let out a big fartpoo. Hahah

More snuggling!

Then this happen.

I think small one is hungry.

It's 9.45am, locked down my morning walk, came home showered, then bath didi and had breakfast.

Intermittent nursing whilst doing all the above.

Now im thinking what to eat for lunch….

Ahhhh endless choice.


Moroccan chicken wrap and butterscotch latte.

Cos I need some caffeine.

Lascal Buggy Board incident

See the missing wheel????

Yesterday as we got off the north east line which is notorious for super big gaps between train and platforms, the board got stuck in between the gaps!

Isaac was standing on it and everyone panicked! I yanked Isaac off n batdude was trying to pull the board off before the train doors shut on the pram n him.

Pull pull pull, finally yank it out only because the wheel was pulled off n fell into the gaps.

Too bad so sad!!! Only 2nd day n gone.

Luckily I came to my senses n told batdude to tell the mrt uncle that our wheel fell into the gap.

This morning they texted him to tell him they retrieved the wheel!!

Woopiee. My money didn't go absolutely to waste getting the board.

Fact: not user friendly on MRTs in Singapore.

Anyone experience this problem with the buggy boards? How to overcome it??

He found his own fingers!!!

#freenipples #badhabit #thumbsucking

Wheel of the buggy board retrieved!!!!

Thank you #smrt uncle and all the technician/cleaners/maintenance crew that got it for us.

All is well.

We will only use the board on straight flat roads. If traveling on MRTs, will have to store it up first.

Didi just did a hearty chuckling laugh in his sleep. I'm sure it's a laugh, because if in pain surely cry right??

Been hearing it a few times but today is the loudest and longest and repeated 3 times.

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