Mummy and baby outing day.

Out and boobing.

Got the physiobebe and a pacifier from taka.

Got my spark joy book from kinokuniya.

And bought useless stuff from Diaso.

Now, after didi eats, what should I eat?

Did a 45 mins walk this morning.

Whilst I was eating breakfast, left didi to chill by himself.

It lasted 5 mins before he start wailing. At least I manage to eat 3/4 of breaky finish.

So cute these two!!! Isaacs classmate mom sent this pic over. They were squeezing each others Hand and chatting non stop until they reached home.

This classmate of his is going to move in to the condo next to ours!!! So excited for him. Then they can do more activities together!!!

Oh also a coincidence both also have food allergies… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Me and my lunch partner!!

Kaisen chirashi sushi.

The fish all so big big!! And fresh.

Yesterday's Hokkaido fish market pales in comparison. This place here sumore more affordable for the quality.

Having kopi and reading my new book!

Excuse the fat fingers.

Is it, is it? Is it a smile?

Kong Kong say more like "kek sai"

Sibling love of the day.

#paucheeks has the sien look. Hehe.

What should I do with all my maternity clothes??

Sell them?

Donate them?

Throw them?

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