Isaac is #46months, Isaiah is #5weeks

Can't sleep, so I'm thinking how to plan (in my head of course) an allergy free Capt America birthday party.

First order will be fruit platter that looks like Capt America shield and a Capt America birthday "fruit cake".

I need to go look on printerest already.

Decor….decor…. Think later.

Like this!!!

Buy a round disposable tray (where to buy ah?)

Fill with strawberries, bananas and blueberries. The star can be cut out from a honeydew.

I really hope strawberries and blueberries will be in season in July. If not alternatives are watermelon and red grapes?

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Captain America fruit skewers!!

I think can use honeydew as the whites. The stars at the end r a cute touch.

This skewers quite cool also.

Rearrange this to look Abit more Capt America.

Ok batdude, I've sourced the ideas, execution is for your action.

Thank you.

School run today!!!

So cute in his "communist" hat. Hehhe. 😍😍😍

Isaiah's first developmental leap

I've been nursing him and holding him for the past hour.

Got back after sending Isaac to school and had a long chat with 2 of Isaacs classmates mom. Instead of an hour long walk, I had an hour long chat.

But it was a good chat to catch up on our kids behavior.

According to wonder weeks, Isaiah is having his first leap!

No wonder his been darn fussy the past week!

But just a few more days, I'm hopeful that he'll be starting his social smile.

I think he gave me a half hearted smile twice after nursing him when we got back from school run.

Wonder weeks tells me to spoil him with cuddles and hugs.

Which I have. But my shoulders are aching. Haha. N I've been co sleeping for 2 days now.

Previously I will only pick him and put him to bed after he has his first round of sleep in the crib which is around 12pm.

But since Monday, we've been zzzzzzz together in bed since 8pm.


Chirashi don from Hokkaido fish market in square 2.

The best for me around this part of town.

Followed very shortly with coffee break.

So emo ah he. Not sure what's going through his mind.


I spy with my eye, someone still not napping and reading his book.

Ok give him another 1/2 hour and I'll head back.

5 weeks old today.

5 weeks old today and I'm being a handful!

I'm getting cheekier now with my hint of a smile. 😄

Isaac is #46months today

Ahhh my first born, nearly 4 but not quite.

Mummy, take a picture of me.

I'm a star!

Look mummy, I'm a flamingo!

Being super spontaneous because he did not nap and is all hyper.

In 2 more months you'll be 4!

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