Hepatitis B Dose 2 vaccination.

Did not sleep well last night.

This morning I was soo sleep deprived I couldn't wake fully to get Isaac to school. Batdude ask the helper to do the school run.

N the helper was making so much noise raising her voice n scolding him that I got increasingly agitated and made me become more and more awake. By the time I'm awake it's too late for me to get dressed to send him to school and yet I can't get back to sleep.

Then I felt guilty for not sending him to school and angry at the maid!

Being 😇😇😇 whilst I eat my breakfast.

This is after a feed, a big poo and a wipe down.

This was him before waking up.

I wished I could have slept so shiok like him.

1 month wellness review and Hep B vaccination

Polyclinic time!!!

We're running Abit late. Hopefully still on time for the appointment. Isaiah gave a big blow out before this picture.

Had to clean him up before I could call the grab car.

Got to the clinic right on the dot of our appointment (which actually means, we are late already. Should have been here 20mins beforehand).

And just had a look at the numbers being called. Our number is around 50 person away???? Shieetttttt!!

Looking so poor thing after the jab. But actually just sleeping la.

Grew taller by 3.3cm and weight only added on 1kg. Small baby ah you.

Sushi & sashimi lunch again

Bento set. Mine and batdudes.

A lot of good stuff. Even the chawan Mushi had unagi inside.

Very affordable but the quality not as fresh as the sushi bars fish yesterday.

Mother's Day crafts from school!

He said "mummy I love you. Happy Mother's Day!"

I even got a song sang to me in mandarin!

Mamma wo ai ni!

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